Wake Up Humanity

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When I said goodbye to 2014 I did more than just put yet another whole year behind me.  I also said farewell to a lifestyle I always knew sooner or later I had to abandon.  That lifestyle includes being in a state of slumber where I didn’t dare raise an eye each time I saw something that wasn’t right.  That lifestyle also included an intake of food and beverage I knew was more artificial than real.

When I look back to how vocal I’ve become since the dawning of 2015 I actually shake my head as to why I didn’t do this sooner.  I actually do know why, but am ashamed to admit it.  I was a coward.  Of the previous times where I had come into better awareness of what state our world is truly in, instead of remaining vigilant I opted out and jumped right back into the fictional world of assuming there couldn’t possibly be people in this world so messed up that they’d deliberately destroy the entire human race just for personal gain.  I also gave myself the false sense of security that Jesus Christ and God would magically come down and save the day before it got much worse.

I was wrong.  Stupid and wrong.  Unfortunately, I am well aware I wasn’t the only one and that the number of the clueless far outweighs the number of those who’ve joined the ranks of being so wide awake that turning back to the state of a corporate controlled zombie is no longer an option.

My final wake up call came upon the realization just how much poison goes into our food and water supply.  What’s worse is it’s all government approved despite the fact that there are clear and present dangers not just staring us in the face but slapping us hard with them.  Up until 2015 I didn’t give too much regard to the dying bee population.  Up until 2015 I didn’t think all the ingredients going into our food was actually doing more harm to the human body than good.

What jolted me awake was when I took it upon myself to take part in a no junk food challenge.  I knew I had grown way too addicted to sugars and other items that was not only causing me to gain weight but become unhealthier by the day.  I knew it had to stop.  I did something similar to this back in 2009, but at that time did not educate myself about GMOs or just how messed up our grocery purchases really are.  What started out as a simple idea to simply keep unhealthy foods out of my regime wound up becoming a crusade against the entire food chain that’s currently being dominated by corporations that make it clear they’re far more interested in making a profit than making quality edibles for the everyday consumer.  When I realized companies like Bayer, Monsanto, Nestle and Quaker (just to name a tiny few) were as inhumane as they come I made it a personal goal to boycott anything all of these companies produce.  I will never by aspirin from Bayer again.  I refuse to use RoundUp or anything remotely similar to that chemical poison for as long as I can help it.  Upon learning Nestle’s CEO firmly believes water should never be considered a basic human right I will not buy anything from them again.  Companies like Quaker, Kelloggs, Hostess, Coca-Cola and so many more have all taken the inhumane side of refusing to allow the public to inform themselves whether or not an item they are about to consume really is made from natural ingredients or they’ve been tainted with genetically modified organisms (GMO) for whatever reason they feel is justified.

All the leaders of these corporations are more interested in keeping their wallets fat rather than to take the responsibility of feeding the world in a more ethical manner than what they’ve been doing.  As I learn more about how all these corporations are tied together by an elite few individuals who’ve got grander schemes in place than the typical human being can comprehend I get disgusted.  They’re playing godly roles with a carefully laid out depopulation program that has been pumped directly into our food, water and even vaccines to ensure a number of factors makes it easier for them to achieve their goals.

Fluoride is a known substance that numbs a person to a virtually comatose state.  This item was used in the prisoners of the WWII camps within Nazi-Germany and it’s what kept the Jewish prisoners in a docile state.  This method was used to prevent any chance of a riot from within that could have brought about a quicker end to WWII where the casualty rate would have been considerably lower.

That same fluoride is being pumped through our water as we drink it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s tap water or the bottled water companies like Nestle are literally draining our water reserves dry.  The fluoride excuse to make our dental care more effective is nothing more than that.  It’s an excuse to convince the consumer that this product is 100% safe and there is nothing to worry about.  That is wrong.  It is a drug, plain and simple, to be treated as if it were a narcotic.  It has the same effects as one, which is to put people into a state of indifference.  This is required in order to keep the masses oblivious to what’s really going on around them.  Because, if truth be told, if every human being was astutely aware of what’s really being done to them and was not so drugged up and brainwashed there’d be a worldwide rebellion against those who are committing these great evils.

This rebellion is starting to happen anyway as gradually more people are beginning to wake up and realize this scary fact.  Right now the majority of those still remain relatively clueless reside within the North American nations of Canada and USA.  The UK also seems quite unaware, but are a few steps ahead as their inability to escape how awake the European nations have become is forcing the harshness of reality upon the people whether they want to acknowledge it or not.

Unfortunately in Canada and America, our governments are so blinded by the webs of deception cast upon them by this elite few who want this world for themselves that they fail to realize what they are doing is grossly misrepresenting and poisoning the populations they’re supposed to lead and protect.

There are so many fights the human race must engage in and ensure to maintain whatever ounce of humanity we have left.  Despite all the division between religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds there is one common denominator among us that we can all agree on and that’s protecting our food and water supply.  All those gods we believe in, or scientific arguments we engage in, or even social status dissention won’t mean a damn thing if none of us can provide enough food on our plate to sustain us from one day to the next.

On March 23, 2015 there is an event called March Against Monsanto.  It’s not just about Monsanto’s greed to own every seed on the planet and control the global food supply.  It’s about taking a stand against the banks, corporations and governments who are failing to understand the ramifications of their actions against the human race.  Their continual and reckless destruction of our environment and everything in it must stop as we have reached the critical point of no return.  We must restore all that has been lost and we must either force these corporate evils to realize the err of their ways or oust them completely from the picture and flatly take over because quite literally all our lives depend on it.


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