Wake Up Call

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We presently live in a world where the very survival of mankind as we know it is at the most precarious stage it has ever been in.  One could call it the sign of the times, or simply this has always been the case as we have developed since the dawn of civilization.  However, up until the modernization of all that is around us the pace human beings have taken as they evolve has been nice and steady.  It was not until society embraced technology to a degree where it has mostly become the only way of life for them that people actually took the time to pay attention to what they were doing and enjoy their life every opportunity they got.

We now live in a world where hardly anybody pays attention to each other anymore.  We do not even pay close enough attention to ourselves to realize that we have actually devolved as human beings as opposed to becoming evolved.  No longer do many of us even think for ourselves.  So lazy we have become that exercising basic common sense has now virtually become impossible.  We expect whatever technology has thrown at us to do all the problem solving for us.  Although I have no issue with technology itself, I do have an issue with how it has been abused.

Although moving forward is always the best option, sometimes doing so at a blistering pace without taking notice to what direction you are heading for can prove to the most counterproductive move ever made.  We are told as children before crossing the street that it is wise to look both ways to ensure it is safe to cross.  As adults learning to drive we are told the exact same thing.  Both as children and as adults, we are usually told to be aware of your surroundings and whatever situation happens to pop before your very face.

Majority of the time people are smart enough to heed such a warning.  There are some who either forget or purposely choose to be somewhat more reckless.  Of those who forget or ignore quite often they find themselves causing accidents that sometimes take lives that would have otherwise been saved if smarter decisions had been made.  There are some who are lucky enough to learn their lessons without the loss of life, but then there are others who never learn until it is far too late.

This is no different when it comes to the choices we make in our own lives.  In reality there is no such thing as an insignificant choice.  Each and every decision we make has a consequence that follows.  Although most people have good intentions behind their actions there are some who are not so honorable and it is people like these, combined with the technologies that have been developed, that pose as the greatest threat to mankind we have ever known.

The most diabolical among us are patient.  They are also very cunning.  Without you even knowing it they become your best friend, or at the very least one of your most trusted allies.  They give you no reason while they are smiling that they would ever betray you (and your family) without warning.  The most talented among them are even good enough to change the best parts about you into something devious and you would even love them for it.

This is what has been happening to mankind since the dawn of time and has become that much more obvious with each passing year.  It has become especially evident within the past decade and there is no sign of this madness slowing down.  In fact, it will speed up where the blistering pace we see right now will feel like a snail crawl.

Those among us, namely the Elite 1%, the Illuminati and the banks, corporations and politicians who have their backs want.  They have worked hard for this and have been extremely careful to make sure all the pieces they need fall into place exactly how they want it before the can exercise the final stages of what they have in mind for a world they believe belongs to them only.  In their eyes, the 99% of the global population is nothing more than vermin in their eyes.

The very fact those within the Elite 1%, Illuminati and those in bed with them continually suggest depopulation programs upon the human race has become an extremely alarming reality now that we have reached a point in our timeline where it is very possible to achieve their dream of global genocide.  Through vaccinations, poisoned food and water, fast depleting resources and violent conflicts we are literally being culled like livestock.  Do not kid yourself into thinking that this is not the case because it is.  There are more puzzles that need to be put into place to make this reality inescapable to the point where this Elite 1% will be able to pick and choose on a whim who gets to live and who must die.

I do not know about you, but last I checked we are only supposed to have one God.  One!  Uno!  Single!  What we are facing are a handful of people who have the nerve to play the role of God upon the human race.  Not one of these people have an ethical code within the fibre of their very being and not one of them could care less to witness newborn babies stripped from the arms of their mothers and thrown into the raging waters of a storming sea.  Nobody has the right to decide who should be able to live or die.  Quite frankly, of those who so strongly believe in this depopulation program should put themselves at the front of the line to be voluntarily executed.

The truth of the matter is you will never see this.  The truth is this world does not need a depopulation program as they propose.  What it needs are people to stand up to these monsters among us and put them in their place.  We need to remind them that the survival of humanity relies on love and compassion.  It does not thrive on greed or any form of pettiness that this Elite 1% are so famous for.  A bottle of arrogance does not have the same nutrient value as a dose of kindness.

We have the power within us to still make this world an awesome place for all of us to live in, but this means learning to set aside all our differences in order to make it work.  This is our greatest challenge, but one we must embrace and succeed at without compromise.  This is something the Elite 1% does not understand and never will.

We, the 99%, must stand together and work together.  We can make it work.  The only way any of us will be able to evolve is to wake up and cut ourselves free from all the distractions that are constantly thrown at us.  The primary goal of the Elite 1%, the Illuminati and those working with them is to keep us distracted and divided.  They know for as long as we remain in this idiotic state we cannot win against them.  We will not survive.


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