Deaf Government

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When political leaders stop listening to their people this is where they fail to uphold their end of an electoral bargain.  This failure should be immediately met with a court action where at this point the people should have the right to choose whether or not the government currently in charge should be instantly removed from positions of power.

It does not matter if this is a community concern or nationwide.  The bottom line is if a government no longer interacts with the people they’re supposed to represent with their best interests at heart then they are not fit to lead.  Granted, not every decision will be a popular one, but when those decisions have a profound impact that affects every human being within the government’s borders (and beyond) then they should never be made without the direct involvement of the people.  If the majority of the people who choose to get involved with a specific bill or proposal have spoken then their voice needs to be heard as this is a vote worthy to be counted.  In fact, it should be the only vote that matters.

The government is there to work for the people.  This includes listening to them and respecting the choices they want made.  Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s just a community concern or if it’s nationwide.  Everyone deserves a voice and everyone deserves to be heard.

However, we have a deaf government on our hands that continuously fail to listen.  Instead of respecting their own people’s concerns and hearing them out they brazenly plow forward.  There is no regard for opinions, concerns nor even human rights when this type of action is taken.  A true leader, or at least a well-machined government would always make a point to listen to the people and learn to work with them.

In Canada, our government has failed to do that.  What’s worse is one of their opponents failed to do this as well.  Between Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals they have passed a controversial bill that literally has every Canadian concerned about what sort of impact C-51 will have upon each and every one of them.  This bill feels like a slap in the face to every Canadian who strongly believes liberties should never be compromised in the name of security.  The fact this bill has passed has just turned that slap into a knockout punch.

Right now there are many Canadian citizens who feel betrayed yet once again by their own government.  This is often what fuels them to not get involved politically as voters because history is proving all too often that no matter what, nobody listens.  Those who are supposed to guide this nation to new levels of peace and prosperity have done nothing more than bring uncertainty.  The current government in place have compromised everything that has made Canada a strong nation and has literally reduced it to one of the most untrustworthy.

Through business, environmental concerns, military and political policies that are horribly flawed under Stephen Harper’s dictator-style leadership we have witnessed a repeat of questionable practices conducted by him and his Conservative government that make all the scandalous actions the Liberal Party have committed seem laughable.  Never before has Canada been in such a sad state of affairs and until our government learns the art of listening this will never improve.

So far between the Conservatives and the Liberals they have demonstrated to the people that neither political party can be trusted and that neither party deserves the votes they desperately crave in the name of power.  Between the revolving door of stupidity between these two parties it’s no wonder the voter turnout for elections are so low.

Canadians have the power to dramatically shift the direction of this nation, but who can we trust when it seems quite clear that nobody among any political party within our nation seems to trust us.  They bank on the people to lay low like sheep and remain oblivious to the fact that this world is changing and not in a good way.  Between the Conservatives, Liberals, Tom Mulcair’s NDP and Elizabeth May’s Green Party who can we trust?  Clearly we can’t trust the Conservatives nor the Liberals.  Both of these parties have demonstrated way too often that such trust in them is not deserving.

How about the NDP (New Democratic Party) and their leader, Thomas Mulcair?  Can we trust them?  Well, after very vocally opposing C-51 and voting against it, now that it has passed they’ve claimed they will not trash this bill once in power but they would amend it.  For me, as a voter who may have favored the NDP, now feel betrayed by them as well.  How can we now trust a party that has seems to have made a change of opinion so quickly?

Right now the Green Party of Canada, lead by Elizabeth May, is the only party at the moment that has earned my trust.  Even there, I’m not 100% convinced by them.  However, I am more willing to give a political party that the other three parties have gone out of their way to shut out.  I can only hope the rest of Canada would be willing to do the same, but it’s not easy to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

Unfortunately for Canadians, they fool themselves into believing by voting for the lesser of the evils available (Conservatives, Liberal and NDP) that it’s better to take a chance this way than not voting at all.  This way of thinking is wrong and it has backfired each and every time an election has come and gone.  It comes as no surprise that we have a ridiculously low voter participation and it’s unfortunate.

If Canadians showed the same level of passion into who has the right to run this nation and literally stay on their heels to listen to each and every one of us then maybe instead of a deaf government constantly at the helm we’d have what this country needs so very desperately; a responsible one.


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