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With the 2015 election Canada fast approaching there is a real debate going on as to who would be the best candidate for the job if we can finally oust Stephen Harper and the most corrupt government in Canadian history.  At one point Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party had decent support, but many Canadians feel betrayed that he and his party sided with Stephen Harper and his Conservatives in favor of passing the controversial C-51 bill.

What Justin Trudeau has done is compromise the security his political once had to possibly be the top challenger for Stephen Harper’s prime minister role, not to mention put the Liberal Party back in charge of Canada.  However, even among Liberal Party supporters who feel betrayed, are there enough to sway in the direction of the other two major political parties (the NDPs and the Greens) to make what is still a very politically divided Canada to ensure Stephen Harper and his Conservatives do not win the right to rule this nation for a third term in a row?

When the Alberta NDP won the provincial election, ousting the 44-year Progressive Conservative hold on that province, it seems the momentum has certainly shifted in Thomas Mulcair’s favor.  However, is it enough?

Of provinces that have had previous NDP leadership, many citizens feel Alberta is now next in line to be every bit as screwed up under NDP rule.  Of these people there is enough animosity between them and the NDPs to stop them from voting in their favor.  They may go with Liberal anyway, or stick with PC.  They may also go Green, but many still see Green as an inexperienced group of tree huggers that haven’t the slightest clue about politics.

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party has recently made a significant impact proving that the Greens are every bit as passionate and devoted to saving Canada by any means necessary as Canadians who truly believe the only way to save this nation is to eliminate Stephen Harper and his Conservatives.

As much as I side with Elizabeth May and her Green Party I am also aware they do not have the reach the NDPs do.  I am a Green Party supporter.  Of this I make it very clear.  However, I am now learning more about the NDP party that gives me reason to believe this is the party the majority of Canadians need to ensure wins the 2015 election.

The main reason why the New Democratic Party of Canada has not seemed as financially stellar in the provinces they represented was because they did not receive the federal support they needed in order to put in motion plans they had in mind to make.  Keep in mind there are certain banks and corporations in place that want Canada run their way and to them, the NDPs pose a threat to their attempts to achieve those goals.  They will go to great lengths to support Stephen Harper and his Conservatives long before any other party.  However, it should be pointed out if they cannot get it their way their second choice will be Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party.  The very fact that this party sided with the decision to pass C-51 demonstrates this is a party that can be bought and does not listen to the voices of the Canadians who made it perfectly clear this bill was not wanted.

Here’s the truth about the NDPs and what it would mean to Canada if they won the 2015 election.  As a majority government they’d finally have their opportunity to show this nation what they’re truly made of.  In my opinion, they deserve at least that much.  Canada is severely overdue for a real change and this would give us that.  It’s been primarily a Liberal/Tory rulership since the founding of this nation and while their right-winged policies may have worked once upon a time the flat facts are they do not work now.  We need to go a whole new direction, which would be left-wing if you favor NDP (and Green) and as frightening this may be it also has the potential to be equally rewarding.

It won’t be easy.  True change won’t happen overnight.  However, if the NDPs are given their chance (and am really hoping we see a Green minority government – we must put the Cons and Liberals into 3rd and 4th place) they will finally have the ability to put forth on a federal scale what they couldn’t provincially.

The D in their NDP name is more than just part of the title.  It actually means something to them.  Thomas Mulcair and his New DEMOCRATIC Party actually listen to people.  When the C-51 passed there was controversy that Thomas Mulcair wouldn’t kill it if he and the NDPs came into power.  However, in response to the outcries, Mulcair came forward and commented the bill, if it becomes law, would be repealed.  While some see this is as a form of retreat the truth is once a bill has passed and become law it is virtually impossible to kill it.  It can, however, be repealed and amended, which Thomas Mulcair is after.  This doesn’t mean he has switched sides and supports the bill.  It actually means that he and his party still acknowledge this is a badly written bill and needs to be redone.  This is by no means a slap in the face to Canada.  It is actually a remedy solution, one which puts what the Canadians want first.

The NDPs acknowledge how important it is that Canada be controlled by Canadians.  Never should this nation be imprisoned by a greedy group of banks and corporations who are determined to keep us all enslaved to their rules and the NDPs know this.  Why do you think they have their name in the first place?  New Democratic Party means a whole new plain of democracy.  Their brand of democracy means banks and corporations are no longer in charge of the people.  Their brand of democracy suggests the people should have the right to dictate to the banks and corporations that this is a nation based on true democracy and not commercialized dictatorship.

What it will mean if the NDPs take over Canada will be an unleashing of ethical banks and corporations to finally have the power to move forward and work both with the new government and the people to ensure Canada not only cleans up the mass mess left behind by Stephen Harper and his Conservatives, but to help this nation thrive into something truly remarkable.  This is the vision of the NDPs.  It is also the vision of the Greens.

Will Canada’s financial status get screwed up if the NDP’s get involved?  Well, here’s a news flash for you.  Our financial status got screwed up beyond recognition the moment Stephen Harper and his Conservatives took over in 2006.  Over 75% of our national debt comes from the misdeeds of his political party alone and because of them our nation is on the brink of financial collapse that will devastate everyone within her borders.

At the moment, the NDPs have the only sound solution to solve this problem and it is something that not one of the immoral banks and corporations want.  They are fighting this.  They’ve fought this with federal political support each time the NDPs have been in provincial power and they will continue to fight even if the NDPs take over nationwide.  Until now the NDPs have had virtually no support to let them do what they know needs to be done.  However, a federal victory for them will change the rules and the more ethical banks and corporations within our borders will work with them to not only help kick out the corruption that dares to endanger our lands, but help each Canadian regain what they’ve lost to the best of their ability.

I am all for the idea of 2015 seeing the dawning of Prime Minister Thomas Mulcair and a majority NDP government.  I can only hope and pray the Green Party of Canada, along with their leader, Elizabeth May can win enough seats to capture the role of head opposition.  Even if May and the Greens cannot place 2nd if they can at least place 3rd with Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party in second I wouldn’t mind so much.  We just have to see to it that Stephen Harper is ousted out of power and his Conservatives see no better than 4th place in the political party rankings.

This is the only way Canada has a chance to be saved.  It won’t be enough to completely root out the corruption, but it is the window Thomas Mulcair and his NDPs need in order to make good on their political promises.  It also gives them the chance to show the nation (and the world) that they do indeed put Canadians first.  After all, isn’t that what a democratic Canada is supposed to be about?


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