Moral Bankruptcy

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moral bankruptcy

We always have and always will live in a world that is ruled by an elite collective of corrupt souls that care nothing about the human race.  To them, every man, woman and child are to be culled like cattle in any manner they see fit.  Through their manipulations we encounter wars, famine, death and disease.  Make no mistake, our Four Horsemen are created by those among us who train them to do all the bidding for them.  We, as the population of this earth, have been puppeteered since the dawn of time and we are long overdue to cut off those strings and take back what has been wrongfully denied from us all this time.

If you go the biblical road, God created Man and then created Woman.  Hence we have the story of Adam and Eve.  All these two had to do was align themselves with what seemed like a perfectly logical course to take in order to live out life to the fullest without compromise.  All they had to do was look after nature and in turn nature would look after them.  It seems like it was a pretty simple and straightforward arrangement.

However, something happened along the way.  Right from the very beginning the weed of corruption, otherwise known as Lucifer (or Satan) was waiting for his perfect moment to pounce upon the innocent and dupe them into thinking that there was a better way to live than simply choosing the glory of life.  He duped them into believing knowledge was a more important path to follow and they fell for it.  What Adam and Eve failed to realize was this path of knowledge was so corrupt with veils of deception that they couldn’t tell the difference between information and misinformation.

And this is where we still are today.  Despite all the technologies we’ve supposedly evolved with we’re still just as naive and ignorant as Genesis era.  The only true difference is our ability to destroy has become so great that the ability to do what God had intended for us to do in the first place has been lost.

If you choose not to go the biblical route look at it through the eyes of Mother Nature herself.  Even with the big bang theory, creation itself does not come into place until key components come together in such a manner where life becomes the direct result of it.  In time, as life seeks out ways to grow and adapt, that life evolves.  In the beginning all is pure.  It is Eden-like.

However, the polar opposite of purity is corruption.  Somewhere along the way corruption found it’s way to poison the pure.  In essence, at that point, there is no longer such a thing as perfection.  Perfection means flawlessness.  The second even the tiniest drop of corruption infected the pure it was enough to spread the disease it carries like an unstoppable virus that knows no bounds.  At first nobody sees it coming and by the time they do it is already too late.  The disease of corruption has become so great that the threat of extinction far outweighs the promise of growth and choke out all life as we know it.

Regardless of which side of the fence you wish to sit on, whether it be scientific or religious, there is no mistake there is a common ground they share when it boils down to the fundamentals of life and death.  Both sides of this coin can agree that life cannot continue for as long as the poisons of corruption keep snuffing out any hope the human race has to put the brakes to something that will ultimately lead to the absolute extinction of all life on this earth.

Whether you see Satan as the core of our corruption or simply the organization more commonly referred to as the Illuminati, there is no mistaking the stone cold fact that there are powers at play here that are systematically destroying all life on earth without regard to what the rest of mankind has to say about it.  Every man, woman and child are being toyed like puppets through various means that include brainwashing, slavery and terrorism.  And the sad truth is the vast majority of these people either don’t realize it or refuse to acknowledge it.

Part of the problem is people are very prideful.  The very concept that they may have been duped since the age of a child by everything and everyone around them is like admitting to personal stupidity.  This is a bitter pill the average human being does not want to swallow, so for the most part they don’t.  The majority of these people would rather spit out that pill and continue living in denial that they are in full control of their lives.  The sad truth is for as long as such people keep their blinders on their lives are actually being controlled by those around them and at that point, yes, they really are that stupid to keep falling for it.

Right now there are an Elite 1% of the world’s population that owns around half of this planet’s assets.  All along there have been plans in motion to have this world ruled under one leader and has even gone as far as using the various biblical publications as an excuse to do it.  Through man-made created religions they have managed to divide and conquer entire civilizations and societies into following them instead of making sound judgements on their own.  Throughout mankind’s existence no wars have ever been as bloody as those fought in the name of religion.  In truth, despite everything the history books claim, each and every war that has ever been fought on Earth’s soil has been to satisfy the greed of those who want this world for themselves.  All the casualties, whether it be military or civilian, has all that blood on their hands.  Every human being on this planet are pawns in this ridiculous game of total control and so many of us are unaware that we are not seen as creatures with souls in their eyes.  We are seen as game pieces and nothing more.  The military serve as the muscle behind every act of organized violence while the police serve as the muscle to enforce obedience.  Both versions of this muscle are nothing more than hired thugs that carry out the bullying tactics of those who see them for this purpose and that is all.  The sad part about the majority of those suckered into agreeing to become this muscle don’t realize it is they that are the terrorists and not some organized faction they’ve been told are their real enemy.

