Liberal Conservatives of The United States of Israenada

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There was a time in Canadian Politics that the Liberal Political Party was a polar opposite to the Conservative/Tory Party.  Likes cats and dogs, these two very different platforms of political views and policies would almost never be seen on the same page for anything.

However, for some time now this has changed.  Now with the 2015 federal election coming up in Canada it seems the only way to tell the difference between the Liberal Party and the Tories is by their logos.  Other than that they have become more and more similar to the point where some are now wondering if there’s a secret coalition among them.  The Liberals have chosen to side with the Conservatives and deliberately ignore the outcries of the Canadian people who made it clear they did not want the controversial C-51 bill to pass and now they stand with the Conservatives to consider anybody who doesn’t agree with foreign affair policies regarding the state of Israel as anti-semitists.

It is not anti-semitism when people see flaws in something that has wrong written all over it.  Where Benjamin Netanyahu is concerned this is the very definition of anti-semitism as through his administration he has duped the leaders of nations too blind to see clearly to view him and his nation as the victims against their bullying neighbors when in truth it is he and his government that have demonstrated way too often they are the real bad guys here.  Many people within the state of Israel see this and know this.  They tried to vote him out of power but electoral corruption saw to it he stayed in.  I do agree the people within Israel is indeed in grave danger, but not by Iran nor ISIS nor any other enemy Benjamin Netanyahu claims they have.

Canada is beginning to experience the exact same woes that Israelites are.  We have a leader in this nation that has no regard for his people nor any brand of human life.  He and his government have the wool pulled over their eyes so thick that they can’t see straight.  What’s worse is one of the top opposing parties, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party, is equally deceived and refuses to open their eyes to the horrific fact that they are all being played.  Anybody who is falling for the deception behind Benjamin Netanyahu’s claims that his Israeli Nation are being victimized are literally helping the most devious world leader in modern times achieve the New World Order goals that he and those whom he’s working for.

Trust me, they are not nice goals for mankind.  Tell me something.  How can the governing leaders of Israel justify themselves as victims when it is they that bulldoze peaceful protesters who see through their b/s and try to do something about it?  The Palestinians have been victimized by the Israeli government and their people who blindly follow them ever since they were handed to them on a silver platter after World War II.  The Palestinians simply want to be left alone.  Yes, they want to return to their rightful home of Jerusalem, but overall they just want to go about their daily lives as peacefully as possible.

The Palestinians are being treated by the Israeli Government in the exact same manner that the pre-WWII Jewish were treated by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi-Government.  So, my question to you now is how can it be anti-semitism to stand against a government and the state it represents that so blatantly exercise racism (which is what anti-semitism is) on every cruel level they can find against a people who’ve never done anything directly wrong to them?  The Palestinians did not ask to be located where they are.  That was an arrangement even they didn’t care for.  The Palestinians did not wish to become enemies to those living within the state of Israel.  All the Palestinians ever wanted was to find a way to co-exist as equal members of the human race.  That is it.

This is now the time where I point out that the Palestinians are also Jewish.  So, let’s go there again about anti-semitism.  Is it okay for Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to continually carry out racist acts of cruelty against a nation that really has no effective means to properly defend themselves?  Who really are the anti-semitists here?  Israel continually cries foul every single time someone stands up to them.

Iran sees through the bogus claims the government behind the state of Israel claims.  They are not the only ones.  Once upon a time I felt sorry for Israel and was really taken in by how badly victimized they always seemed to be.  Then one day I woke up when I finally saw through the veils of deceit that has been carefully and systematically laid out before us all on a worldwide stage.  I actually thank Benjamin himself for doing that because he slipped up in public speeches to make me realize there was far more to him than met the eye.  As soon as I started digging around and doing the research I realized this is the Adolf Hitler of our time.

Keep in mind, Adolf Hitler, prior to WWII was an immensely popular political figure.  He was very well liked and as he continued to deceive the world with his own brand of “woe is me” politics he was working for those who had actually been pulling his puppet strings all along.  These are the same employers who have Benjamin Netanyahu on their payroll.  They also have the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Government, not to mention the entire Republican Party within the United States of America.  They even have President Barack Obama and his Democrats in the palm of their hand.  Who is to say they don’t have Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party either?  The employers whom I speak of are The Illuminati, founded and led by the Family of Rothschilds.  Google this family, their not-so-secret organization and the Elite 1% that fund it to learn more.

If you think this is just speculation you are about 10% right.  There is no proof to back my claims, but there is the obviousness of corruption that makes it hard to ignore the fact that every human being on this planet are being played for fools.  While more of us are waking up to this fact and fighting back there are still too many who have yet to open their eyes and figure this all out for themselves.  Until that day comes there will always be a great division between those who see the truth and choose to do something about it and those who still have their eyes closed whether it be willingly or not.

