Hey, You!

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I am just one person.  You are just one person.  However, put us together and we have two people.  Okay, so it has been acknowledged I know math.  Good for me.

Whenever I hear someone say they are just one person and no matter what they do matters I can’t help but to stop and think about other folks who might have said the same thing.  You know, folks like Julius Caesar, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Albert Einstein, Princess Diana of Wales and maybe even Edward Snowden.  It is no doubt at some point in each of their lives they must have thought the exact same thing.  I AM JUST ONE PERSON, WHAT CAN I DO?  WHAT DO I MATTER?

Really?  If you have never seen the old Christmas classic movie called It’s A Wonderful Life, you really should.  It better defines how important you really are, even if you don’t agree.  You impact more lives than you know, even if nobody around you takes the time to appreciate your efforts.  It doesn’t matter if that influence is too minor to give it a second thought as all those do add up.

Do you think before Abraham Lincoln became president of the United States that he fathomed that such a day would come?  Do you think when he first got into business (which he failed at more than once) that he had it in his head that he’d go down in history as one of the most honorably remembered figures in American history?  Before Cleopatra ruled her nation it is highly unlikely as a little girl she figured she’d become one of the most popular icons of all time.

Granted, not everybody is remembered so vividly as the most revered household names in human history, but each person has a very important place in this world in their own way.  I know I do.  I know you do too.  If this was not the case, you never would have been given the gift of life in the first place.  As crazy as that may sound, I firmly believe there is no such thing as accidents when it comes to being born into a world as complex as ours is.  Whether it be through God as our creator or nature as our designer, the bottom line is everything falls into place for a reason.  Regardless if we agree or understand them, we are here.  You are here.  Right now you are the most important subject behind this blog and this post is all about you.

Without you, your parents never would have experienced the joy of bringing a new life into their world.  If you’ve come from a background where you were given up and adopted, make no mistake even then you were loved.  Not everybody has the talent to express their love openly, but it is there.  Despite possible resentments and mistreatment, don’t be fooled for a moment that you never mattered to anyone.  You did then and you still do today.

Because you are here right now that alone proves just how strong and special you truly are.  You mean more to this world than you may ever realize.  You have more power in your heart than likely given credit for and you have a voice that deserves to be heard as loud and clear as you wish to make it.

Don’t ever let anybody take that from you, no matter who they are.  Those that try to keep you down are actually jealous of the light you have within you.  You shine brighter than any star and you have the right to achieve your highest potential that you know you possess within you.  Everything you do matters.  You matter.

Embrace who you are and embrace whatever you can around you, even if sometimes it seems too scary to do so.  In your heart you have the courage to kick adversity to the curb to make way for understanding.  Your convictions make you who you are and your actions help define your character.  How you go about it is your business, but keep in mind that you have to live with yourself.  It is in your best interest to maintain your humanity to the best of your ability as this is what brings you to new states of personal being that nobody else can achieve.


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