North American Nightmare

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The North American Nightmare is the Banking Elite’s North American Dream.  This nightmare includes Stephen Harper and his PC Government hanging onto their positions as the ruling government of Canada after 2015 and the victory of the Republican Party with Jeb Bush as their President in America after 2016.  This is a deadly duo that would speed up the ambitions of those who are doing everything in their power to ensure their New World Order scheme becomes a reality.

What does this mean for you?  This means whatever ounce of human rights, liberties and freedoms you still have left will be taken from you.  If you’re not willing to give it up you may lose your life, but only after being forced to watch your family shred apart before your very eyes as punishment for your defiance.  However, even if you are willing to give them up without a fight you still lose because those who want this to happen won’t care about you nor your family.  On countless occasions they have already proven they have no regard for human life nor the environment as they plow forward with their ambitions, so to think for a moment that they’ll grant you so much a hint of compassion would be pointless.  It won’t happen.

Between America and Canada we are seeing an increased pace of those human rights, liberties and freedoms being taken away from us.  Our governments have the nerve to say it’s for our protection, but that is a lie.  It is for their protection because for as long as we are still able, we still have the power to overthrow these governments and take back what has been robbed from us for far too long.  It is no accident that the world’s most powerful banks and most powerful corporations are now writing the laws and dictating to each of us what they deem as acceptable behavior in society.  These are the true puppet masters that have literally corrupted our governments to the point where tyranny has replaced true leadership.

We are being manipulated at every angle.  They brainwash us with commercialism to keep us distracted from what’s really going on in this world today.  They poison us through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the liquids we drink with chemicals our government-appointed officials tell us are safe.  More and more evidence is popping up that this is not true, despite the best attempts made by our own governments to silence the scientists who know better.

If this isn’t enough to convince every American and every Canadian that we have the most corrupt political powers in place right now then explain why our nations are floundering so badly with economical and environmental issues while other nations have already figured out how to resolve them?  Why are the leaders of our nations so determined to destroy our lands for the benefit of big oil companies that have clearly demonstrated they don’t give a damn about any of us?  Both in Canada and in USA our so-called leaders continually bail out banks and corporations instead of the very people they continually abuse?

Okay, so now you’re asking how are people abused by banks and corporations.  The CEO’s, board of directors nor owners of these banks and corporations will never take a pay cut nor answer to their own mistakes if profits within their companies do not meet their expectations.  Instead, they take it out on the people who slave for them at salaries that are already below what they should be for the level of work they do.

Sadly, this is what both our American and Canadian governments do to every citizen of their respective nations as well.  Instead of accepting responsibility for their flawed policies and reckless behavior they punish the population with whatever they can come up with.  This includes areas of bad bills that later turn into law, unjustified taxation hikes, unreasonable spending cuts and inexplicable job loss.  Regardless of whatever excuses they come up with, the bottom line is all of it is engineered to benefit the most corrupt that are presently in power right now.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, there is an Elite 1% population among us and they own Canada’s PC Party and America’s Republican Party.  I’m not suggesting they don’t have claim in any of the other political parties as well, but these are the two parties above all others that are constantly at the whim of their will.

Before the PC Party took over Canada, it’s nation did remarkably well fighting off corporate corruption, not to mention keeping the banksters at bay.  Whether you’re a fan of the Canadian Liberal Party or not, the bottom line is the majority within that party remembered to put humanity first and profits second.  Unfortunately for them, the bad apples within their party steered Canadians towards what they thought was a better path when the PC’s took their place as the majority government.  Unfortunately for Canada, that decision has brought forth nothing but great distress upon a nation that is now only beginning to realize the dire straits it is now in.

As for America, history has demonstrated flawlessly that each time the Republicans are in power the nation itself flounders to the brink of complete collapse on every level.  Unemployment rates skyrocket, along with homelessness, taxes and corruption.  They make it virtually impossible for the Democrats to swoop in and clean up the mess, especially if they still hold enough seats as a minority government to block any true attempt at progress.  In America, the Democratic Party suffers the same problem that the Canadian Liberal Party does.  Despite the collection of politicians that understand the true meaning behind patriotism, the few rotten apples within sends a sour enough taste to the public to sway their votes into a direction away from the one party that has a better grasp of what humanity is all about.

