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Whether you have a religious bone in your body or not, there is no denying that all life on Earth, plus all the cosmic wonder that surrounds our planet isn’t just some sort of big bang fluke job that just happened simply because.  There is far too much detail in place to allow the big bang theory be as credible as those who still cling onto that way of thinking believes.

Do you realize if our planet was off just by a few inches that it’d be enough to destroy all live on Earth?  Do you realize if we just happened to be situated a wee bit closer to the Sun we’d all scorch to death?  If we were a bit further away from the Sun we’d freeze.  Also, the components that make our air breathable is no fluke job.  Why is it other planets are not possible for a human being to wander about without an environmental suit and yet this one is perfectly suitable for us?

We have all the elements we need in order to survive.  From the air we breathe, the water we drink, the ground we walk on and even the fires we use for either cooking or simple heating purposes are all vital to human survival.  From these four elements we have learned to catapult ourselves into great discoveries that have taught us how to achieve faster means of travel that include flight through planes, road travel through vehicles and aquatic adventures through boats that can travel both above and below water.  We have even learned how to harness fire in such a manner where it can do so much more than heat things up.  It can help motorise equipment where instead of exercising manual labor to complete tasks we can now use automated machinery to do that for us.

Just mentioning this leads back to the creation of mankind.  If the big bang theory were true then why are human beings the only creatures on this earth that have the capability to learn and invent?  Why can’t horses do this?  Why not the sharks in the ocean?  Some say we’re an evolved version of the apes that apparently bear the closest resemblance to man.  So, if that part is true then why are the gorillas in Africa still as primitive today as they were when the earliest of their ancestors were created?

To believe there is no specific creator (or team of creators) that designed everything that exists around us is going with the assumption that absolutely everything that takes place in this world are all insanely coincidental accidents that just happen to manifest itself in such a manner that all the societies that have come and gone in mankind’s history have been fluke jobs at best.  The type of society we live in today is not by our doing, but an incredible composition of uncontrollable accidents that just keep happening over and over again simply because it can.

I do strongly believe that we are indeed living in a world where there are very powerful forces that not one human being on this planet can control.  I also believe there is so much mankind has yet to grasp before fully understanding the meaning of life and why our world, and even our universe, is the way it is.

I will tell you right now that I don’t believe in religion.  I do, however, believe in God and the forces that surround whom I do believe is our chief creator.  I do believe in the story of Genesis, plus the rest of the stories written in the original Holy Bible, but I do not believe in the various versions of this bible, nor the spawns of the Quran, Torah or any other form of literature that has been deemed to have biblical value to them.  Each version, even within the Holy Bible itself have different views to who God is, what he’s all about and even all the so-called favorites of his human creations.  Each version has their own religious faction that clings onto that viewpoint and quite often refuses to remotely consider other possibilities.

This includes the religious faction of Satanism.  Does Satan exist?  Well, flat truth is for as long as there continues to be conflict among mankind between right and wrong the answer to that question is a very solid YES!  This is what Satan is all about.  The devil thrives on conflict, confusion and division.  Right from the very beginning the human race has been divided.  Adam and Eve divided themselves from God, the Creator, when they chose to listen to someone other than him.  That choice then led to a spawn of children where we then see a division between Cain and Abel.  Abel is killed by Cain, but instead of serving proper justice to put Cain to death for murdering his own brother he is cast off with the families he’s created and from there various societies and civilizations spawn from that.

Right from the Genesis story alone there are questionable acts within it.  Some may think how vain God is for being so angry with Adam and Eve for disobeying him.  So they chose the Tree of Knowledge over the Tree of Life.  So what?  Thing is, this part of the story wasn’t about a pair of trees in some splendor garden.  It was about what sort of path did the earliest creations of mankind want for themselves.  While in the Garden of Eden, for as long as Adam and Eve stayed with the Tree of Life, that knowledge would have come to them anyway.  However, the temptation to speed things up was too great for them to ignore.  Instead of continuing to exercise the art of patience, the option of speed became the preferred choice.

From a biblical point of view, Satan duped Adam and Eve into thinking they would advance so much further by choosing the shortcut to knowledge.  He had them convinced that life as it is wasn’t good enough to just live in.  In essence, the big wrong that Adam and Eve performed against God, their Creator, is the same type of wrongs children usually perform against their own parents.

