Extreme Prejudice

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It is really disheartening to see the direction this world has taken where our political leaders are concerned.  I live in a nation where our prime minister and his government have shown complete disregard for his own people, the environment and literally the rest of the world.  He and his goons are only interested in their own personal agendas, which are fueled by the most corrupt banks and corporations of our time.  We, the people, no longer matter.

Canada is not alone with this very real problem.  Stephen Harper nor his Conservatives act alone with what seems like their primary goal is to destroy this country and everyone in it.  This is happening in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Israel and other nations who have the worst examples of genuine leadership currently known to man.

In truth, however, these aren’t leaders.  They are puppets.  All of them.  The true leaders who pull their strings belong to the Illuminati and their Elite 1%.  This is where all the great evils of this world originally stems from and how they are controlling the banks and corporations who have literally taken over every political office they can get their hands on throughout the globe.

There have been a few nations that have been able to keep the corruption at bay, but are constantly targeted.  Such nations include Iran, North Korea and Cuba.  Painted by mainstream media as tyrannical nations filled with immoral governments that performs unspeakable acts of cruelty upon their own people, these countries have demonstrated they are not this at all.  They are, in fact, far more peaceful and civilized than the very governments whose nations claim they are the good guys.

Prior to 9/11 there were nine nations that were free from this centralized banking system and the direct influence of the most corporations.  These nations, which include Russia, China, Syria, Venezuela, Iceland and Hungary.  Noticed once these nations got duped into following the Rothschilds-owned centralized banking system they were suddenly among our best friends?  Now that each of these nations have since made it clear they’re once again rejecting the Rothschilds and their banking corporations they are now on the bad guy list again.

Syria is being bombed while Russia and China find themselves on the negative side of mainstream media’s newstreams once again.  Iceland made a very profound statement after their bankruptcy to completely kick Rothschilds and their banks completely out of their borders.  They run their own show now and have done what no other nations dare to do, which is hold the corrupt banks and corporations accountable for their actions.  This tiny little nation became a giant the day the chose to stop allowing their people live under the crippling oppression of corrupt banks, corporations and government.

Other nations have attempted to do the same and are paying very heavy prices for it.  Syria is literally being mutilated by governments who refuse to listen to their own people.  They listen to the banking elite instead, obeying their every command and have the nerve to puppet mainstream media to tell the people who watch on that their military actions are for the protection of those who need it.  They use freedom as their excuse when the truth of the matter it is all about greed.

At one point I thought Saddam Hussein was a monster.  This was how it was played out during the 1990s.  Upon the 9/11 attacks once again all eyes focused on the Middle East as it seemed the entire Islamic race were being painted as the bad guys.  So easily duped was the shocked world into thinking we were wronged by terrorists that we allowed the true evils to get away with their crimes.  We allowed them to carry out their warring agendas.

The whistleblowers and conspiracy theorists were scoffed at first for their disbelief of the official 9/11 news release, but as more evidence presents itself and more whistleblowers emerge from the shadows, it has become increasingly clear that the true engineers of terrorism as we know it come from the very people we’re supposed to trust the most.

Do you not find it interesting that as more people wake up to the fact that the wealthiest and most powerful among us (the Elite 1%) are indeed sculpting the Illuminati’s New World Order before our very eyes that the pace of corporate laws overtaking civil laws has quickened?  We are seeing more often human rights being trampled on to make way for the banks and corporations to swoop in and choke out anyone they can in the process.  In nations that are supposed to demonstrate the luxuries of rights, liberties and freedoms as the most fundamental base of their constitutional acts are now witnessing oppression soar to new levels through policed state tactics.  The people are being bullied, tortured and even murdered for daring to stand up to what they know is wrong.  In fact, all too often we are even seeing people who are either clueless or purposely passive to what’s really going on be victimized too.

So determined are the Illuminati, their Elite 1% and those choosing to align themselves with them to keep the rest of us 99% in check with their false flag wars, corporate policies, and endless rounds of brainwashing and distraction tactics that they are making it increasingly difficult for a human being to just be able to breathe.

It is they that place the orders to destroy the environments within our world.  Through fossil fuel extraction and consumption that has proven to be highly toxic at such reckless measures they have played key roles in the ecosystem’s accelerated demise.  If that’s not enough, the push to increase the use of nuclear energy is alarming.  This is the point where you should take note that nations who are now looking to steer clear from any form of nuclear usage and are making efforts to kick this stuff out of their borders are now finding themselves on the negative side of the news these days.

It has also been the observation that since nations who are waking up and making efforts to right the wrongs made against their people, nations like America and Canada are seeking to adopt more nuclear energy within their borders.  The governments who embrace an energy source that has clearly demonstrated to be anything but safe are duping the people into believing all is well.  That is not true.  What they are doing is putting nations such as these in even more toxic states that they are already in and putting the lives of every animal and human being within the borders of these nations at tremendous jeopardy.

Within Canada and USA we are seeing our governments literally destroy everything in their path.  It is most evident within Canada as Stephen Harper is deliberately steering the nation he’s supposed to lead down a path that mirrors very much to Adolf Hitler’s pre-WWII Germany.  Too many people don’t see this yet, but for those with eyes wide open and literally see history repeating itself they know that the Canadian Government, the American Government, the Israeli Government and the UK Government are going to great lengths to lay down all the groundwork necessary to ensure WWIII does indeed fall into place so that the final stages of their Depopulation Agenda is carried out.

The very fact that all our governments are ignoring the outcries and warnings of people within their own borders and worldwide either displays we have very stupid people who fail to see the consequences of their actions, or the most diabolical leaders of our time that are doing all this on purpose to appease the Rothschilds and their Elite 1% buddies to the best of their ability.  Whichever the reason our governments are using to destroy everything they can while they’re still in positions of power is not even relevant anymore.  The bottom line is this world and everyone in it has never been as great of danger as it is now.

What’s worse is not enough people see this yet.  This is what the banking/corporate elite want.  Through any means necessary they keep as many people as they can oblivious to the fact that their time left on this world as supposedly free citizens is quickly drawing to an end.  Everything that the 1% wants is either falling into place just as they want it, or being forced into place to make it easier for them to take out the vast majority of the 99%.  To this Elite 1% we are vermin that must be extinguished.  Of those who somehow survive, don’t consider it a miracle.  It will be an even worse curse for you as you will no longer be regarded as a human being.  Your top of the food chain status will be removed and you will be herded like another piece of livestock that is to be consumed as part of their dietary menu.

Think what I just said is extreme?  We are living in an age now where the only thing that can be truly defined as extreme is the very likely extinction of the human race if we don’t find a way to band together and stop something that will become inescapable realities.


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