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The feeling of betrayal amongst Canadians is still running deep after Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party sided with Stephen Harper and his Conservatives in favor of the very controversial and flawed bill of C-51.  Instead of listening to the outcries and concerns of a people who made it perfectly clear they did not want or need this bill, both the Liberals and the Tories chose to ignore those pleas.

The excuse Justin Trudeau provided as to why they sided with the Conservatives is a lame one at best.  The fact that there are still Liberal supporters who despite what has happened is a sad fact that there are still too many people under the influence of brainwashed loyalty that is clearly not deserved.

It took Alberta 44 years to move away from that same brand of loyalty when they chose the New Democratic Party when they held their provincial election.  The NDPs have a tremendous amount of work ahead of them to clean up the messes that the Conservatives spent almost half a century creating.

However, I should point out there was a time where the Progressive Conservatives was actually a decent political party that really did benefit Alberta once upon a time.  However, all that changed when the obviousness of banking and corporate greed overtook this political party to such a degree that the people eventually realized their blind loyalty was hurting their province and themselves.

On a federal level the same can generally be said about the Liberal Party of Canada.  Throughout Canada’s political history, the majority of the time it was run under Liberal Party rule.  Very seldom had the Tories (Conservatives) held the prime minister’s chair but were always the dominant government as a minority party in what many Canadians may mistakenly believe is a two party system.

There was a time when the Liberal Party actually stood for something and the loyalties Canadians had in them were justified.  Granted, through them we didn’t seem to advance as quickly as our American neighbors but there was a reason for that.  With the Liberal party our federal debt was minimized.  With the Liberal party our nation seemed to take more responsibility for our environmental impact with our industrial sectors.  With the Liberal party we didn’t always so quickly jump into bed with our American allies when it came down to major political and military decisions that would carry a significant impact.

When then prime minister Jean Chretien held back while then president George Bush was on a ranting rampage after the 9/11 attacks this was something that made the Liberal party proudly Canadian.  Jean Chretien wasn’t in a hurry to make a politically popular decision, even when comments made by the American Government suggested if nobody was choosing to side with them then they’ve made the automatic decision to stand against them.

Jean Chretien wanted more facts as it was quite clear he didn’t completely buy into the official 9/11 story.  However, he caved into pressure and this is where I believe marked some painful truths that our political structure is not as true, north, strong and free as we had been all this time.

I actually find it uncanny that shortly after Jean Chretien challenged George Bush that all the scandals against the Liberal Party surfaced to the point where they’d play key roles in Canadians choosing to sway in the direction of the Conservatives instead.

When you see the scandalous mayhem stemming from Stephen Harper and his Conservatives today it suddenly makes all the wrongs the Liberals did with Chretien in charge laughable.  Never before has Canada seen such a level of corruption as they do now with the Tories.  Also, it should be pointed out that prior to Brian Mulroney’s PM reign as a Conservative the Canadian federal debt was minimal.  It spiked slightly when he was in charge.  Then comes along Stephen Harper, the supposed financial genius that was supposed to yank Canada out of debt through his Conservative Party leadership.  What we see is Canada’s debt at it’s worst state ever, not to mention the very integrity of this nation finding itself at an all time low.

Also, with the Conservatives in charge our nation has seen a steady slaughter against our rights, liberties and freedoms as Canadians.  Now with the C-51 bill passing and about to become law, the fate of Canada has never been in such a dire strait as it is now.  Sad truth is we don’t just have the Conservative Party to thank for this, but the Liberal Party as well.

The very name Liberal now no longer has any value when it comes to this political party the moment they chose to side in favor of a bill that literally puts a huge dent in liberal freedoms itself.  What the Liberal Party has become, through the leadership of Justin Trudeau, is a fraud.  No longer can they be seen as a political party that puts liberty before profit.  No longer can this party be seen as a morally balanced group of people who listen to Canadians and exercise their most important moves based on what the people of this nation expect from them.

What the Liberal Party has done by favoring C-51 is betray every Canadian that calls this nation their home.  They’ve sided what a growing number of Canadians see as the enemy.  They’ve chosen to follow the Conservatives instead of doing what the other two political parties have done, which is fighting them.  The NDP and the Green Party of Canada both acknowledge that Stephen Harper’s C-51 is not only reckless but extremely dangerous.  They’ve listened to the Canadian people from the start and did the best they could to see to it this bill was not passed.

