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Upon learning Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the refusal of his Tories to accept invitations from the three major Canadian networks to air a series of political debates it makes me shake my head at how cowardly the man who is supposed to be the leader of this nation truly is.

I wrote a letter to each of these networks with this particular suggestion;

So the news is spreading that Harper refuses to do a public debate on any television network in Canada.  May I suggest something rather radical?

Put the other party leaders (Liberal, NDP and Green) and let them run the debates without Harper. Allow them to put on display all the issues stemming from the Conservative Party’s policies and have them debate amongst themselves about it.
The people of Canada have the right to know what’s going on in their own nation, especially with elections coming right up.  Also, if we have a political leader who is not interested in fighting for this nation on television against the opposition who views things differently than he does and has the legal right to do so then this does not say much about our prime minister at all does it?
Seriously, if you want a really strong viewing audience I suggest you do this.  Even just by going forward with something like this may spark involvement from Harper, which would actually be in his best interest to do so.  It shows he’s not willing to give up his leadership of this country without a fight.  He may even win some voters over it by proving he’s not afraid to take on the competition.
I even did a plug on Harper’s behalf in hopes that maybe he’ll somehow man up and go for it.  For the networks, this would actually be a fantastic ratings opportunity for each of them.  Although there’s a good bet the corporate sponsors would likely find a way to put the brakes to this it should be noted to those sponsors that what they are then doing is supporting the weakest government in Canadian history and should really park their money into something that would give them (and our country) a greater return.
Also, the networks of CBC, CTV and Global TV are under fire for being corporate puppets in favor of a dictatorship style government the Tories are becoming more famous for these days.  The Sun Network, in my opinion, is not even relevant.  They do not count as they’ve made it all too clear which side they’re on and it most certainly isn’t Canada’s.
My plea to these networks is please go ahead and hold the debates anyway.  If Harper nor his Tories choose to participate then it is their loss and it only proves that much more that they have no interest in explaining themselves why they’ve made the kinds of decisions they have, nor provide reasonable argument that their political policies are any better than the ones offered by the opposition.
The flat fact that Harper nor his Tories choose to stand up for themselves in such a manner suggests not only cowardice on their part but also unCanadian.  Canadians, regardless of Harper’s ridiculous C-51 bill, are people who are strong, north, proud and free.  We have courage.  The fact that even though C-51 still passed despite our outcries and most of us Canadians are still fighting it is just a tiny example of how strong we truly are as people of a nation.
Please, if any of you networks even remotely give a damn about your viewers, do the right thing and plow forward with the debates anyway.  Let the other three parties; NDP’s, Greens and Liberals run the show without the Conservatives direct participation.  All the agendas that need to be covered is set up in a manner and if you truly want a good fight, then whatever arguments the Conservatives had while in the House of Commons that was in favor of whatever policy they had in place is played back for these parties and the audience.
I know if I were a network programmer I would most definitely promote and air the debates without Harper and his Cons.  I would still extend the invite for them to join in, but lay out a platform that each party leader can debate about.  This would be a really good opportunity for Canadians to see just where their favorite party leaders truly stand and how this differs from what the Conservatives seem to believe.
For those who are reading my blog, if you want to write to these networks yourself to do the same in an effort to convince them to do these debates anyway, here are a series of addresses you can try;
http://www.ctvnews.ca/more/contact-ctv-news (I contacted each link that seemed relevant to me)
Global TV
http://globalnews.ca/pages/contact-us/ (I contacted each link that seemes relevant to me)
It’s your country, Canada.  You have more power in your hands than you think.  It’s not just about an election we’re talking about here.  We’re talking about the survival of our nation and every man, woman and child that calls it home.

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