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I admit it, this is a shameless plug in favor of the only political party I truly believe in.  I am a Green Party of Canada supporter and a huge fan of Elizabeth May, Bruce Hyer and a growing list of Green Candidates that are vying for the votes of Canadians who care every bit as much about this nation as they do.  Unlike those in other political parties they will not lie to your face with fake smiles while they have their fingers crossed as that hand of theirs rests on their backs.  Both hands are visible and both hands are firmly grasped onto the realities of what kind of trouble this nation is really in, not to mention sound solutions to fix the problem.

They do not intend to fix this problem on their own.  No, unlike the other political parties, they do not have delusions of grandeur nor are they trying to be anything other than what the rest of us are and that’s human beings.  These people care because this is their country too.  Quite honestly, by voting for a Green Party Candidate it would be as if you are voting for a member of your family to take part in what goes on in your community, your province and your country.  Voting Green means voting for yourself.

How much of yourself do you believe in?  Enough to vote for yourself?  If so, then that vote belongs to whoever is running in your riding as a member of the Green Party of Canada.  That person will have a far greater grasp of what’s going on in your life and what is most important to you than any Conservative, Liberal or NDP party member ever would.  The main reason for this is members of the Green Party do not strive for corporate handouts or secret handshake deals that corrupt their way of thinking to replace the needs of the people for profit.

The Green Party of Canada has a very Canadian political view of how this nation should be run.  They, unlike the other parties of this nation, acknowledge that Canadian concerns need to be decided by all Canadians.  The fate of this country should never rest in the hands of a select few politicians who may not be as aware as they should be when it comes to what Canadians want.  This country belongs to the people of Canada.  It does not belong to the corporations corrupting Canada and we are long overdue to restore the balance of this country’s fate back into the hands of those who understand how important it is we keep Canada in Canada.

Neither Stephen Harper nor his Conservatives get it.  If they do they’re blatantly ignoring it as they’re turning Canada into another version of neo-nazi Germany before it threw itself in the middle of World War II.  The road Stephen Harper has Canada speeding on is a suicidal one, not just for this nation but worldwide.  This is a journey that must not be allowed to continue.

Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have proven they are not prepared to bring Canada back to Canadians.  Whatever political strategy they think is to their benefit is backfiring as more and more Canadians feel betrayed by their confusing approach to the most sensitive political issues that are gripping Canadians by the throat.  Many are convinced Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada are merely puppets to the very same corporations that have the Harper Government.  So far not one member from this Liberal party has given cause for Canadians who are paying attention to think otherwise.  Already back in 2006 they betrayed the trust of enough Canadians to vote for Harper and his Conservatives and then come 2011 to add insult to injury the NDP’s shove the Liberals into 3rd place when it came to seats within the parliament.

Thomas Mulcair and his New Democratic Party does indeed show promise and many Canadians are favoring them, but of those who’ve had provincial experiences of NDP leadership the scars of damages done during their rule still remain.  They find it very hard to bring themselves to trust the NDP.  Right now all eyes are on Alberta’s new direction from Progressive Conservative to NDP to see what will happen.  Newly elected Premier Rachel Notley will play a key role in the coming months as to whether or not the NDP’s deserve the opportunity to run Canadian politics on a federal level.

However, many fear the NDPs are another version of the Conservatives and that they’re really the same party using different names.  Whether or not these fears are justified, the bottom line is they’d much rather favor the Liberals in spite of the NDP and this is a dangerous call to make.

As the old saying goes, choosing the lesser of available evils is still an evil.  So if this be the case and nobody can put 100% faith into the Conservatives, Liberals or NDPs then why not take that leap of faith and put that faith into a party that has been waiting in the shadows all this time, waiting for enough Canadians to wake up that there is indeed light at the end of a very dark and twisted tunnel of Canadian politics.  That light is shining a bright green and is trying to breathe life into the lifeless.  They are also trying to wake up the sleepy and force those who need to be held accountable for their actions to do so.

The Green Party of Canada deserves your vote.  They already have mine.  My mind will not change come October 19, 2015 unless Elizabeth May does something really radical and starts dating Stephen Harper as his new girlfriend.

What you will find within the Green Party are people who admit to making mistakes and never hide behind a flurry of excuses.  They are never afraid to take on the big guns when it comes to defending Canada, even if it means stepping out of the box of expected conformities set forth by the stupidity of political correctness.  Elizabeth May and her Green Party care way too much to be bothered with what corporations may think.  They put Canada first, which means people come first.

Is that the kind of Canada you want?  Do you want leadership that cares about you as if you were a member of their direct family?  If this is the kind of Canada you want then you need to vote Green.


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