The religions that have been sculpted over the centuries, along with the churches erected in their honor, are all nothing more than manmade delusions of grandeur.  Each of them have been orchestrated by literally the same group of people who realize the more they can divide civilizations and cause them to hate each other the easier it is for them to inch closer to the New World Order dream  they have in mind.

So, what’s so bad about this New World Order you ask?  Instead of opposing political, military and religious factions why not we all band under one specific ruler and just agree to get along?  Although the very notion seems idealistic enough, the truth of the matter is what the people behind their New World Order movement has been doing is exercising their ability to manipulate every political, military and religious faction they can to turn this world into an extremely chaotic and destructive arena to do their bidding for them.  How can any organization rule a peaceful world when they purposely make it as violent as they can?  These are also the same people who firmly believe the population needs to drop by approximately 90% of all human beings currently in existence.  Global genocide is not the answer!  Besides, if it was, why don’t those who’ve come up with this brilliant depopulation scheme offer themselves to be first in line for this particular operation?  In all honesty, true leaders that deserve that role will never put innocent lives on the line for the sake of their own.  History itself has demonstrated the best leaders ever to rule any given nation or military faction have been those who’ve willingly laid their own lives on the line for the greater good.

Do we see the Rockefellers doing this?  How about the Rothschilds?  The Windsors?  Hilton?  Koch?  Anyone among the Elite 1%?  How about the Vatican?  Funny how those who keep telling the rest of the world what they think is best for it are often the ones quickest to cower out the second their lives (or even lifestyle) is on the line.  Not one of those among this Elite 1% nor Illuminati have that same level of integrity that the likes of John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, or even Jesus Christ possessed.

That is why this New World Order they want must never come to pass!  If you think you’ll be part of the lucky 10% to survive their depopulation schemes think again.  You may as well buy a lottery ticket and give up your job in anticipation you will win the jackpot.  The odds of you joining that 10%^are identical to the odds of you winning that jackpot.  Good luck.

Even there, if you did happen to survive whatever holocaust the NWO has in store how would being in that 10% benefit you?  How much time does that buy you and what sort of price will be paid to be in that group?  With the rate of pollution that’s killing our world from sea to sea, shore to shore and skyline to skyline what kind of food will be available to keep everyone alive?  Or, will the surviving human race at this point become food for the leaders of this NWO?  Think I’m reaching?  Think again.

I’m quite certain when John F. Kennedy placed his warning prior to his assassination that his words were deemed as far-fetched.  Now look at what’s happening today.  It seems everything he’s warned people about over 50 years ago has manifested itself to such a reality that you honestly have to be super-stupid to not see it.  Do you think it was an accident that all the documents signed after the United States of America officially became a nation were originally done so in such a manner?  The founding fathers of America fled from a world they wanted nothing to do with in hopes to build a nation that would be smart and strong enough to hold their ground against that cancerous corruption they knew would sooner or later creep into these new borders.

Unfortunately, the morality of those founding fathers, along with the moralities of those who’ve given their lives to ensure the human race find a way to move beyond the corruption that keeps chasing them is being lost.  This was not by accident as it was all by design and literally everyone on this planet is to blame.

Right from the beginning we’ve had the morally bankrupt among us.  They don’t care about life and they most certainly don’t care about you.  Within the past few centuries they’ve systematically found methods to dumb people down to the point where entire societies have become comatose.  This was by design and what’s sad is despite the repeated warnings we members of the human race received, too many continue to ignore.

As a society, most of us have become morally bankrupt.  Corruption among us is not only at an all time high, but so are acts of cruelty, violence and oppression.  Gone are the days where those who do right were rewarded for it while those who did wrong were punished for it.  It is completely the opposite now.  The most corrupt among us continually get away with their crimes against nature and humanity while those who go to great lengths to defend it are made examples of so others don’t make the same mistake to put warm kindness before cold greed.

If I’m in the wrong for trying to wake up humanity and save it, then so be it.  I cannot rest and pretend nothing is wrong when I know clearly that’s not true.  I’m not a person by financial means, but my moral accountability has more value to me than all the monetary wealth that Elite 1% has combined.  Quite frankly, as rich as those Elite 1% think they are, when it comes to morals they are not only bankrupt but as pathetic and destitute as they come.


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