Garden of Life

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The biggest obstacle that often plagues the human race is the inability to set personal differences aside for the overall greater good of a common cause.  While the unique blessing of individuality is indeed awesome as this helps define who each of us are, it also serves as a curse that can be equally destructive if we’re not careful about how we go about whatever we do in our lives.

I tend to look at each human being as a garden masterpiece.  Everything we do affects how we treat our garden as every piece of information we receive is planted like a seed within us.  From there, as architects of this garden, it is up to each of us to decide if that seed is worth sprouting into something fruitful or if it needs to be rooted out.  In the bible it talks about Jesus Christ and the barren olive tree.  He destroys this tree after realizing it no longer has the ability to produce fruit.  For those who have figured it out, that olive tree represents humanity.

My observance with the bible is how it is so strongly bonded to the laws of nature.  We start out with the Garden of Eden and all of the vegetation that helps make this such a paradise world.  However, even in paradise there are weeds and in this case the biggest weed of all was the Tree of Knowledge.  As beautiful as it looked it served as a deadly symbol that just because something looks attractive and harmless doesn’t mean this is the case.  In the story of Adam and Eve, they fell for the deception of this particular tree and thus forever altered the course of mankind’s journey that had now become riddled with weeds.

Weeds have one purpose during their existence and that is to choke out fruitful vegetation.  They act like a cancer when it remains untreated.  They spread and do so with such cunning that sometimes they can often be mistaken for something worth harvesting when in truth they are not.

People are no different in this regard.  Inside each of us we have our own blend of weeds and seeds that we constantly have to tend to if we expect to remain fruitful with our lives from the day we are born to the day we die.  The more we nurture the seeds within us that allow us to become productive individuals the better off our own personal garden becomes.  For some, the desire to sprout new gardens (children) is the ultimate reward for their existence.

The human race to me is a series of gardens that each bear their own brands of fruit.  At the same time, they also have weeds they must learn to tend to in order to make their personal gardens the best it can possibly be.  In the beginning, despite the weeds, the human race had a relatively good handle on how to keep their garden healthy and free from the corruption that weeds have been known to spread.  However, those weeds are persistent.  It has been my observation from person to person that once they slack off with keeping their own spirit fruitful they turn into a withered eyesore.  At that point the only thing that ever sprouts from such a person is poison.  Such poison can include idealisms of hate, jealousy, arrogance, gluttony, lust, anger and greed.  Not one of these things can honestly claim to have positive fruits within them that can even come close to achieving as close to that Garden of Eden status we can achieve.  No matter how much we manipulate all these poisons to our benefit it simply doesn’t work.  It may seem to in the beginning but at this point the seed is already too contaminated to be of any true worth.  In the end, sooner or later, death is imminent.

This is what it means to no longer be a part of the Garden of Eden.  Once tainted, no matter how hard you try to restore what’s been destroyed the initial damage that started it all is still there.  Scars don’t go away.  They can be covered up and beautified, but those are just superficial fixes.  It still doesn’t count.  Just because the eye can no longer see it doesn’t mean the memory of it is gone.  It’s there.  Always.  Forever.

For each of us, because each of us do have contaminated (corrupted) seeds within us it is not possible to achieve this Garden of Eden.  However, as individuals we can do our best to nurture the Garden of Life.  Or, to be more specific, the Tree of Life.  Each of us represents a tree of life in our own way and we are all part of this Garden of Life whether we choose to be a part of it or not.  As trees we have the ability to influence our environment however we see fit.  The key is to ensure that influence is a fruitful one that’s filled with love, joy, care and responsibility.  This is what helps gardens thrive as each seed will respond according to the environment it is in.

As individuals and as a whole we need to keep those weeds who threaten to choke us out at bay.  This is never easy to do, but the rewards make it worth it.  Life is worth fighting for and worth living for.  Don’t let the weeds of corruption that keep trying to engulf us win.  Fight back.  Live.  Enjoy your life and let others do the same with theirs for as long as it is mutually agreed to be fruitful, not spiteful.


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