Loud, Proud & Green

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Yes, this pic is loud and it’s not much of a post, but the more I think about how the popularity of Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party has the more I wonder why anybody would want to support a political party that wants to turn their backyard into a toxic wasteland.  Also, our province (and nation) are being ruled by those far more interested in personal profit than they are in properly leading a people into an era of true peace and prosperity.

The price to pay for the toxins we are dumping into our waters, not to mention taking in as waste from the continuous reckless activities the greediest and most inhumane among us, is way too high!  This has been going on for far too long and it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.  It is also getting hard to fix.  None of this will change until we all wake up and realize that we need change and we need it now.  Real change.  This means taking a flying leap out of our comfort zone that is only fooling us to think we’ve got it made.  We don’t.  We’re losing everything and we need to stop it before it’s too late.

I make it no secret I’m a huge supporter of the Green Party.  I live in Saskatchewan, so the Green Party of Saskatchewan is my top choice.  It is also my top choice for all of Canada as well and I honestly wish more people saw it this way too.  I understand we are all different.  Our views are different and our political alliances are different.  However, to continually side with a party that has been nothing less than reckless and destructive is not only stupid, but suicidal.

My loyalties stick with those who truly appreciate our grassroots heritage for what it really is.  Without that heritage to help remind us who we are and where we’ve come from then moving forward is like wearing a blindfold while driving down a speedy highway that’s riddled with traffic and curves, expecting to reach our destination unscathed.  Our current governments, both provincial and federal, have completely disregarded who the people of Saskatchewan and the rest of Canada truly are.  They have been duped the people into believing in them while all along they dismantle everything our pioneers, settlers and war veterans had worked, fought and died for.

I’d like to think the people of this province and the rest of this nation is smarter than that and will wake up just enough to take what’s been wrongfully taken away from us by seeing to it the political parties who don’t give a damn about us are replaced by those who do.  The Green Party is the only party that earns this honor in my books because they are just like the rest of us.  They work hard at everything they do and are just as passionate about everything they believe in as we are.  That alone makes them uniquely qualified above and beyond every other major political party this province (and nation) has to offer.Believe In Green


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