Stop Corporate Police!

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With the rise of police brutality taking place within American and Canadian borders, most of whom prefer to defend political policy over human rights, one has to wonder if they’re actually in competition with each other to see who can spill the most blood.  While I am all for justice there is a fine line between using force as a last resort or simply using force because it’s the easiest option to take.  Attempting to ease a situation down with compassionate diplomacy takes quite a bit of effort and it seems our officers would rather settle an issue with muscle instead of brain power.

When the talk of North Americans being deliberately dumbed down through commercialism and contamination one has to wonder if this was also aimed at our respective police forces and military as well.  What we see in our officers today are literally the lowest forms of mankind as no longer do they exercise that serve and protect mentality that’s supposed to be trained into each recruit who chooses this line of work.  In place of this we now shoot and kill.  When this twisted turn of ethics began to rear it’s ugly head at first there’d be a line up of false testimony to justify the cruelty.  Sadly, in most cases the officers would get away with their crime.  Only a select few would be punished, but those are heavily overshadowed by the fact that the law these days no longer favor the victims.  It now favors the criminals, regardless if they wear a badge and uniform or not.

We have now reached a very dangerous point in our society where no longer do the police even attempt to cover up the wrongs that they do.  Apparently filming them as they commit their crimes to make the public aware of this outrage is not enough to deter them.  In fact, laws are now coming into place, state by state, to make it illegal to film them.  What this will mean is it will be even easier for the most corrupt among our police officers to get away with activities that now make the so-called criminals around us seem like saints.

The sad fact is the majority of the police officers carrying those guns, badges and uniforms aren’t even qualified for the roles that they have.  Why is this the case?  Was this by deliberate design by the corrupt politicians among us to see to it we’ve got the most immoral line of lawmen our nations have ever seen, or has the moral fibre of every human being deteriorated so much that those who are supposedly the best among us are no better than those deemed the worst?  Either way you look at it, the bottom line is both America and Canada will continue to be plagued with this problem and it will get worse until measures are taken place to reverse it’s deadly direction.

It is clear our governments no longer listen to us.  For at least the past few decades our governments that continually play the people for the fools that they believe we are have gone to great lengths to work with the banking and corporate elite to ensure we enter into an era that humanity itself enters the brink of extinction.  No longer do human rights seem to matter anymore.  Corporate laws are wiping out moral laws, making it that much harder for civilians to enjoy the liberties and freedoms without worry.  The majority of these laws now benefit the true criminals of society, which are the banking and corporate elite who are bent on forcing every man, woman and child into their idea of a New World Order.

They want a one government system.  Now, although I do agree there should be an ultimate authority, the very fact that these banks, corporations and world leaders have displayed the most corrupt behavior mankind has ever seen should have every man, woman and child doing everything they can to prevent this New World Order of theirs from happening.  Already the corruption among us is at an all time high.  What makes you think once this New World Order is in place the corruption will end?  It won’t.  In fact, it will get much worse because upon the realization of this New World Order there will be nobody left to fight against that corruption.  Nobody will have human rights anymore and the world as we know it will cease to exist.

Already key corporations are taking great strides to deplete our food and water supply by literally taking freely what they feel should be privatized from the public.  They honestly believe access to water is not a human right and in their arrogance they have exploited this fact to our faces.  As a result, there are a growing list of water restrictions being placed upon the public, even those who actually pay for water utilities, because they’re draining dry a precious resource that all walks of life depend on.  Without it we’re all dead.  Animals die.  People die.  The environment dies.  What they deem is not a human right is actually a global right, but their blind greed has them oblivious to this fact.

And it seems our police officers and military are also being brought to be oblivious to the very fact that in place of their humanity within is now monster-like trademarks we see in the CEOs of the most corrupt banks and corporations this world has ever known.  These people trained to wear the uniforms on their backs will defend money long before defending people because this is what the Corporate Law Department wants them to do.

We, the people, are at the point now where we have no choice but to take the law into our own hands because it is quite clear those who’ve sworn to do so won’t.  Human laws should always overrule corporate laws, but those in uniform fail to understand this because the banks, corporations and government have been training them this way.  Quite frankly, it is our duty as members of the human race to serve and protect it.  This means we need to learn how to stand together and remind those banks, corporations, governments and their uniformed goons that none of us can no longer afford to put up with their abuse of authority if we expect to live in a society that truly understands what law and order is supposed to be all about.  It’s supposed to be a Humane World Order, which is essentially God’s intended world.

Make no mistake, the New World Order is Satan’s world order, not the one God intended.  Whether you’re into the bible or not doesn’t matter.  Even the atheists within society agree that everything this New World Order represents is inhumane and has no regard for life whatsoever.  This shows more and more within our police officers and military and this is what we, as members of the human race, must stop.


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