Freedom Fighting

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Fighting for rights, liberties and freedoms is not a game.  However, the Liberal Party of Canada is just one of many political parties who seem to think it is.  Lead by Justin Trudeau, the son of Pierre-Elliott Trudeau, it seems this particular party would rather ignore the pleas of Canadians and follow a political path that mirrors the same patterns Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are taking.

What is amazing is how much our politicians get away with.  Plus, all the rewards they get even for failing to do their jobs properly and get ousted from office for it is disgusting.  Their pensions are outrageous, not to mention all the benefits that come with the job of being a top politician.

There’s talk of nations in debt and instead of taking responsibility for their actions, each of these politicians reward themselves instead – and at the taxpayer’s expense.  How does this make it right?  Truth be told it doesn’t.  It’s another jab to the common man that their freedoms really mean nothing at all to them because they’re more interested in fattening their wallets than rescuing the people they represent from a debt they never asked for.

No matter the nation and no matter who are the political representatives chosen for the jobs they’re supposed to be assigned to do, none of them should be receiving anything more in their bank accounts than what they rightfully deserve.  Right now every top politician is grossly overpaid while those who deserve more than they do remain disgustingly underpaid, underappreciated and ignored.

Quite honestly no politician should ever make anything more than a minimum wage salary as all the expenses of that particular politician is already paid for.  No politician should be able to collect bonuses of any kind until they can complete a term with a minimum of a majority approval rating by the people that particular politician was supposed to represent.  If it can be mostly agreed by the public that such a politician deserves more then he/she gets more.  No increase of any kind should be automatically handed as if it were on a silver platter.  This is wrong.  The same can be said for their pensions too.

In a typical job environment when people fail to do their jobs properly they are let go.  Most of the time there is a severance pay to go with that departure so there is at least a small cushion for the individual to find something else.  This should be no different among our political figures no matter who they are or what level of government they’re sitting at.

Freedom should never have a price tag.  Unfortunately for the people there is a few, and not just it being unjustly taxed to death by the greed of banks, corporations and politicians.

People need to be constantly aware of what goes on in their world, right from their backyard to across the globe, if they expect to have those freedoms they enjoy remain in tact.  The moment too many of us fall asleep at the helm it serves as a window of opportunity for our oppressors to swoop in for the kill.  Until enough people wake up to realize what is happening to them the oppression will continue in hopes that by the time folks do figure it out it is too late for them to do anything about it.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that freedom is something the human race must always fight for.  The cost of this freedom often comes with the loss of lives, but apparently one that must be continually paid as it is very clear that those who wish to thumb us all down to the ground have no regard for it.  Until people stand up, take up arms and fight for those freedoms we continue to lose everything around us that is vital to our survival as human beings.

Of all the wars to be fought, the one for freedom is the only one that truly matters.  The most greedy and corrupt among us know this and use this as excuses to wage wars where they con us all into thinking it is for freedom when in truth it is for them.  There is a tiny population of people among us who literally control the world’s financial, military, political, religious and social structures.  Those who pay attention regard them as The Elite 1%, many of whom are also known as the Illuminati.  Regardless of their names and associations the bottom line is these are the true enemies of mankind and their human right for freedom.

Unfortunately for now not enough people realize this fact and until that day comes we remain in an uphill battle against those who crave to destroy us all.  Like the politicians, the Elite 1% play with our ecosystem and our lives as if we’re all nothing more than game pieces.  For the rest of us when we attempt to play such games we are heavily penalized for it while these politicians and their Elite 1% continually get away with it.  Not only do they get away with their crimes, but they are rewarded for it.  How does this make it fair?  How does this make it right?  It doesn’t, but for as long as we allow these criminals among us to continue their activities unchecked it will continue and it will get worse.

This is why it is so vital that every individual needs to care enough to fight for their freedom.  We live in a time now where being lax about what is going on around us is a far heavier crime to commit than choosing to take action.  It is not just about what goes on today.  It is also about what kind of tomorrow will we be setting for future generations.  It is about humanity and it is about the rights, liberties and freedoms that come with it.  We are long overdue to remind our politicians that playing games with each of us for whatever strategy they have in mind is futile.  We are not toys and should never be treated as such.  The very fact that our politicians have made the mistake of doing this should be enough to have each of us give them the wake up call they all desperately deserve.  And it’s not just the politicians that need to be jolted back into the reality that this is our world, not theirs.

Members of the animal kingdom are at their happiest when they are free.  Human beings are no different.  This is why it is vital that we wake up, stand up and take up whatever arms we can carry to not only protect what is left of our freedoms, but take back what has been wrongfully taken away from us.

Our freedom fighting starts with the politicians by eliminating all those who have forgotten what a government’s job is supposed to be.  A government is supposed to represent a people based on their core values, wants and needs.  No government should ever be in a position where this is dictated to the people as if we’re nothing more than a bunch of mindless drones who don’t know any better.  We may not be the smartest species on this planet but we are a passionate one.  Our passion to remain free as human beings is our highest priority and this is something our current government has failed to acknowledge.  This is why not only do we need to replace political parties who are too corrupt for their own good, but to reset the entire structure of our government back to ground zero and build from the bottom up again.

Take out the bad politicians who continually ignore the people so we can govern our own nation the way it should have always been and it will make it that much easier to take our fight to the banks and corporations that have engineered this to happen.  The more say we have in our own country the stronger we are against those who threaten it.  This means those banks and corporations would be forced to either back down if they wish to continue to do business or finally leave us alone in peace.  If every nation took this route not only can we collectively force the Elite 1% and their Illuminati to their knees to play by our rules, but we can take back all those freedoms we’ve lost over the centuries.

Is that not the kind of freedom worth fighting for?  It is for me.  When it comes to the fate of humanity, giving up is not an option.


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