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There are a multitude of reasons why Green is the only way to go in literally everything we do as human beings.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for economic reasons, environmental or even political.  It’s more than just a color.  It’s a lifestyle and one deserves far more credit than it deserves.

When the biblical Adam and Eve chose the Tree of Knowledge over the Tree of Life what they chose was red over green.  The red fruit of temptation they bit into was more than just some pretty apple.  It was a symbol of a lifestyle choice and it was a bad one at best.

Imagine what would have happened to the human race if Adam and Eve chose to stay green and avoid the red.  If they chose the Tree of Life the Garden of Eden would have remained untainted.  Granted, they wouldn’t have absorbed as much knowledge so quickly, but again this is where they (and the rest of us) have gone wrong.

In life you learn as you go anyway.  This is where humanity is best defined.  When the Tree of Knowledge was chosen over the Tree of Life we basically made the decision to fast-track our lives in the mighty quest to be a bunch of know-it-alls.  It wasn’t enough to simply be a child (creation) of God.  We wanted more.  Sad truth is we would have achieved more anyway, but would have earned it at a pace that isn’t nearly as maddening as the one we are on now.

This has been the case for humanity right from the very beginning.  Biblical prophecies or not, one can see that course mankind has been on all this time has not been the green, healthy choice that we could have had all along but were too impatient for our own good to recognize it’s true value.

There are a growing number of people who see this and are fighting with their lives to go back on that green path of life.  They know for as long as we continue staying on the bloodied path of knowledge, which is really the crooked path of ignorance, we’re on a suicide run that will spell the absolute extinction of all life on earth.

Green means prosperity.  It doesn’t necessarily mean monetary prosperity, but it does mean reaping in the rewards from all the hard labour you’ve put into whatever it is you choose to do with your life.  For a farmer, prosperity means growing a healthy crop.  Prosperity for a carpenter is transforming lumber into a creation that can be as simple as a bench to something more complex like a home to house his family.

Green means growth.  For a gardener, it’s growing plants and flowers from seed while for a small child it’s emerging into an adult through life experiences.  Isn’t it interesting that in both examples that true growth isn’t something that should be rushed.  It takes time as this is so very necessary for seed to absorb what it can in order to reach it’s full potential.

Unfortunately, because there are those within the human race that are too impatient for their own good.  In the subject of gardening and farming, there are methods being used to rapidly speed up the growth of agriculture and livestock in what they claim is for the benefit of mankind.  And if it’s not enough for so-called science to tamper with our food supply in such a manner, they also tamper with human genetics from birth to death.

We live in a society where everything around us is rushed.  The pace of everyday living has quickened so much that hardly anybody takes the time to pay enough attention to life anymore.  It has become increasingly evident that virtually nobody even takes the time to live a happy and healthy life anymore.  The stress levels within people have soared to levels where it literally seems inhuman.  Society has become so engulfed with the Tree of Knowledge and it’s poison that they fail to see what they’re truly embracing is the Tree of Death.

Green means life.  Without life nothing grows.  Without life nothing prospers.  Without life there is nothing, period.  In the bible it says in the beginning there was nothing.  Well, guess where we’re headed now?  Until we let go the Tree of Death that spews out nothing but mass confusion that causes humanity to divide itself that much more, that suicide run we’re all on will slam us into a wall of nothingness that will, as I’ve already stated, exterminate mankind and any other form of life with it.

The most obvious division among mankind is whether or not there’s any validity behind the Holy Bible, or any other biblical books out there that favor specific religious beliefs.  There is a constant war between these religions, not to mention the constant attacks against the religious by the scientists.  Despite all their differences there is one common agreement among them that stands out.  It is agreed that the path the human race is on right now is destructive.  This path sees us destroying our environment, our neighbors and even ourselves.

The path we are on is paved with colors we should be avoiding.  The black represents oil and all related fossil fuels that have proven to be among the most toxic substances known to man.  Yellow and silver represent all that is monetary, which fuels the most greedy among us to embrace the black as a means to capitalize on as much profit as they can at the expense of others.  Red is the most obvious.  It’s the oceans of blood spilled, a direct result from the manipulations among the most greedy and corrupt among us that are literally carving this world we all live in to suit their ideals.

