Krystein’s Kingdom

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People who know me best will know how much I’ve enjoyed playing games similar to the likes of Ogre Battle (early Playstation era), the Diablo series and the Sacred series (except #3 really sucked).  Mainly, a really good roleplaying game where the forces of good go up against the forces of evil to win back the world from the hands of tyranny.  For me, however, I was extremely fussy as to which RPG style games that meet this good vs evil criteria.  Only a tiny handful of these really caught my fancy enough for me to be willing to fork out both my money and time to pay much attention to.

There’d even be times where, if the games I’ve played are done and there’s nothing new to win me over, I’d go and create my own.  I’d create my own worlds, my own scenarios and my own versions of heros and villains within a variety of storylines that I’ve often been told I’m very good at.  Sometimes I think I missed my calling as a video game developer, but truth be told I make a far better writer and mapper than I do a graphics designer.

Nowadays, I find it rather ironic that I find myself thrown into a similar situation in real life where I see those great evils I fought in various gaming platforms come to surface right before my very eyes.  Granted, there’s no magic weapons, or spells, or unusual entity creations, but there is a clear and present danger in our world that threaten the lives of every man, woman and child.  Just like in those games, unless there are those among us that are willing to fight these evils in order to restore all that is good in this world, everything will be reduced to a pit of darkness nobody will ever be able to escape from.

Aside from my internal desire to bring what I believe is a righteous fight against all those evils, I am not a heroic specimen that wields a bow and possesses the same level of intrigue you’d expect from Hollywood versions of heroes we see in the movies or television.  I am nobody special, but I am somebody who cares a great deal about what goes on in this world regardless if it happens to be in my own backyard or a location that is thousands of miles away from me.  I see things going on that make me very uncomfortable with the direction this world is taking.  If it were up to me and I had the God-like power to do so, I’d snap my fingers and place this world to mirror the more idealistic layouts I’ve portrayed whenever I’ve gone ahead and carved my own RPG style worlds.

Of these worlds I create, each of them sees a place that has no evils plaguing it by any means.  Of course to make a game more interesting there has to be conflict, but I always maintained this one corner of my gaming world, Krystein Kingdom, to be the envy of other parts of the world that have yet to grasp the level of integrity this one special place has.

For me, the Krystein Kingdom is the type of place we all desperately need and must fight for.  In this particular world there is nobody striving to do evil upon another for any given reason.  Everybody is treated equal and not one person has any more rights than the other.  It does not matter if you are the king of the kingdom or a farmer’s daughter.  That daughter may freely come and go in the king’s castle without fear of being somewhere she shouldn’t be.  On that same note, the king wouldn’t give it a second thought to get his hands dirty to help plow a farmer’s field or help born a calf from its mother’s womb.

On that same note, nobody should have more wealth than the other unless there is an individual within the midst that refuses to take part in benefiting the community through some form of workmanship that is of benefit to all.  For those who choose to do absolutely nothing and are completely disrespectful towards any member of a community without cause, that person must submit to therapy sessions in an effort to encourage the individual to do more.  If such a person refuses then that person must be banished from the community and move on.  There is always that option for the person to return, but at that point must prove to the community that the priorities have shifted from selfishness to selflessness.

That is the key to humanity.  We live in a world today where selfishness is at an all time high.  More people are into themselves than ever before.  Materialistic wants have all too often surpassed fundamental needs, not to mention that our society has become more impatient and wasteful than ever.  There is very little regard for the wrongs that we do and it has actually reached the point where people are shunned for doing selfless good.  The promotion of selfishness has more people embracing this as a lifestyle while those who still practice humanitarian behavior are finding themselves fined, arrested and even jailed.  It is considered a crime now to feed the homeless in a growing number of communities.

Within the Krystein Kingdom this would not even be an issue.  Selfishness would not be tolerated if it means compromising the community with actions that deteriorate the best parts of what makes mankind the magnificent creations we are.  Within the Krystein Kingdom, the more often selflessness is displayed by providing humanitarian aid where it is needed and random acts of kindness for no reason at all other than simply because its a chosen way of life, the more rewards such people would receive.  Such rewards include more than just personal satisfaction of performing good deeds as a habitual lifestyle.  Such individuals would be seen as key members of a community that put the needs of the whole before personal wants.

Of all the gaming worlds I’ve created there is one common denominator amongst them all.  There is no monetary system of any kind in place.  Everything is based on barter and trade.  Everything owned is earned through workmanship and community involvement.  The food supply is a completely self-served system as each home is responsible for their own garden/greenhouse.  Everyone is encouraged to learn how to make their own concoctions from whatever they grow, along with the assistance of those who have trade secrets to turn something from ordinary to extraordinary.

Grains and livestock are raised on a wide variety of farms.  Ideally, the working relationship between the community gardens and the community farms is simple.  Whatever grains or meats the community wishes to obtain may do so by offering whatever they’ve grown and created from what they’ve harvested as an exchange.  It is a simple system, one that would run through something similar to a typical vending market.

This was how life was lived before the introduction of any form of money and it is my firm belief this is how life should have been lead all along.  In reality, money is worthless.  The only reason it has any value at all in today’s society is because we’ve all been manipulated into a system by those who wish to rule this world their way.  It is their primary goal to control every human being in such a manner through money that each of us are forced into lifestyles of slavery that threaten to take everything away from us in a moment’s notice.

It is not a good world we live in right now.  Those who control the money supply now also control everything else.  This includes control over the food supply, housing and basic needs.  These control freaks make it harder each year to allow people to afford all these needs and for no good reason other than to satisfy their own personal greed.  The excuses of tax hikes and price hikes for whatever reasons they want the public to believe are technically invalid. There is no justifiable reason why the price of coffee today is doubled compared to just a few years ago.  Quite literally if everything was brought back down to zero, or we saw money eliminated as a means to exchange goods, there would be no such thing as poverty nor even homelessness for that matter.  Everybody would be on equal ground and nobody would have supremacy over the other.  We would all be equals.  This is what humanity is all about.

Humanity doesn’t see a politician above the law.  It doesn’t see a war veteran struggling to make ends meet after serving his nation in some given conflict he was sent to fight for.  Humanity sees every human being clothed, housed and fed equally.  It also sees each person treating each other with the same level of respect they would expect to be shown unto themselves.  Anything less would simply not be acceptable as the crime of selfishness would be equal to the crime of murder.  Selfish attitudes and behavior serves as a cancer to all that is good.  This is the common character trait we see in villains in whatever form of entertainment choice we embark on and it should serve as a lesson to mankind that this sort of behavior is just as intolerable in real life as it is in fantasy.

For the sake of humanity, it is the duty of every human being who is able to fight like the heroic characters we may have come to idolize since childhood.  Unlike those entertainment programs we can’t just turn this world off and go do something else.  The bad guys in our world are very real and the evils that stare us in the face because of them are every bit as manipulative and real as they are.  This is what we need to stand up to and knock down if we have a ghost of a chance to experience perhaps even your own version of a utopian kingdom that you know in your heart is something far more worthy living for.


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