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It astounds me that political leaders of minority governments that strive to win an election against the majority government that clearly shows signs of unresolvable corruption refuse to set their differences aside to team up and work together to make the changes required in order to save their nation from complete collapse.

In Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have systematically destroyed the nation they are supposed to represent on every level imaginable.  They have sold out parts of our nation to international companies that could not care less about what happens to Canadians nor their resources.  The very fact that the Canadian Wheat Board has been sold to USA and Saudi Arabia investors is clear proof of that.

The Canadian Government has failed the nation right from when they took over in 2006.  They took over from the Liberal Party, who made the mistake of allowing their scandals cost them the dominance they had as the majority government.  They have never been able to get this role back and even slipped into 3rd place (after the New Democratic Party) after the 2011 election.

The problem within Canada right now, and this is also quite evident within America, is that too many people are divided as to who would be the best party to take out what the overwhelming majority of Canadians agree is the worst government our nation has ever seen.  I work in an industry where I talk to hundreds of people per week and I am not shy when it comes to my political views and opinions.  Of those people I have spoken to, not one of them believes in the PC Government anymore.  However, there is a clear division between these people as to whom they believe would be the best government Canada needs right now.  Most of them favor Thomas Mulcair and the NDPs.  Right behind them are Justin Trudeau and his Liberals, followed by Elizabeth May and her Greens.  However, when I ask them what their idea of a coalition between these three parties to ensure victory against the Harper Government they are all in agreement.

It is mutually agreed, and brought up more often, is a single government system ruling over a nation no longer works.  In fact it never truly did.  A nation the size of Canada (and USA) is too big to just let one political party and one elected leader to decide the fate of their citizens.  This can actually be said for every heavily populated nation, no matter the size, but very few other nations are experiencing the level of division and corruption taking place within the North American Continent.  Because of this very fact alone, a two-party system (majority/minority) within the nations of Canada and USA are ineffective.  This particular design of politics within these nations are long overdue to be replaced with a system that would represent a republic democracy far better than what we have now.

In fact, there is no democracy left at all within Canada or USA.  This has been the case for far too long, but only more recently are more people waking up to this fact.  It is being asked (and even demanded among the more passionately involved among us) that a more equalized governmental system is put into place where people receive better representation.  This country belongs to the people, not the government.  The government are supposed to work for the people and listen to them.  They are supposed to respect their wants, needs and demands to the best of their ability.  Although it is not possible to please everyone all the time, the very notion that a genuine effort is made to do so is enough to maintain the integrity level required to keep a nation as awesome as it deserves to be.

Unfortunately, both the American and Canadian governments don’t do this.  They’ve sided with banks and corporations.  No longer do they listen to their people.  In Canada especially, ever since Stephen Harper took over as prime minister, his government doesn’t even deal with the provincial premiers nor regional leaders.  Prior to Harper, the federal government always met with provincial governments, who’d in turn meet with regional governments to figure out the needs and wants of the nation as a whole.  Harper has not done this since 2006.  He and his Conservatives have literally shut out Canada so that they can run this nation any way they see fit.  They do not listen to their Canadians.  They only listen to the banks and corporations that have literally manipulated our government (and USA’s) to a whole new level of a tyrannical system that clearly needs to be taken out before it’s too late.

This is where the opposing political parties who are striving to take over come in.  In USA, it’s always the boring rotation between Democrat and Republican.  Never once has Americans chosen to take a leap of faith into going after the other political parties that are desperately trying to rescue the nation despite their limited resources.  Many people falsely believe none of the candidates within those smaller parties are qualified to run much of anything and yet they fail to realize that those virtually unknown candidates are actually more qualified than the clowns that belong to the Democratic and Republic parties.

The same can be said here in Canada.  Too often it’s been a revolving door between the Conservatives and the Liberal party.  The NDP’s have taken great strides where we now see a 3-party dance.  Now more recently, Elizabeth May of the Green Party is forcing open the door to turn it into a 4-party version.  Throw the Bloc Quebecois and it’s now 5 parties involved.  Unfortunately for the Greens and Quebecois, they’re still too far behind to really put much dent into the top 3.  One bright spot is Elizabeth May of the Greens has finally been included in the leadership debates and this alone is just what the Greens need to prove to the nation that they’re not just a bunch of pot-headed, tree-hugging environmentalists.  Finally through Elizabeth May the Greens will have a voice too loud to be ignored any longer.