From a non-biblical point of view, Adam and Eve took it upon themselves to exercise a choice they thought would elevate them to the same level as God himself, if not beyond.  In so doing, key mistakes were made right from the beginning that proved that their quest for knowledge came at much higher prices than they were prepared to pay.  Again, this is no different than children making decisions based on them thinking they know more than their own parents do.

And how does that normally work out?  Usually not very well.  All too often when that child is in such a hurry to grow up, the best parts of that child are compromised.  Innocence is the first price paid.  By deliberately disobeying, or at least exercising a decision without considering the potential consequences behind it, one can no longer claim to be perfectly innocent the moment the threshold between not knowing and learning the mistake the hard way has been crossed.

This is what happened to Adam and Eve and why they were no longer a part of the Garden of Eden.  The Garden of Eden represents innocence.  That way of life embraces learning as you go at a controlled pace without trying to rush anything.  It is no different than growing a garden and adding chemicals to it in hopes to speed up the growth process.  Although the speed does indeed pick up, the quality of the product is always compromised.  The innocence of that product ceases to exist and it becomes something else.  For those with a keen eye will see it, feel it and even taste it.  For those who are blinded by arrogance (too much knowledge) won’t because they’re in too much of a hurry to speed through the next project of choice to take the time to notice.

Mankind has been in a hurry ever since embracing the Tree of Knowledge.  In more recent years our speed has picked up so much that not only have we failed to take the time to enjoy life while we can, we’re actually knocking life down in order to make room for what we think is even more knowledge in order to do whatever it takes to elevate our levels to that godly role that the most impatient among us crave.

In the bible God is referred to as our Creator and our Father.  It says in the beginning there was nothing.  All was dark, but then there was light.  Comedians often joke that now with the lights on you can see that nothingness before you.  As cute as this joke is, much of it overlooks the notion that nothingness doesn’t just mean a blank canvas an artist is preparing to pour all of his inspiration into.

Nothingness also comes from complete destruction.  When something is completely destroyed and simply can no longer be fixed, its value becomes nothing.  All the lights are out and all that remains is pure darkness.  To the common eye, giving up and losing hope to even attempt to restore what has been lost is no longer a consideration.  However, to the eye of the greatest artist, or handyman, that nothingness now has the potential to become something new.  Through the heart, determination and some creativity, what used to be nothing has now become a genuine work of art.

Have you ever had an object that seemed to breathe a life of its own?  Perhaps a car that has become your prized possession, or even the Holy Bible itself.  There’s just something about that object that draws you so close to it that if you had the power within you to do it, offer a few puffs of your own breath into it so it can genuinely become alive and become something so much more.

Granted, that last paragraph I wrote seems to embrace idolatry, something of which is a huge no-no in the 10 Commandments, but the point I’m trying to make from it is that the bible says mankind was made from dust.  All God did was mold Adam as if he were a clay sculpture and then breathed life into it.  From there the transformation from some random object has just become alive and now has the potential to become so much more.

It also states that when we die, our bodies return to dust and the rest of us is asleep.  We know nothing after death.  At least for a while.  There are many who embrace various religions that believe once we die our souls are carried off to heaven and we live some sort of blissful life.  This is not true.  Not one place in the bible or any other form of literature associated to it states this.  Once you are dead, that’s it.  You are dead.  Your shell (body) returns to the earth from which it came from.  Your soul, however, remains in slumber.  Has it returned to the earth along with the rest of you?  I believe the answer to that question is yes.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying I think each of us are only here for a short period of time to live out whatever kind of life we choose for ourselves and that’s it.  No, I think it’s much deeper than that.  Remember in the bible the stories behind Jesus Christ talks about some fruitless olive tree.  What many people seem to fail to understand is that everything written in the bible are symbolisms.  It’s really a combination of history and prophecy as best told by those who took part in the writing of the bible.  Even for me, of this day and age, I refer to fruit to compare what comes to my mind when I think of the world and what sort of role the human race plays in it.

So using that as a means behind what I’m trying to get at is I believe once we die our shells do turn to dust.  Within each of us, the makeup of who we truly no longer has any physical barriers to keep us imprisoned.  What happens at that point is our souls also return to the earth, but not as dust.  It returns to Mother Nature as seed.  We remain there, dormant, until the time is right to spring up again.  While in our dormant state, we know nothing.  We do not watch our loved ones go about their business and we most certainly do not get called down by some spiritual advisor who claims to speak to the dead.