The Liberal Party, who is also supposed to be an opposition to the Tories, should have done the same.  They should have listened to the Canadian people and vote against this bill as well.  In so doing they would have virtually guaranteed themselves a victory over the Conservatives to regain their place as the majority government of Canada.

However, using the excuse that if the Liberals voted against C-51 it would have been a grounds for electoral debate.  Justin Trudeau commented he did not want to go there.  Well, guess what?  The ramifications of siding with one of the most unpopular bills in Canadian history will prove to be political suicide as the momentum of the people will now shift that much more in favor of both Thomas Mulcair and his NDPs and Elizabeth May and her Greens.

Perhaps this is what both the Liberal Party and the Conservatives want.  Now that the fine line between Liberals and Conservatives has been blurred, any loyalties the Liberals once had will now be in a state of flux between NDP and Green.  Sometimes I have to wonder if the Conservatives and Liberals have been working together all along.  First it’s to pass C-51 and now it’s to divide Canadians that much further so that come election time the odds of the Conservatives remaining in power will be greatly enhanced.

Already the voter turnout among Canadians is ridiculously low.  Much of that reasoning is due to the mistrust felt towards our political parties and rightfully so.  Between the Conservatives and the Liberals they have systematically dismantled our faith in our government to the point where too many have given up even trying to fight for this country and her politics.

The strongest political fighters among us that still stand for liberty are very much on the side of the NDPs and the Greens.  However, it will not be enough if the voter turnout remains only at half of this nation’s voting population.  By failing to get more involved and show that passionate desire to keep Canada as true, north, strong and free as we possibly can we have literally assisted the Conservatives and the Liberals in damaging this nation virtually beyond repair.

It is becoming more and more evident that the Conservatives and the Liberals are pretty much the same political party these days.  Both passing the C-51 bill suggests they have that same frame of mind to thumb down every Canadian in the name of security when in truth this action has actually taken away that security.  Security does not come from induced paranoia, which is what C-51 is all about.  Security comes from courage, which is a human being’s right to exercise whenever they feel their rights, liberties and freedoms are at stake.  By disrespecting the Charter of Human Rights through the passing of a bill that is clearly not needed it is disrespecting what our war veterans thought they fought and died for.  It is also disrespecting who we are, not just as Canadians, but as human beings.

Neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals had the right to take this away from us.  Even though they’ve passed this C-51 bill the truth of the matter is that bill is still invalid.  It goes against the laws of nature itself and that’s one line that should never be crossed.  People go to war once they feel their human rights are compromised and that’s how Canadians are feeling right now.

This is why Liberal Party membership cards are now being destroyed.  This is why there is a low voter turnout.  This is why, unless we have governments in place that are not afraid to stand up to the corrupt banks and corporations that are really the ones in charge of our nation, a full-scale revolution will break out.  It will be bloody.  It will be violent.  It will see an end to what is now seen as a New Democratic Liberally Conservative Government.  Stephen Harper may be our prime minister, but with the help of Justin Trudeau and his Liberals, he’s seeing to it that Canada becomes a 100% policed state, brought to you by the banks and corporations that have carefully engineered all this to happen before our very eyes.

However, after all that it doesn’t end there.  Now with C-51 passing, guess what?  Thomas Mulcair and his NDPs just announced that if they step into power they will not remove C-51 but rather amend it.  Sorry, but this statement alone suggests that deep down you support this bill as well.  Even though you voted against it, your actions lately suggest that you’re stance is every bit as dangerous and anti-Canadian as those who voted in favor of it.  In a sense, that statement is a betrayal against Canadians as well.  How do you expect a nation to trust you if you’ve just gone back on your word that you find this C-51 bill unacceptable?

The only political party that has made it extremely clear they want nothing to do with the C-51 bill and that it’s not only unCanadian, but unconstitutional as well.  They, like the rest of us who see this bill as the horribly flawed monster it is, want this bill gone and I’ve met enough Greens to realize that they will burn that bill to dust if they get the chance to do so.


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