However, as powerful of a step as this is for the Green Party of Canada, it will not be enough to win over enough Canadians.  Granted, it may be enough to sway some PC loyalists and Liberal/NDP supporters in their favor, but if the division among Canada still remains too high between all the parties vying to take out Harper and his Conservatives, then all their efforts will be in vain.  The only guarantee Canadians have (and they are screaming for this) is a coalition between Liberal, Green, NDP and even Bloc Quebecois.

As diverse as these political parties are from each other they are essentially after the same goal.  They want to rescue Canada from the tyrannical government Harper and his Conservatives have exercised for far too long.  Make no mistake, this nation is dying.  Environmentally we’ve become the worst nation on a global scale when it comes to handling our air, resources and water responsibly.  We’ve also become the most untrustworthy nation when it comes to business, military and political affairs.  This is all Harper’s doing as he and his party have chosen to allow banks and corporations to mutilate anything and everything they can get their hands on within Canada’s borders.  No longer do Canadians have any say what goes on in their nation and this is where Harper and his Conservatives are very much in the wrong.  The Liberals know this, the NDP’s know this, the Greens know this and the Quebecois know this.  Sadly, what they seem to fail to grasp is if they worked together as a cohesive unit against Harper and his Conservatives they would ensure a solid victory as virtually every Canadian would instantly side with this and at that point no amount of commercials Harper spews out will work anymore.

It appears the NDP’s, Greens and Quebecois have grasped the concept behind a coalition government, but at the moment the Liberals have not.  This is now the time to bring up that the Liberals have actually agreed with Harper and his PC Government more often than the other 3 ever have and on issues of extreme importance that Canadians have very blatantly stood against.  This alone sends alarm bells that the Liberal government may not be the correct choice as the replacement party after Harper.  Although Justin Trudeau has the benefit of youthful hunger on his side, he is still the leader of a party that lost the faith of Canadians from too many scandals that not only cost them their majority government role, but even the minority government role.

However, because Justin Trudeau comes from the lineage of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, this has helped catapult the Liberal Party to the best position they’ve been in since 2006.  However, it’s not enough to ensure that win over the confidence of enough Canadians to vote in their favor when October 19, 2015 comes.  It is very unfortunate that the leader of this party does not see this and still believes they have enough of what it takes to replace Harper.

As for Thomas Mulcair and his NDP’s, as popular as they have become, there are many within the western half of Canada that don’t trust them.  Mulcair had made some comments that deeply offended many people within the prairie provinces and it is this group of people that actually favor Liberals and Greens over them.  This may be enough to hurt Mulcair’s chances to take Harper’s role as prime minister, not to mention hamper the NDP’s one great opportunity to become this nation’s majority government for the first time of their political existence.

Elizabeth May of the Green Party is, hands down, my favorite candidate.  I really support her and the Green Party and I know I’m not alone.  However, there are not enough in this corner to make the difference required to replace Harper.  I do believe in 2015 the Greens will climb some notches by the time the debates are done, but it won’t be enough to kick the PC’s out of power.

I don’t know enough of the Bloc Quebecois party, nor their leader, Mario Beaulieu to say much about them, but the fact that they too have MP representation shouldn’t put them out of the running either.  Whether the rest of Canada agrees with the Bloc Quebecois or not, keep in mind that this is a political party that saw the demise of Canada coming long before any other party ever did.  This is what sparked their original movement to separate Quebec from the rest of Canada to begin with.  Mainstream media and the ruling government wanted Canada to believe the reason the Quebecois wanted to separate was for selfish ones, but the truth of the matter is they did not want to get dragged into the mud that they saw coming.  They knew a very dangerous era for Canada was coming and they knew the Progressive Conservatives was the one poison this nation would find very difficult to remove from their system once it was in place.  They wanted no part of this, but now that they are, they’re now going to great lengths to do more than just rescue Quebec.  They now realize all of Canada needs to be jolted awake and this is where they work more closely with all the opposing parties that are eager to take the Harper and his Conservatives out.  None of us hear about it because mainstream media is controlled by banks and corporations.  They don’t want Canadians to know who truly has a grasp of what patriotism means.  The more Harper can keep the people of this nation in the dark the easier it is for him and his government to keep shredding whatever Canada has left into oblivion.

