Please Stop, Harper

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This isn’t just another blog post.  This is actually a plea to Canada’s current prime minister, Stephen Harper, and his Conservative Government.  I am just one voice here, but I do believe I speak for a multitude (and growing) number of Canadians that feel our nation is in an irreversible state of peril for as long as stay on what is deemed a suicide course.

I honestly don’t know why such a reckless direction has been taken by our government.  No longer are the people of Canada being heard.  Ever since you have taken the role of prime minister you have dismantled just about everything that made our nation such a great one in the first place.  Is this what you meant when you commented that none of us would recognize Canada by the time you are done with it?  If this is your vision, Mr. Harper then I regret to inform you that it is a bad one.

This is where I have to ask, sir, whether or not you truly are the leader of our nation.  Are you really the guy in control or is there someone pulling your strings that has caused you to corner Canadians into a position that has become suffocating to us all?  Who are you, Stephen Harper?  I’d like to think that you’re just a regular guy that has had his arm twisted into complying with the great evils of this world that are using Canada as one of their operational bases to ensure their vision of the New World Order does indeed come to pass.  I would hate to think that you’re every bit as twisted as the Illuminati and their Elite 1% crew who’ve recruited willing puppets to partake in their multitude of schemes.  I would hate to think that you’d be gullible enough to believe that you, as a puppet, would have any more value to the evils as the Canadians whom you’ve seem to have no regard for.  If you are this type of man then regretfully I have to say that I feel sorry for you and your family because you will come to realize that once your masters no longer need you as their puppet to carry out their schemes you will be cast off to join the rest of us in the chaos and destruction that will imminently follow.  When that time comes, don’t expect the Canadians whom you’ve betrayed to come to your aid.  They will be too busy trying to survive the calamities you’ve helped bring upon us all by cooperating with the greatest enemy our nation (and world) has ever known.

However, if you feel you’re doing what you feel is necessary to protect your family and perhaps even Canada then again you are in the wrong.  Have you not watched enough movies to realize that even as you collaborate with the enemy in some feeble attempt to save yourself that it never ends well?  Granted, this is real life, but guess where movies get their ideas from?  You really need to think about this as you continue to go about your daily life?  Are millions, even billions of lives worth what you’re doing?  Do you think you’re protecting Canada by selling it out to the highest bidder just to appease the evils that are determined to gulp this world for themselves?  If this is what you’re thinking, Mr. Harper then once again you are in the wrong.  You cannot protect a nation that you are killing at the same time.

People trusted you and voted for you.  They fell for everything you told them in hopes that you’d be the guy worth looking up to as the leader you promised to be.  I voted for you in 2006.  I chose not to vote in 2011 because at that time I did not realize just how bad our nation was becoming and was rather indifferent to what was going on.  I realized come 2012 when you removed the protection from most of our waters that I made a terrible mistake believing in you in 2006 and just as bad a mistake for not paying closer attention to what was going on in my own country because of you come 2011.

It is now 2015 and with the elections creeping up again I vowed not to make that mistake again.  I have joined the growing ranks of disheartened Canadians who can no longer stand by and watch you dismantle our country any further.  It is clear at this point you are on longer the right person for the role of prime minister of Canada.  Perhaps you never were, but the point is we gave you a chance and you blew it.  If the Canadian people could actually fire you flat out without an election to do it they would in a heartbeat.

It is an insult that everything you’ve done has been a slap in the face to Canadians and to the rest of the world.  You’ve displayed nothing but contempt, disrespect and vanity in the eyes of not just our people, but to all who bother to pay attention.  And believe me, Mr. Prime Minister, more people pay attention than you realize.  Even those whom you think have your back are turning against you and once they see you’re no longer useful to them they will drop you.  Is this what you want, Stephen Harper?  Do you really want to go down in history as the miserable tyrant who has proven to be the worst prime minister Canada has ever seen?  Or, would you rather get your act together and prove to the world that you still have what it takes within you to be a great leader?

What Canada needs is a Canadian version of John F Kennedy.  We need someone who is willing to stand up to the corruption and say enough is enough.  You don’t have to experience JFK’s fate, but your name can shine every bit as bright as his if you’re willing to do so.  If you think the people of Canada are too weak to fend for themselves think again.  That C-51 bill you introduced is laughable at best because all this will prove is just how wrong you are about how tenacious we Canadians really are.  We are not terrorists, but will defend our nation by any means necessary.  This will include going up against a government that has continually betrayed us to the point where we are left no choice but to fight back.

Is this what you want, Stephen Harper?  Do you want a war on Canadian soil?  This is precisely what is going to happen for as long as you run Canada to the ground like you have been.  By tarnishing our reputation on a worldwide scale in business, environment, military, political, religious and even scientific means what you are doing is killing this nation and everyone in it.  Is this what you’ve personally wanted all along or was this designed by whoever it is that is pulling your strings?  You are making friends with very dangerous people who care nothing about you nor Canada.  Do you think they will rescue your family from the jaws of death?  Actually, they’re more likely to pour gasoline all over your family and set them on fire.

You are making war on Canadian soil imminent.  For as long as you continue with your reckless brand of government one of two things are likely to happen here.  The best case scenario will be all people within this nation take up arms against you and take back what is theirs by engaging in a full-scale revolution.  This action will plunge Canada into civil war, something of which I know certain powers that be would relish, but how would your name go down in history?  You and your family will be ridiculed, shunned and most likely torn apart on sight.  What will then result in the midst of this chaos of civil war will be those very terrorists you’ve claimed would come down upon Canadian soil.  However, it is growing knowledge that the real enemies of Canada are not ISIS but rather those who have them on their payroll.

The other scenario that faces Canada is another nation (or group of nations) finally become so fed up with your brand of politics and how you’re using Canadian soldiers to carry out what they will see as war crimes that they’ll bring down their might upon our lands and destroy everything in their path just to get to you and those purposely siding with you in whatever agendas they feel needs to be dismantled.

Neither scenario is good for Canada.  The innocent lives that will be lost from this senselessness is far too high a price to pay no matter how you try to justify it, sir.  So, Stephen Harper, is destroying Canada and all the jewels within it worth whatever it is you think you want?  If this is the case and for some reason you do believe in God then how will you answer him when you two finally cross paths?  If you don’t believe in God then I suppose that makes you believe you’re free from his wrath, but sooner or later you have to answer for all the crimes you’ve committed against both man and nature.


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