Both America and Canada are on suicide runs right now and it is because of the mass corruption that grips our governments to the very core.  The Banking Elite, or rather Elite 1%, have designed it this way and have done so ever since our nations were first founded.  This has been generations into the making and as far-fetched as it may sound keep in mind the most successful people are often the most patient people.  Even among corporations as one does a hostile takeover something like this does not happen overnight.  It takes time.  It takes an immense amount of cunning, resources and exploitation in order to seize control of something that may or may not be trying to elude capture.

This is precisely what has been done to America and Canada.  The banksters and their corporate partners have seized control of our government by putting their chosen puppets in place to ensure our nations are run the way they want in order to achieve the New World Order they so desperately crave.  The reality of this nightmare has become more obvious in the most recent of years and if they have it their way, Canada will remain in the hands of Stephen Harper and his Progressive Conservatives and in America it will be returned to the tyranny of the Republican Party with Jeb Bush as the next president.  Once this happens there will be no opposition left to stop them from pushing forward the next stage of their grand scheme.

These are the people that strongly believe that their New World Order requires a 90% depopulation of the human race.  Keep in mind this is the Elite 1%, so in reality only 9% of the human race will be spared and it will be of their choosing, not yours.  It will not matter how much you comply with what they have in mind.  They do not care about you.  They only care about themselves.  If they truly cared about humanity, instead of their depopulation program they would embark on true humanitarian efforts to preserve what we have here on earth.  This includes protecting the people, animals and environment with methods that have already been proven to be successful.  They are not doing this.  They are seeing to it our American and Canadian governments are not doing this either.  We, the people, are being shut out.  Despite our voices of reason we are being ignored.  Despite the obvious destructive pattern that is scarring North American soil beyond recognition, our governments refuse to see the err of their ways.

At the moment, there is a growing number of people that are awakening to the realities of what is being done to all of us.  The majority of those who are sounding alarms and opposing this New World Order idealism rest mostly in those who sees the American Republican Party and the Canadian Progressive Conservative Party for the monsters they truly are.  These are creations of the banksters and corporations who continue to manipulate everything in their path and will continue to do so for as long as the wool remains pulled over the eyes of every man, woman and child who have yet to figure this out.

This is where we need more people like you to wake the masses and alert them that we have a clear and present danger staring us in the face that threatens the very fabric of who we are as members of the human race.  They have always been there, hiding behind the shadows of their secret societies and hidden governments.  It is they that are the true rulers of this world right now, but still do not have full control because there is still too much opposition that refuse to give up.  However, if they achieve another Stephen Harper rule of Canada through his PC Government and the Americans vote the Republican Party back into power within their borders that opposition will be quickly snuffed out.  Anybody caught in the crossfire, innocent or not, will also be eliminated.  This is what they are after.  This is what the Elite 1% want.  This is what their Illuminati has been striving for tirelessly.

We cannot allow this to happen.  Believe it or not, there are still political parties within Canada and America that are not fooled and are trying desperately to save their respective countries.  Unfortunately for them they are still too divided amongst themselves to band together as one massive opposition and take out the tyrants that cripple us all.  This is where they are going wrong.  This is where we, the people, must step in and remind both our government and those who are striving to take their place to rule our nations that members of the human race, regardless of which country we belong to, demands better representation of who we really are.  Our governments are supposed to work for us, not the other way around.  Our governments are supposed to protect us from any form of threat that jeopardizes their people in any given manner.  Our governments are failing us and we need to change that.

When it comes time for you to vote, please bear in mind that you have the power to change the fate of your country and your life.  Regardless if you live in Canada or America, please see to it that our nations do not remain in the hands of those who seek to destroy us.  By voting Progressive Conservative (Canada) and Republican (America) you will be handing automatic victory to the Elite 1% and reduce our nations to their worst nightmare yet.


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