We, as Canadians, cannot allow this to happen.  We can no longer afford the corruption that has so heavily influenced our current government as it is clear they are not in parliament to represent the people.  If they did, they never would have allowed (or rather engineered) Canada to be in the dismal position it is in now.

This is why it is vital that all those opposing political parties, no matter who they are, must put their political differences aside and work together.  They should, in reality, treat it like a hostile takeover the way corporations do this to each other.  They can still band together and maintain the name and policies of their specific political alliance, but almost act as a board director instead.

What would work ideally is these parties form together as a coalition and name it.  It’s about Canada and it’s survival as a nation.  We have a fantastic opportunity to show everyone (maybe even inspire USA to do the same) that we work better as a team who knows how to set their differences aside for the overall benefit of what’s truly at stake here.  If these parties can find a way to do this (and fast) this would serve as a severe blow to Harper and his Conservatives.  It would also spark a tremendous movement among Canadians as they’ll see for the first time an act of unselfishness among political parties who realize putting the needs of the nation comes long before their own personal needs.  This is what true leadership is all about.

So, let’s say the coalition actually happens and together they kick Harper and the PC’s out of power.  What would happen then?  First off, an order should be put into place to force the entire Harper Government to answer for all the crimes they’ve committed against Canada (and worldwide) since 2006.  Trust me, there is so much those goons need to answer for and although right now there are court actions in place that are targeting Harper and his government right now, it would really go a long way to earn back the trust of other nations if the coalition government sided with them to do the same.

In addition to this, the coalition could work out amongst themselves that whoever the party within this coalition has earned the most votes among Canadians would have their political leader officially become the Prime Minister of Canada.  However, this particular role would change.  Although that person would still have final say, the political leaders of the other parties involved would be assigned something like Assistant Prime Ministers or Vice Ministers.  Their voice is just as important, but must respect the fact that there has been indeed a chosen leader among them and they must work with that leader and the specific party sharing the same banner for the benefit of Canada as a whole.

In essence, the coalition government would serve like the board of directors for Canada.  The CEO would be the Prime Minister.  The members of the board would be the political leaders of their respective parties within this coalition government.  They first sit together to discuss their agenda before bringing it forward to the House of Commons.

However, it does not end there.  The Coalition Government would restore what Harper took away.  This means the regular conferences with Provincial Premiers to discuss matters concerning each province.  When Harper took this away he removed a vital piece of what made Canada a very strong nation in the first place.  This needs to be restored and the new government in place would need to meet with the provincial leaders to iron out what would make Canada, piece by piece, a strong nation once again.

The boundaries are truly limitless, but they have to work together and do this.  Until they do, I believe our nation will be stuck with Harper and his PC’s once again after October 2015.  I will tell you right now, if this be the case, 2015 will be Canada’s final federal election as the Harper Government will see to that.  They’ve been systematically destroying this nation and altering whatever they can to reduce us to a form of nazism that will literally trap every citizen within Canada to a prison style system where nobody will be able to escape from.

This will become especially evident after 2016 if the Republicans win the American Federal Election.  The dream team for banks and corporations for North America is a Harper Government (PC) and a Bush Government (Republican) where whatever ounce of rights, liberties and freedoms humanity has left within the borders of North America are taken away without challenge.  They will see to this.

This, again, is where a coalition is desperately required by those looking to take out Harper’s government here in Canada.  If the Liberals, NDPs, Greens and Quebecois banded together and did this, they’d easily succeed taking over this nation.  This would also spark something within USA that they desperately need.  It may cause the smaller political parties over there to do the exact same thing as that is probably their one guarantee to kick Democrats and Republicans out as well.  A coalition government within Canada would literally do more than save this nation.  They stand to serve achieve a level of greatness on a global scale that could very easily spark a worldwide movement that would benefit mankind on scales no bank or corporation would be able to conquer.  For the sake of humanity itself, this is what we need.

Canada United


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