Glow Green vs Grow Green

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It is amazing, despite the nuclear disasters and the damage they have done that a province that’s supposed to be the pillar of agricultural and environmental communities would remotely consider embracing this toxic choice as an energy source.

This is precisely what the premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, is pushing for.  He and his Saskatchewan Party have blatantly ignored the concerns and outcries of the people living within this province by pushing forward a nuclear energy project that will prove to be way too costly, and I’m not just talking about a financial scale.

With a growing number of communities and nations steering away from nuclear programs of any kind and going to great lengths to ensure their territories are nuclear energy free, you’d think the Government of Canada would be smart enough to do the same.  Unfortunately they are not.  What is worse is Brad Wall, who talks so much about doing what’s best for Saskatchewan, fails to see the overwhelming flaws to his logic.

The sad truth is Brad Wall, despite leading the Saskatchewan Party, is really another Stephen Harper puppet in the grand scheme of things.  Already pegged as the worst prime minister this nation has ever seen, Stephen Harper has encouraged so many projects to take place within Canada, including Saskatchewan, that has proven to be far more harmful to this nation than beneficial.  Brad Wall fails to see this and is actually duplicating Harper’s every move on a provincial scale.

Already Canada is being sold out at every angle.  Brad Wall is doing the same to Saskatchewan.  Both provincially and federally we are being run by political leaders who have demonstrated they haven’t the slightest care for what the people want, nor what is plainly evident they need.

What Brad Wall has done is use smoke and mirrors to fool the voters into favoring him and his political party.  Although it was clear Saskatchewan needed a breath of fresh air from the NDP reign, it is becoming more evident that Brad Wall is not the solution this province needs in order to maintain both its prosperity and its integrity at the same time.  Although he has been bringing forth the message that this is what he and his Saskatchewan Party represent, the truth of the matter is they’re more interested in dollars and cents than they are in common sense.  This is where the Harper Government has gone wrong and this is where the Wall Government is going wrong.

How many more wrongs can this province (and nation) take before we’re in a position where we can no longer right them?  We are in a position to do that right now, but that window of opportunity to regain what we’ve been losing at the hands of those who put greed before need is rapidly closing.  We do have the power to stop this, but we need to set our differences aside, take a leap of faith and work together in order to do so.  This is the only chance we have to ensure we still have a future and more importantly, the generations we leave behind have one as well.

The only future that makes sense is a green future.  A green future focuses on growth in more than just the economy.  It focuses on agricultural growth, which is Saskatchewan’s true heritage.  It’s a heritage that Brad Wall has either forgotten or choosing to ignore.  A green future focuses in working with the environment to nurture it in such a manner where it rewards us with resources that more and more recently we’re realizing has far more uses than its ever been given credit for.

True growth comes from working with the environment, not against it.  Although this province has indeed benefited with jobs and economic growth from the mines that have been developed within Saskatchewan, the bottom line is all of it is coming with a very heavy price that the Brad Wall Government will never admit to.  That price includes a rapid deterioration of health with our land, air, food and water.  In turn, this deterioration has caused a spike in ailments among people that include cancer, diabetes, respiratory problems and a handful of symptoms that mainstream medical tries to treat but can’t  Even the children are affected as their ailments and disorders are now catapulting to whole new heights that nobody has ever seen before.

The problems existing within Saskatchewan also exist nationwide.  However, the people of this province have a unique understanding of what green really means and it is my sincere hope that they remember this and make the effort to send a message that Saskatchewan prefers GROWING green as opposed to GLOWING green.

Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party seems to want everyone to glow green with their reckless pursuits of energy sources that are not beneficial to the environment nor the people who have to live in it.  Through Brad Wall’s administration, this province has seen a huge spike in pollution, health problems, crime and poverty.  Now one can dismiss this as a sign of the times, or one can face reality and accept the fact that Brad Wall doesn’t have the leadership skills this province really needs in order to move forward to the potential its clearly capable of.

As for Victor Lau and his Saskatchewan Green Party, they understand true prosperity comes from growing green.  They, more so than any other political party within this province (and all of Canada), have a better grasp of what’s really needed.  The reason for this is they are just like everyone else in this province and wants those very same things we do.  They want to carve a future that keeps our humanity in check, but growing at the same time.  They know that only through integrity can we elevate ourselves to new heights of prosperity this province has never seen before.

Now, don’t just automatically assume that once the Green Party takes over Saskatchewan that you are going to instantly lose your potash job.  Despite the fact that there has never been a Green Party premier within Canada before doesn’t mean those within the party are under-qualified to lead.  In fact it’d be quite the opposite.  They are uniquely qualified because they do what true leaders are supposed to have done all along; listen to the people who vote for them and respect them for the intelligent human beings that they are.

Brad Wall does not do this.  He ridicules us all, then come election time hides behind smiles and stories to dupe the masses so he can stay in power.  To him, we’re nothing but drones that mindlessly vote without taking careful consideration what we’re getting ourselves into as a province.

Are you a drone?  Are you mindless?  Are you a puppet? Even though I don’t know you, my opinion of you is no, you are not any of those things.  You are a strong person with the upmost potential to blossom into the rich bouquet of your own personal individuality.  Everything you do affects not just your world, but those closest to you.  I see this in you because this is what exists within everyone.

The Green Party of Saskatchewan sees this and not only acknowledges your uniqueness, but your human right to experience everything this awesome province has to offer without compromise.  This is not just some political party vying for votes.  This is a genuinely awesome group of people who are just like you.  Each of them want to make this world a better place and each of them know it starts with the home.

The home can only grow if it’s happy, healthy and prosperous.  Although we’ve been given a handful of opportunities through the Wall Administration, the sad truth many of them are too toxic and too unstable to maintain.  We, the people within the province of Saskatchewan deserve better than this.  We deserve that happiness, health and prosperity without losing the most vital keys to maintain our right to these things without compromise.

This is what the Green Party of Saskatchewan (and Canada) are all about.  Happiness comes with knowing all the needs are met with a clean conscience.  This, in turn, promotes good health as your stress level isn’t kept at unspeakable highs that prevent you from enjoying your life to the maximum.  Good health and happiness also brings about a satisfaction of prosperity that doesn’t necessarily see extreme heights of monetary wealth, but a rich diversity of opportunities that help spark the best pieces within us to truly shine as the fine human beings we all are.

So what kind of green do you want?  Do you want the monetary green at the cost that will pollute everything around you, including your children?  If so, choose Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party.

However, if you prefer a green that has more to offer and it’s mere cost is choosing the neverending road that’s surrounded with more opportunities than even the most magnificent imagination can fathom, then Victor Lau and his Green Party is the route to go.


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