The Dream Party of Canada

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As much as I believe in a coalition government, I also believe in a political party system that has a much broader age group than what we typically see now.  I would love to see Canada’s next prime minister, or America’s next president literally be under the age of 35.  Over half of the majority government are people between the ages of 18 to 35.  The other half sees the 36 and above club.

I believe a huge problem with the way our political structure seems to be is that those in charge are too old fashioned for the job.  As much as I believe in traditionalism, I also believe it is equally important to embrace modernism.  The problem with our leading government left in charge of our nation today is each of them have become too corrupt for their own good.  For me, politics is just like big business.  Obviously, because banks and corporations invest large sums of money into politicians they know they can puppeteer into putting their own twisted agendas far ahead of the nation’s people.  The older a person gets in the line of politics the less of himself he becomes.  So wrapped up in what has been imposed upon him he forgets who he really is and where he came from.

The banks and corporations who are truly in charge of our nation (as well as others) have literally brainwashed, engineered and trained our major government parties (Conservatives, Liberals and NDP) to house members among them that are easy to manipulate.  One would think the younger generation would be the easier target to puppet but this is not true.  On average, the younger generation are more rebellious and actually see more truths behind the lies than those who’ve literally been conditioned to blindly believe whatever is thrown in their direction.

This is why the media plays a key role in our elections and everything we do.  Why do you think the Elite 1% population invests heavily into ad campaigns for the political parties they know they have in their back pockets?  They count on the constant bombardment of brilliant ads upon those who are too weak-minded to make the effort to think for themselves.  This Elite 1% wants this world for themselves, not for us.  We’re talking about a tiny group of people who look upon all of mankind as vermin that needs to be controlled and exterminated at will.  It’s no accident that Canada (and similar nations) is in as much turmoil as it is now.

Make no mistake, just because we don’t resemble a 3rd world nation nor any of those heavily bombed Middle East nations that we so often hear about doesn’t mean our nation isn’t in deep trouble.  It is.  This is why it is vital every Canadian, young and old, work together to kick out those who’ve been working so hard to deceive us all and destroy it.

We need the ideal political party, or at least a group of leaders who still have a strong ethic and moral code to fix all that the likes of the Harper Government and  those in bed with them have destroyed.

One particular individual I believe would make an ideal leader is Brigette DePape.  She is the girl who made the news by stepping out into the middle of the floor with a STOP HARPER sign.  Little did most of us know at the time just how accurate she was about the tyrannical reign Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have imposed upon this nation and how it has reduced Canada into one of the most nightmarish countries on the planet.  What Bridgette displayed by her actions was a courageous effort in attempt to wake up Canadians to the harsh reality that what we have as a prime minister is a monster.

Brigette knows our nation is not truly being run by Stephen Harper nor his Conservatives.  She knows Canada has been turned into one of the most corrupt corporations that literally has the world fooled into thinking it’s a government.  And, she is not the only one.  A growing number of younger adults realize just how much trouble our nation is in.  They have a better grasp than the older generation of what direction our nation truly needs to head down, but too many are disregarded as too inexperienced and under-qualified to have their opinions count.

This is where Canada is going wrong.  By keeping the younger generations down they’re discouraging the future of Canada to get more involved with what goes on in this nation on every level.  This includes getting more involved politically, which is something Brigette DePape is trying to change. Again, she knows more than people give her credit for.  She knows that the fate of Canada truly rests on the shoulders of the generations that will be stuck to clean up all the messes the older generations are leaving behind.  These are the messes Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have repeatedly demonstrated they care nothing about.  All they care about are pleasing the banks and corporations that are way too involved with the direction our nation is taking.  This is our nation, not theirs, but for as long as we remain under the control of tyrants this will never change.

This is where a revolution within Canada needs to take place.  However, the only way such a revolution can take place is if enough people band together and rebel against all that we acknowledge is wrong.  This is where the youth among us excel at and this is where the older among us need to open our eyes and listen to them.  Quite frankly, we need to work with them and encourage those who will inherit whatever we leave behind to right all the wrongs and regain whatever ounce of humanity we can in order to save it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying the older generation among us are not as enlightened as the younger.  I am also not saying that everyone among the younger generation are as idealistic.  I am aware corruption affects everyone at any given age.  This is where I believe the ultimate Dream Party of Canada is a balanced mix of young and old.  This is also a party that doesn’t just see a handful of suits dictating to the nation what they think is best for them.  No, the Dream Party of Canada is every Canadian Citizen, both young and old, working together as one massive government that will not answer to any bank or corporation.  The Dream Party of Canada is smart enough to realize the only voices that truly matter are those belonging to mankind and the environment we live in.


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