Getting back to the original intent behind this particular blog post is pointing out the flawed political system Canada (and America for that matter) is facing.  For so long we’ve fallen for a two-party system that the very thought of kicking both of those parties out seems too unrealistic.  That is not true.  In Canada, the Liberals and the Tories have continually let their nation down.  However, no party has been as corrupt nor as vile as the Conservative Party led by Stephen Harper.  That alone should have Canadians banding together to see to it that these tyrants do not keep their power by any means necessary.

As for Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party they are no better than Harper and his Conservatives.  What they have been doing is confusing Canadians just which side they’re on.  However, each time there is something major, no matter what it is, when push comes to shove they’ve always sided with the Conservatives.  Instead of listening to Canadians like they’re supposed to do they listen to those employers I’ve mentioned previously.  It’s the same employers that control Harper and the Conservatives.  Until both of these political parties are completely kicked out Canada will actually remain under the dubious control of The Rothschilds and those aligned with them.

Canadians (and the rest of the world) have options.  A few nations have figured this out and are already taking matters into their own hands to kick any Rothschild influence out to the best of their ability.  Here’s a news flash for you in case you haven’t figured it out.  Each and every nation that is currently being portrayed as bad guys on mainstream media are the very same ones who see through the veils of deceit and are fighting back.  All of Israel’s enemies are actually those who oppose the Rothschilds and their quest for global dominance through a banking system that is as corrupt to the core as it gets.  Even Russia is seeing through the b/s, but at the moment Vladimir Putin and his government are being portrayed as bullies when in truth they have actually gone into search and rescue mode.  They are not the offenders here, people.  They have actually become defenders but for as long as the corporations they’re fighting against controls the media you will all be told that Mother Russia has become Public Enemy Number One.

Within Canada there are a pair of political parties that see through the deception and are trying to do right by the Canadian people.  Although neither of them are completely free of corruption themselves, they are far better alternatives than what both the Conservatives and Liberals have to offer.  Keep in mind corruption is like a cancer.  It spreads and will do so quickly if it remains untreated.  By continuing t side with Conservatives and Liberals we’re allowing that cancer to keep spreading until there’s nothing left.  Can Canada afford this?  Can you?  How about the rest of the world?

The only way to kill cancer is to root it out until all that’s left is the cause and we take it out too.  Corruption, regardless if it’s political or corporate, is to be treated the exact same way.  We must attack it, even if we’re not 100% sure that the route taken is the smartest one.  Do you think when George Washington, his generals and all those who had to fight on their new home on American soil against what they saw was the tyranny of King George and his British Army that they were absolutely positive the moves they were making were the best ones?  No they did not.  They did what anybody with the human right to fight for freedom, justice and the humanitarian way would do.  It panned out for them, despite the multitude of corruption that existed even within their own ranks.  Even with Abraham Lincoln this was the exact same scenario.  Fighting for freedoms came at great cost due to corruption that stemmed both from the outside and the inside of their ranks.

In Canada it is no different.  The New Democratic Party, led by Thomas Mulcair and The Green Party of Canada, led by Elizabeth May is the Canadian modern-day version of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  They’re fighting for Canadians and are doing the best they can to keep the corruption out.  It’s not perfect, but it is far better to stand with those who care enough to try than with those who only pretend to.

Justin Trudeau is a pretender and nothing more.  His Liberal Party has lost their way and had been lost for a long time now.  It simply has become more evident these days, that’s all.  I had hoped Justin would be more like his father, Pierre-Elliott Trudeau, but the truth of the matter is he is not.  Pierre-Elliott Trudeau was his own man and despite the corruption that surrounded him he still stood tall.  The same cannot be said for Justin.  Experienced politician or not it takes heart and character to stand above the madness and this is something Justin nor any of his Liberal Party members possess.  None of them have it and it is most evident that Stephen Harper and his Conservatives don’t possess these traits either.

The only political parties right now within Canada that make the genuine effort to demonstrate that they are true to themselves and to the Canadian people are those within the NDP and the Greens.  They are not perfect.  They are, however, far more than what the Conservatives and the Liberals can ever hope to be and that’s human.  Unlike the Conservatives and the Liberals, the NDP and the Greens embrace their humanity and the humanity of those around them.  Most of them are not afraid to demonstrate their God-given right to stand up for humanity no matter what the cost.  The desire for righteousness within those two parties far outweigh the cowardly New World Order conformity demonstrated by both the Conservatives and the Liberals.

I side with humanity.  For as long as I see that same stance coming from both Thomas Mulcair’s NDPs and Elizabeth May’s Greens I will side with them.  I am Canadian and proud to be one.  I will fight for Canada whether it be by this year’s elections or by any other means necessary to ensure we take back what we’ve lost so we can once again be the true, north, strong and free nation it should have always been.


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