Blue is one of the most deceptive colors of the entire spectrum.  While blue does indeed represent clear skies and tranquility, it also the color of despair.  In fact, blue has such a strong connection to depression that prisons have replaced this color with other choices, including green.

So what’s with the green?  What makes this color so much better than all the others?  Well, what color is your grass when it’s healthy?  What color are the leaves on your trees when the branches spring back to life from the dead of (white) winter?  What is the most recommended members of the food group for a balanced, healthy diet among people and what is their typical color?

Get it yet?

Okay, now let’s move away from the bible altogether and look at, hands down, the most inspirational and misunderstood members of the human race among us; The Aboriginals.

No matter what corner of the globe they’re from, nor what paths they choose for their tribes, they each have the exact same fundamental belief that Nature is our one true God.  As easy as it may be to challenge the bible, it is far more difficult to challenge nature itself.  Nature, just like the human race, started out as a mere seed.  It started out as nothing.  Even if you go with a big bang theory, there had to have been a seed somewhere that started it all.

In the eyes of Aboriginals, God and Nature are one.  The names and broke down descriptions of what they perceive from there at that point aren’t that much different than the differences of opinion between Christians, Jewish, Islamic nor Buddhists.  However, unlike those who fight over the bible like rabid dogs to determine who has all the right answers, the Aboriginals had chosen to do the one thing the rest of the human race has failed to do.  They chose to live and let the experiences of life educate them accordingly.  Unlike the rest of mankind who are always in such a hurry to conquer, the Aboriginals took their time as they acknowledged the necessity to balance themselves with nature so that the two always worked together.

That is what Green is all about.  Green is about balancing our lives with the delicate handiwork of nature which God created.  Whether or not you choose to believe in God is your business.  If you don’t believe in God, then believe in the one thing you know exists right before your very eyes and is depending on you to do so.  Mother Nature needs you.  She needs you to go Green so she can stay Green.  For as long as she’s still green she still has the ability to maintain life here on this earth for everybody.  Your life depends on her life.

There are those among us that hate green.  Their arrogance has left them color blind as they’ve overwhelmed themselves so much with what they think is knowledge when in truth all that they know is death and deceit.  This is what’s killing us all and this is what’s killing our home here on earth.

Did you know that green is also a savior?  The best medicines among us come from nature itself, but the corrupt and greedy among us have it painted as a great evil.  Instead of allowing nature to work her magic, the powers that be keep her suppressed and keep the population ignorant from the truth.

So, in reality, how is that Tree of Knowledge working out for all of us?  In our quest to take the shortcut to know as much as we can as fast as we can, the plain facts are we are just as stupid as ever.  We didn’t take the time to live.  We didn’t take the time to just let life teach us all that we needed to know.  The Aboriginals did this until the most corrupt, greedy and ignorant among us took that away from them.

The sad truth is if the rest of mankind didn’t allow their arrogance to trample over a people that actually had a better grasp of how important it is to maintain the fragile balance between people and nature, there’s a good bet we wouldn’t have to fight for the survival of humanity as hard as we’re having to fight now.

There is a political party out there that is appropriately named and deserve something neither nature nor the Aboriginals ever got.  I side with them 100% because they side with humanity 100% and with nature 100%.  They do not side with those who seek to destroy everything in their path as they carry out their twisted agendas.

Politically speaking or not, the bottom line is Green is the only color that represents survival and is far more than just a named pigment.  Until we chop down the Tree of Death (Knowledge) and embrace the Tree of Life so we can save it, that cliff that waits for us at the end of our suicide run will become that much closer that much faster.


One thought on “Why Go Green

    Rose Savoy Curran said:
    April 26, 2015 at 2:25 am

    Yes, we have to go Green ! Stephen Harper is Abaddon which in Hebrew Roots means destruction and destroyer, a Demon at work. He is Moral Evil ,committing acts that are intentional , Our food supply, our water..he,s slowly killing you, your baby sleeping in the other room..every member of your family he will take away from you and never blink an eye,..and he’s not alone. Satan is at work here and he has plenty of helpers so we must stand together and fight for what priceless treasures God gave us on this beautiful planet. Moral Evil is a choice..a Black soul that will suck the life out of any living thing,and destroy this world. So , is your soul Black…or Green..your world, your choice !

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