NDP Janitorial Service – Alberta Version

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I am to learn the Alberta New Democratic Party has successfully bounced Jim Prentice from the premier’s chair and solidly shoved the provincial Conservatives out of their role as a leading government.  However, I am equally concerned how Rachel Notley and her NDPs are going to clean up the massive mess left behind.

And it’s not just a provincial mess that Prentice and his PC’s have inflicted upon the province, but the federal mess imposed upon Alberta by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives.  Through the manipulative lies of job creation and prosperity for Alberta (and all of Canada) what the worst federal government in Canadian history has done is turn one of the most pristine provinces of the nation into a toxic wasteland.  Through the province of Alberta alone, Harper and his CONs have thrusted Canada from one of the most environmentally responsible nations to the dirtiest.  We’re not talking about a minor shift from a slight increase of greenhouse emissions but rather a profoundly drastic spike of climate change causing calamities that has done more than just risk the lives of Albertans, but all of Canada and the world as well.

This is a costly mess that the NDP’s are now faced to fix.  Are they up for it?  Will they stand by the convictions they say they represent?  Will they rescue Alberta from the evil clutches of greedy bankers and corporations who’ve taken it upon themselves to use this province as their ground zero?  Only time will tell.

Right now the Alberta NDPs have a remarkable opportunity to catapult the rest of the NDP party members across the nation to the clear front running position they need to be if Canada has a chance to save it from the tyrannical reign of Stephen Harper and his Conservatives.  It is quite clear with Justin Trudeau and his Liberals favoring Bill C-51 despite the outcry of Canadians from border to border that this would be the wrong choice for Canada to make in the federal election come October 2015.  Between the Conservatives and the Liberals we have two right wing political parties that have demonstrated time and time again they do not listen to any of their Canadian voters, nor do they have the genuine interest of the people belonging to this nation at heart.

The NDPs have demonstrated their loyalties most definitely lie with Canadians.  However, their brand of politics does not sit well with the likes of banks and corporations.  Instead of accepting the roles of puppets where they do as they’re told, they do what they feel is right for the people.  Unfortunately, history has shown that despite them putting people before profit they have yet to master the art of economic evolvement and this is where the majority of Canadians doubt their abilities to lead properly.

It is going to take a considerable amount of time to clean up the messes left behind by the PC Government that ruled Alberta for a few generations.  The dominance they had was destroyed when Jim Prentice failed his province to the point where the most loyal Conservative supporters could no longer allow their loyalty to cloud their judgment.  This is what is happening across the rest of the nation as well and right now the Alberta NDPs have the chance to grease Tom Mulcair’s chances to rip the role of prime minister away from Stephen Harper.

What the NDPs need to do is focus on the oil industry and do a massive clean up.  They need to do everything in their power to work against Stephen Harper and shift provincial subsidy funding from their investments into fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources.  Doing so will spawn a movement amongst Albertans to push that much harder to favor green as a way of life.  Even those who favor the black will be quick to shift loyalties if they see there is indeed a solid future by working for a solar energy plant instead of the tar sands.

The NDPs need to clearly demonstrate that there is no place for greed within Alberta.  There is still room for free enterprise and economic development, but must be done so at a far more responsible level.  This is what all of Canada needs.  They need a government that acknowledges growth must be achieved at a steady pace that works for everyone.  I’m hoping the NDPs are able to put into place some kind of provincial lawsuit against the oil companies and Conservative government for ripping off every person within Alberta since the tar sands and extraction of oil had started.

Through Stephen Harper, the Koch Brothers have made billions at the expense of Albertans.  In turn, Alberta got a slap in the face, a toxic wasteland and not even a thank you for their contribution to the banks and corporations that have profited most from this venture.  The NDPs have it within their power to put into place a guaranteed income level for every citizen within the province of Alberta that wouldn’t cost the taxpayers a penny.  It would, however, force these big corporations to acknowledge that they owe their mass profits to the hardworking Albertan who made them that much richer in the first place.

This is what I hope for from the NDP party of Alberta, and hopefully the NDP of Canada.  I’m hoping Premier Rachel Notley rises to the occasion and demonstrates to the rest of the country what a true leader is capable of.  If she can pull this off and win the hearts of more than just the Albertans within a matter of the next few months then I honestly believe a nationwide victory for the NDP to become the majority government of Canada for the first time in it’s history is very possible.

There is much on the shoulders of Rachel Notley and her Alberta NDPs.  They’ve managed to impress Canada’s most stubborn province by winning a provincial election.  Now they need to impress Albertans that much more by proving they have indeed elected the right people for the job.  Right now all of Canada (and the world) has eyes on them.  Do well and come October 20, 2015 our nation may very well be welcoming Prime Minister Thomas Mulcair with the hopes he and his federal NDPs will be every bit as impressive as the ones out of Alberta.

C’mon, Rachel, show us what you got!


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