Proud To Be Canadian

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In 1970 I was born into a country called Canada.  My original province is Alberta, but I’ve lived in Newfoundland and now Saskatchewan.  I love my country.  I love the people, especially those who believe in this nation and what everybody here can achieve.  My father’s ancestry originally stems from Russia even though our last names are associated with a German heritage.  Their move to Canada was to escape the old and embrace the new.  The hope of raising a family within a young nation that showed conviction and promise was the dream of not just my family, but for all of those who wanted a better life.

The true pioneers of Canada are not the politicians, despite the fact many of them would like to think it so.  In all honesty, they were nothing more than bureaucrats that answered to the Crown, which resides in England.  Despite their positions of power, none of it would have mattered if it weren’t for the hardworking people who sowed our land to create the food that fed everyone in this nation.  If it weren’t for the combined talents of woodsmen, fishermen, hunters, healers and educators this proud nation we call Canada never would have become the envy of all nations worldwide.

That envy, however, has played a key role in now dismantling everything our pioneering Canadians have worked so hard for.  All the protections that were put into place to keep our land as pristine as possible despite modern times has been removed by the most irresponsible government this nation has ever seen.  For the past decade, the pride of Canada has taken a sharp downturn and for the first time in this country’s history there is a real threat that our country and everyone in it will cease to exist.

One such proof of this is the unethical sale of the Canadian Wheat Board into foreign hands.  Actually, it wasn’t even a sale at all.  It was a giveaway, despite the fact that the farmers of our nation were willing to rescue it from it’s debt and control something that should have always remained in their hands in the first place.  Who better to control something as important as Canada’s agricultural future than those who has a better understanding of this industry than anyone else?

This is where our political leaders, namely Stephen Harper and his Conservative Government, are going terribly wrong.  If the lack of respect towards our farmers isn’t enough to demonstrate just how far our nation has fallen because of them, then how about the blatant disregard towards all our war veterans that have literally fought and died for this nation since it’s very beginning?

From the conflict with the Native Canadians (Aboriginals) to the so-called war on terrorism that sees our military in over their heads with ISIS and Syria, our soldiers are duped into thinking what they’re fighting for is for Canada’s freedom.  This is not true nor has it ever been.  The flat truth is all these battles our men and women are being sent to risk their lives for is to satisfy the corporate greed that has reduced the integrity level of this nation to it’s knees.  From the days where they stripped the original Canadians (Aboriginals) of their land and liberties to a day where we now see the same madness being performed upon us, what we’re all doing is literally playing a game the banking and corporate elite are forcing us to play.  That name of that game is New World Order Agenda, proudly brought to you by the creators known as Illuminati.

I don’t know about you, but I want no part of that game.  Up until the Harper Government took over Canada seemed to do pretty well staying away from becoming corporate pawns of the New World Order Agenda.  However, in the past decade, this nation has seen a growing speed of destruction being done upon it through reckless projects that seek to rip out all of it’s precious resources despite the continual objections from countless Canadians and foreign nations.  Our government has stopped listening to us (and the world) since 2006 and this will be the case until that government is removed and forced to answer for their crimes.  Quite frankly, that government should be sued by the People of Canada for the multitude of crimes performed against it.  There is so much our Canadian Government needs to answer for and not just to the people of this nation.  They literally owe this entire world a huge apology as their actions have caused economical, environmental, political and social ramifications that will make it virtually impossible for the next government (no matter how noble they are) to repair all the damage that has been done by them.

Normally I don’t get so involved with politics, figuring every political party is the same.  I now realize this is not true and I think I can speak for pretty much all of Canada on this one when I say that if none of us became so lax with our Canadian way of life we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Our nation as we know it is in grave danger of being destroyed so far beyond recognition that unless we act now we’ll never have our true Canada back.  If we, the People of Canada, continue to stand by, do nothing and pretend all is kosher what we are doing is allowing those who seek to dismantle everything that made us all Proud Canadians in the first place will win.  They will have their New World Order and the price we will all pay for this is our lives.  I don’t know about you, but that price is way too high for my blood and I have now joined the ranks of Canadians who are still proud citizens of this nation that are willing to do whatever it takes to save every animal, man, woman and child possible.  It’s more than just our Canadian way of life that’s at stake here.  It’s our humanity and this is the one thing I will fight for to my final breath.

I am a Proud Canadian.  I am a loyal member of the human race.  I am no soldier, but I will fight and die for this nation and all of humanity in order to save it.  I will not stay silent.  I will not cower in a corner and pretend that I’ll be excluded from the New World Order’s depopulation agenda, even if I chose to comply with their every decision.

We live in a nation called Canada.  We owe it to this nation, especially the original Canadians, the Aboriginals, to rip it away from the hands of tyranny and put it back into the hands of those who genuinely care for every living thing that exists within (and beyond) our borders.

Be proud to be Canadian.  This is who you are.  Don’t let a faulty government and their corporate sponsors take that away from you.  You have the power within your grasp to save yourself, your family, your community and your nation.  As a Canadian citizen it is your patriotic duty to stand up for the True, North, Strong and Free values that made this country great in the first place.  We need to be that again so that we can move forward and show the rest of the world that the People of Canada are so much better than given credit for.


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