Don’t Lose

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People hate to be wrong.  They just do.  To challenge someone’s beliefs is more than just taking aim at whatever religion they choose to follow, or whatever lifestyle choice they’ve made.  It’s taking aim at the very core of who they are and it is an automatic impulse to go into defense mode and act accordingly.  For some, those acts are attempted with voices of reason.  For others, those acts are carried out by violence.  Either way, the survival gene within us will always attack whatever is deemed a threat to the very nature of our humanity.

Whenever we go into survival mode, the defense mechanisms within us make us do things we likely wouldn’t find ourselves doing otherwise.  In the most extreme cases, sometimes we wind up forgetting who we really are to fight for a cause we believe as justifiable grounds to commit extreme acts.  That definition of what makes the humanity within us becomes lost and in it’s place will be voids of darkness that will continue to grow if it remains untreated.  Whenever this happens the final result is the complete corruption of a human being’s soul, twisting it and the person into something unrecognizable.

We see this in our military when they’re sent to carry out orders by their governments to fight for some political cause.  It doesn’t matter whether or not a soldier agrees to this cause.  A soldier has been trained to do what authority tells them to do or else face the consequences.  Either way, that soldier is never the same again.  While many are able to keep their humanity in check, there are just as many that lose themselves along the way, especially if they find themselves in an extremely violent situation where they have no choice but to take lives in order to accomplish an assigned mission and survive.

Deep down, none of us were ever meant to kill.  None of us were ever meant to be a violent race that exercises acts of cruelty.  When one peers into the very beginnings of mankind, God intended for man and woman to be caring stewards that respect everything around them.  Prior to the deception of Satan, cruelty was simply not part of the human gene pool.  This was introduced only after man directly chose to disregard life in favor of knowledge.  This is where the human race went wrong and it is a decision that still tortures us to this very day.

Regardless of what religion you choose to follow (if at all) or what book you believe is more accurate than the other where God is concerned, the bottom line is we are all his creation.  We are each linked to each other via Holy Spirit (or call it the Human Spirit if you will) and we each have an obligation to each other to remind ourselves of this plain fact.  If we spent more time accepting each other as brothers and sisters of the same race, the human race, instead of opposing each other for our petty differences we’d see a much better world than we do now.

Unfortunately we don’t.  God saw this coming.  He knew man would choose against him because God gave human beings a remarkable gift known as free will and he knew Satan would exploit that free will to manipulate man to making a wrong choice.  That first wrong choice is actually the same choice each of us human beings keep making over and over again.

We’re curious people.  Whether we choose to recognize it or not, we all have that know-it-all thirst within us that keeps us fixed like drug addicts.  Satan knows this and uses this against us through every form he can find.  It’s what keeps us asleep from who we truly are and it literally separates us from the fibre of humanity we have within us.  This, from a religious point of view, is what separates us from God.  Remember, Adam and Eve chose sin, which is a direct act of defiance against purity.  Once something becomes impure no amount of remedy will ever be able to restore it back to it’s former state.  Even when a stain is removed by some magic marker the memory of that stain still remains.

Our biggest challenge as human beings is to move forward from the memory of that stain and do so in a positive manner.  In many ways, the memory of doing wrong is a powerful tool to ensure we try not to make that same mistake twice.  As many quotes state, there really is no repeating the same mistake and claiming ignorance the second time because that same mistake has now become a deliberate choice.  Again, this is like that drug addict who knows deep down the path taken is the wrong one but chooses to ignore it because the temptations of that path are too enticing to steer clear from.

This includes the addiction of winning an argument, even if those are involved are really in the wrong with their points of view.  Winning a fight suggests the victor knows more than the loser, even if it’s false knowledge.  Mankind has encountered this since the dawn of time and it will continue to plague us until our final days.  This is where that choice of knowledge over life haunts us worse than any nightmare that could possibly come across our path.

We have the option each and every day to favor the choice of life over knowledge.  And while there are some who do just that, the very fact that we live in a society where it’s become information overload still makes it impossible for those who opt for life over knowledge to be completely free from it’s madness.  Ironically, as knowledgeable as we seem to be, the majority of human beings really are still surprisingly stupid.

As harsh as that may sound think about it.  We live in a time now where we know we’re on a suicide run with time itself as we still allow our world banks and corporations destroy our planet in the name of profit.  Of those even more diabolical than they are, they’re out to destroy as much of the human race they can because there are a select few (the Elite 1%) who want this world for themselves.  To them, the rest of mankind are merely parasites that need to be removed.  Sadly, the majority of us 99% fail to acknowledge this very real and very ugly fact.  They make it very difficult for the minority who are alert to what’s really going on win their arguments that humanity as we know it is in the greatest danger of extinction it has ever encountered.

This world is more divided than ever and people are arguing amongst themselves even more, even if they’re on the same page.  Nobody wants to lose a fight and although the drive to be successful is indeed an admirable one, if the price paid to win an argument is at the cost of one’s own soul than it’s not worth it.

Right from the beginning of time the intent for humanity was we all work together as a unit.  Human beings have the remarkable ability to form communities that shows it’s true strength when they fight for causes that are worth fighting for.  This is what we need to do as a mass community as the cause we’re fighting for is mankind’s survival.  It’s a fight none of us can afford to lose because fighting for life of humanity is always the right choice.


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