Not possible!  It is even warned to watch out for these so-called spiritual advisors who perhaps believe they’re doing good but in truth they’re not.  The most gifted advisors may be genuine by nature, but in truth all they see and all they know is handed to them by Satan and his team of spiritual deceivers who have been with each of us from birth to death, just like God and his team of angels.  Your Uncle Joe from the grave is still there.  All of him has been returned to Mother Nature and will remain there until the time is right to change this fact.  Nobody but God himself is capable of addressing his spirit because that spirit is in a state of slumber that cannot be reached by anyone else, no matter how convincing an argument is presented before you by those who dare to think otherwise.

For those who are bible believers, keep in mind that Satan is cast as the greatest deceiver.  This is the ultimate con man who will have you lovingly embrace a religion you may think is serving God but is actually doing the opposite.  This is the same con artist who will have you believing all that you’re doing in life is righteous when in truth it’s anything but.

For those who have no regard for the bible at all, even you cannot ignore the fact that this world has been deceived right from the very beginning.  Mankind has continually fallen victim to every form of manipulation that has been thrown at us.  Even the deception behind religions and their followers is enough to give non-bible believers more than enough reason to doubt the very existence of God and the validity of the various biblical publications that have been supposedly written in his name.

Regardless of which stance you are at, the bottom line is there is no doubt there are forces at work so far beyond each of us that no matter how hard we try to wrap our heads around it we just can’t do it.  The reason for that is not one of us is grown up enough yet to get it.  We are still too divided.  We still have too much conflict within and around us to allow us to do what I believe our creator, God, had wanted us to do all along.

Now, if you’ve been reading this blog solid up to this point, keep in mind I mentioned Mother Nature.  This is now where I take the aboriginal point of view to perhaps use it as a means to bridge the differences of opinion between the religious community and the nonreligious/scientific one.

The aboriginal communities strongly believe God and Nature are one.  I agree.  While the bible focuses heavily on the Middle East region, those among the nonreligious/scientific community challenge its validity based on evidence of life existing on the other side of the world.  Even with the story behind Noah’s Ark and how God flooded the entire earth as a dramatic cleansing program, there’s conflict about the consistencies of the bible itself.

Keep in mind when life dies, no matter what it is, there is a decomposition process.  The aboriginals strongly believe that anything that dies, no matter what it is, returns to the earth and is reborn again as something else.  Some may call this reincarnation while others consider it as some sort of spiritual drift.  Either way, I do believe there is truth behind the idea of life leading to death and then after death the soul/spirit is reborn at a timing that is decided between God and Mother Nature.

I strongly believe it is no accident that you are here today.  It is also no accident that our world is in the shape it is in.  Me being where I am today is no fluke either.  Everything and every time has a purpose.  Whether or not we agree with it (or even each other) is not even relevant.  I side with the aboriginal communities into believing that our Mother Nature is every bit as much of a creator as God himself.  In my eyes, God is our Father while Earth is our Mother.

What’s interesting about the bible is all of it’s stories reflect heavily on how mankind treats nature.  We are supposed to be the stewards of this planet.  This means we are responsible for her.  To me it’s not much different than how children are often asked by their fathers to watch out for their mother.  Even in the 10 Commandments we are reminded to always love our mother and father.  Our parents created us and we are alive because of them.

Granted, the human race isn’t as perfected as God or Mother Nature, but our timeline shows how the children most devoted to their parents tend to lead the most awesome lives, which in turn gives them the opportunity to do the same for their own kids.  For those who’ve come from broken homes where parental roles have been neglected or abused, the lives of children become compromised to the point where it’s a real challenge for them to lead that awesome life they deserve.  As the old saying goes, children learn what they live.  History has proven this is more than just some quote.  It is real and it has dictated how mankind has continually found themselves in helpless positions where the humanity within them is shredded.

We are all connected, whether it be by some biblical belief that it’s the Holy Spirit doing this or a scientific notion that it’s just within our genetic makeup, the bottom line is we are the human race.  The very core of our being defines who we are.  Humanity is the result of what’s the greatest power mankind possesses.  All that knowledge the arrogant among us think they have is really nothing more than heightened ignorance into believing they have all the answers when in truth they don’t even understand any of the questions.

hUmaNITY is who we are.  Should we not work together to embrace this fact instead of wasting our time deciding who is more right than the other?


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