United States of Corruption

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2016 isn’t even here yet and already the Republicans are going to great lengths to make sure they snatch America back into the greedy palms of their hands so they can restore their momentum to dismantle what’s left of the nation from the inside out.  Even though their ring leader wasn’t the official president of the United State of America, the very fact that their entire GOP makeup literally bulldozed their agendas in such a manner that not even President Barack Obama himself could effectively fight back.

I am no Barack Obama fan either.  He and his Democrats have also let America down by siding with banks and corporations that ram down laws down people’s throats that benefit them instead of humanity.  Also, since Obama the entire nation has been reduced to a policed state where resisting arrest no longer guarantees your visit to the slammer, but far increased odds to see bullets fly into your face before you have a chance to “Oops, sorry officer.”

Honestly, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have members within their party that are fit to run anything other than bar tabs.  Neither party has a good grasp of what the American People truly want and need, and neither party really take the time to listen to the cries of the nation that clearly agree they’re no longer being represented by a government that puts patriotism before personal profit.

The Republicans are most certainly not interested in profit for the nation.  If they did, they never would have amassed the debt levels they did by engaging in dangerous military and political endeavors that benefit nobody other than the banks and corporations who thrive on the misery of others.  They also wouldn’t be throwing voting Americans under the bus over and over again by questionable actions on their part.  In fact, every action a leading Republican figure has implemented in the name of America has been as Un-American as it gets.

This shows throughout the history of America.  Each time the Republicans are in power they accumulate debts that hurt the nation and everyone in it.  The only people that truly benefit from a Republican leadership are the millionaires who gain huge profits as tax breaks, cuts and whatever dubious means the GOP/Republicans will go to in order to ensure their banking and corporate buddies come out on top.  Each time this happens, the American citizens suffer.

Unfortunately, the voters within the United States of America never seem to learn their lesson that trusting a political party that’s constantly thrown the people of their nation under the bus will never be the solution they need to rescue themselves from the crippling clutches of corruption.

The Democrats seem to try to do what they think is best for the nation, but the corruption within their ranks also run way too deep to truly deem them as a worthy party.  However, it is becoming increasingly clear that the those within their ranks that wear Democrat badges are actually Republicans in disguise.  If this be true, then it’s no wonder that this party constantly seems to be in confusion with itself as to who they truly are and who they truly represent.

Sadly within America, thanks to mainstream media, so much focus is poured onto these two political parties that not enough people notice they have more than just two choices on their plates.  There are others, but for as long as the roots of corruption within American politics remain deep, those who have just as much right to be deemed as legitimate contenders will never get the spotlight they deserve.

If you’ve never heard of Ron Paul before, please look him up in Google.  It would be well worth if you’re an American voter who realizes the two-party system within your nation is flawed.  Whether you 100% agree with his views or not, you cannot ignore the fact that every prediction he has made where the American government has been concerned has come to pass and are still unfolding in the frightening manner he sees to this day.  He is no prophet, but he is most certainly far wiser than all those so-called political experts who keep bouncing back and forth between the insane notion that only the Democrats and the Republicans are qualified to run this nation.

History has proven, over and over, that neither party has what it takes anymore (if ever) to run a nation where it’s people demands the simple requirement of respect.  As history has also proven, people who refuse to learn from their past mistakes will continue repeating them.  The very evidence that America keeps flip-flopping between Democrat and Republican clearly shows this as a sad state of affairs within a nation that should really know better by now.

However, mainstream media (through the help of banks and corporations) see to it that people within America are dumbed down by any means necessary to keep them clueless to the very fact that all of them have been misled and misrepresented this entire time.  Democratic President John F. Kennedy warned the people of this and was killed for it. Even Republican President Ronald Reagan warned of this.  Keep in mind there was an assassination attempt that was made towards him, but he managed to escape that fact.

It has been my observation that each president that has been assassinated, or at least had an attempt of assassination targeted against him each have the common trait among them that does not sit well with banks, corporations and those who want to run America the way they want it.  In some given fashion, each of these presidents were whistleblowers in their own right, or attempted actions the best way they knew how to rock the boat just enough in hopes for people to realize the nationwide manipulations that threatens all of mankind as we know it.

This is what President Barack Obama is doing now.  In fact, he has done this all along, but what were subtle attempts at first are becoming more bold as he now realizes his time as the nation’s top dog is almost over.  Does this suggest he’s the good guy surrounded by criminal masterminds?  No, Barack Obama is far from innocent himself, but what people fail to realize is just because you become the leader of a nation doesn’t mean you have full control of every action either.  The banks and corporations involved always find a way to wrap puppet strings around those whom they feel they can control and Barack Obama is no exception.

However, even puppets sooner or later learn how to cut strings and in the examples of Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy, this is what they had done.  Even the founding fathers of America managed to find ways to cut strings from their oppressors that hailed out of England (the banking & corporate elite).  They went to great lengths, even a war, to ensure the nation they started would never fall victim to what they fled from.

Unfortunately this is precisely what happened.  Sooner or later corruption always finds a door to sneak in.  From there, the manipulations begin.  It doesn’t take much effort to brainwash people, especially if none of them are wise enough to see it coming.  Despite the warnings and all the protective paperwork that the founding fathers (and Abraham Lincoln) put into place to protect the people of the nation, none of it matters if nobody is willing to put effort into maintaining their honorable intentions.

This is where America (and the rest of the world) have gone wrong.  We’ve let our guards down and as a result, those who wish to harm us all have managed to swoop in and put us all in a situation where the only way out is a full-scale revolution.  This is what the founding fathers had to do against those they fled from.  Because of our compliance and ignorance, we’re at this point again, but for as long as we remain stupid like the Democrats and Republicans want us to be, this won’t happen.

No longer can America afford the lesser choice of two evils.  Evil is still evil.  Now, there’s no guarantee that The Green Party of America, the Libertarian Party nor the Tea Party are free from corruption themselves, but until any of them are given the serious consideration they deserve nobody will ever know.  If Americans truly want to rescue themselves from the revolving door of stupidity between Republican and Democrat, they must break free from this cycle and take that necessary leap of faith into a new direction.


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    America On Coffee said:
    April 19, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    You got it right -the “United States of Corruption”!

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    America On Coffee said:
    April 19, 2015 at 10:23 pm
    conartistocracy said:
    August 15, 2015 at 7:10 pm

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    The political system has failed us, both in USA and UK. What is the solution?


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