Corporate Warfare

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In a dog eat dog world, there is nobody who understands this form of mentality better than corporations.  The CEOs and board of directors know how important it is to stay ahead of the competition.  Failure to remain competitive can result in profit loss.  If there turns out to be a downturn in business and it remains unchecked this is where they run the risk of going bankrupt or simply sell out in hopes the new people in charge will at least save jobs that would otherwise be terminated.

Competition is a good thing.  Without it we become lazy.  There is also another problem when there’s no competitor that can offer people choices for the same product or service.  That problem relies in having a complete dominance over something where the quality of it and the price to pay for it can become so unreasonable that nobody can afford it.  If that product or service turns out to be a basic human need then this spells a very worrisome problem that cannot be allowed.

We see this quest for dominance within the oil industry and the food industry as the most evident examples of how those who’ve made it to the top are going to great lengths that nobody gets to share that mountain with them.  The Koch Brothers of the oil industry have proven they couldn’t care less about the human race nor the environment they are destroying for as long as they get to suck up all the oil from every corner of the earth in the name of profit.  In the food industry we have Monsanto who are doing the very same thing, but instead of oil the commodity of choice is seed.

Because of corporations like these laws are being rewritten in their favor.  Secret trade deals that are rushed behind the backs of the world’s population has cornered civilizations into situations they do not want and most certainly do not deserve.  Many turn to their governments for help but in truth most of those governments are actually working for those corporations.  They only claim to be looking out for the people of the nations they represent but this is not true at all.  They only use that excuse to earn votes and dupe the people into continuously favoring a system that is actually in place to enslave them like common dogs.

The wars that are fought in the world are supposedly in the name of freedom.  However, the real truth of the matter is it is for profit.  Each time any kind of war has broken out, those who stand to gain the most financially reap in the rewards while casualties mount in pools of blood that’s been spilled unnecessarily.  Those who pay the highest price are civilians.  Soldiers who go to war not only sacrifice their own lives to fight, but also the lives of the innocent who just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  It is a situation diabolically set up by rulers of nations who fall prey to the schemes of these banks and corporations as they’re proposed and systematically carried out.

ISIS is not a terrorist organization.  At least not the way our media is painting them out to be.  They are far from it.  ISIS is a hired organization of military forces that have been assigned to carry out the task of terrorism to reduce people and nations to cowards.  Governments of what are supposed to be diplomatic nations are literally turning their countries into policed states, thus taking away all the rights, liberties and freedoms that is rightfully ours.  Sloppy amendments made to our constitutions and charter of rights clearly favor corrupt governments, banks and corporations to continue oppressing the people into a system that will literally prove to be the complete demise of the human race as we know it.

Make no mistake.  What is taking place in our world today is corporate warfare as the most corrupt among them seek world dominance by any means necessary.  Unfortunately, the evils within these corporations make it difficult for the more ethical corporations that do exist harder to maintain their integrity.  Because of new laws and regulations that are enforced, unless those more ethical corporations comply they will be forced out.

There are a good handful of those ethical corporations who are fighting back.  Some are more obvious about it than others, but the biggest kudos I can give goes to them for at least trying.  I find the best of the best of these corporations understand that putting people before profit doesn’t mean the company goes bankrupt.  It doesn’t mean the CEO should have to succumb to riding public transportation.  It means these particular corporations understand that true profit comes from keeping humanity thriving at peak capacity.  This does not mean enslavement and it does not mean brainwashing methods through commercialism.

I hope, in the name of corporate warfare that the good guys do win because the lives of every man, woman and child literally depend on it.


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