The Sin Game

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We’ve been warned about them.  That, along with a handful of very simple rules to follow in order to live a fulfilling life without compromise.  We had (and still do) the option to live in a very peaceful world where there is no such thing as hate, pain and suffering.  There wouldn’t even be pollution nor fear of a war erupting at any given moment simply because.

What I’m talking about are the seven deadly sins.  Whether you’re a bible believer or not, the bottom line is these seven sins (or flaws of humanity) are literally the root of all the evils we experience in this world and why society today is in the most perilous state it has ever known.  While there are many that try to avoid this crooked path, they are becoming more outnumbered by those who openly embrace it.  The worst of the offenders are an elite group of individuals who set examples on a worldwide scale through various forms.  These particular offenders not only exhibit this behavior on a grand scale but endorse it, thus causing the masses to fall into this exact same pattern.  As a result people become corrupted, right alongside their lifestyles and all those they come into contact with.  The saddest part about this fact is the majority of these people don’t even realize what they’re doing.  In almost every case they simply see it as a sign of the times, or rather mankind’s evolutionary steps towards enlightenment.  Unfortunately the very real truth is over the centuries, despite all our technological advances, the human race has actually devolved in every given form instead of evolved.

There was a time where it was easy to map out mathematical calculations in our heads, even the most complicated ones, but now with computers and calculators in the picture this has been mostly eliminated.  I recall one occasion where I went to a store to make a purchase of something and the total came to $17.50.  I gave the girl a $20 bill.  Because her computerized till was malfunctioning she couldn’t figure out how much change to give me.  She went to grab a calculator to figure it out and I blurted out $2.50.  She flat out believed me and handed me the change.  It hit me at that point I could have lied to her and said $4.50 and she likely wouldn’t have questioned it.  Lucky for her I was an honest enough person to not to attempt to rip her off.

And actually right here is an example of two of the seven deadly sins we know about.  In her case the sin was sloth.  I can’t blame her 100% because I know her failure to exercise even the simplest math equation was probably due to the failure of the schools she attended.  The teachers failed to do their jobs to ensure this girl got all the education she needed to make it in the real world after all her schooling is complete.  However, I can blame her a bit for not at least double-checking with the calculator to ensure I was telling her the truth, especially if she didn’t have the ability to figure the math out for herself.

The second of the two deadly sins was a road I chose not to take.  That second choice was exercising greed to bear false witness, or rather lying, so that I could gain an unfair advantage over this poor girl who lacked any form of math skills.

Now taking this to a grander scale, we live in a society today where too many people have become too lazy to do things for themselves, which in turn reduces them to a certain level of helplessness.  In many cases these people become somewhat vain as they’d rather take the easy road to getting what they want instead of getting their hands dirty to work for it.  The convenience of city living has plagued such individuals to the point where it is easier to just buy a bunch of groceries instead of making the attempt to grow it.  Even with modern-day techniques to garden in space confined dwellings is not exercised nearly enough to catapult some folks from the dependency of others to self-sufficiency.  This, more than anything, is a really defining example of what that deadly sin called sloth is all about.

This form of slavery, which is precisely how I look at it, has been induced by those who exercise the deadly sin of greed.  Through the perfected art of commercialism, the most greedy among us have seen to it that the average human being is brainwashed into thinking the only way to survive in this world is to succumb to a lifestyle that revolves itself around working for others in order to make enough ends meet to satisfy our needs.  Although there is no master cracking a leather whip on our backs to get jobs done, we are still being treated as slaves by those who exploit our talents for their gain.  However in this case instead of whips there are banks in their place.

Banks are a creation that serves as the headquarters for the greediest people on this earth.  They created this bank into fooling the people into believing that the only way to function in society is to give value to something we cannot eat or drink, nor even use as a means for clothing or shelter.  Money, which is the main commodity banks are known for, has the lives of people controlled to such a degree that its very existence is the ultimate crime against humanity.

It is a crime because the creators of these banks and the currencies that go with them realize just how easy it is to manipulate the masses into doing their bidding no matter what it is.  They laugh at us, seeing us all as puppets they wish to control from the moment we are born to the day we die.  Even among us who see the ugliness behind these banks and the corporations that serve as their muscle, we too are stuck in a form of slavery that until this entire world smartens up and fights back to restore our world to where it should be this particular way of life is inescapable at the moment.

We, as human beings, are forced to play what I consider The Sin Game because we are stuck in a world that is ruled by the most vile sinners among us.  Through their banks and corporations, these violators of humanity control every aspect of our lives.  They also promote heavily all seven of the deadly sins and literally have almost all of us gripped into lifestyles where we have on choice but to comply or else face the consequences.  This, unfortunately, is why not enough people stand up against them in the name of humanity because let’s be honest here.  Who wants to suffer?

This is the type of game through their banks and corporations we have no choice but to take part in.  Those who do so willingly, namely the world leaders and their puppets, seem to believe if they champion in favor of the evils who are truly in charge that they’re either saving the people they represent in some false sense of security or simply serving themselves in that sin pool of gluttony where they can’t get enough of whatever rewards they’re getting to satisfy the greed of those whom they serve.

Meanwhile, the rest of mankind suffers the consequences of decisions made behind our backs and are often fooled into believing those decisions are for our own good.  All along the way, through various forms of demonstrations that include filmed media, stage performances, printed material and any version of advertising that can be found, the people are slowly and seductively brought into believing all of the stuff going on around them is merely a sign of the times.  In most cases, even as people disagree with the road taken, simply learn to accept it and move on.  Sometimes even those people commit the very same actions they once upon a time regarded as sin.

Lust is the best example of how the supposed sign of the times has managed to manifest itself from dark hidden corners to blatant displays of a deadly sin that often spawns the other six sins to spring forth like a cascading downpour of doom upon every soul it affects.  Pornography has managed to leap itself from shunned obscurity into the open arms of those who think they’re enlightened enough to accept it as a glorified art form.  On that same note, infidelity has gone from an intolerable act of betrayal to something more widely accepted.  Sexual loyalties to our lifetime partners no longer has the same meaning it used to.  Gone are the days where we maintained our virginities (innocence) for whom we hope will be the ideal mate that we can spend the rest of our life with.  We live in a world where some folks believe the more people we sleep with the better and the husband/wife bond of marriage is nothing more than a flimsy piece of paper.

Is this truly the sign of the times?  Even if it is, how many more such signs will we receive before it is finally acknowledged that the human race is stuck in a world where these seven deadly sins are imposed upon us in game-like fashion?  Those who impose these sins upon us, duping us to embrace them instead of shun them are literally laughing at our expense because all we’re doing by exercising these sins (whether it be willingly or not) is proving that their belief we’re all a bunch of mindless puppets that can be controlled is true.  They’re banking on this and through their corporate controlled nations ensuring we remain as stupid as ever, continue to use any means necessary to stop every single one of us from waking up.  They know once every man, woman and child on this planet wakes up and realizes the true horrors of what’s really going on in this world that we would stand more united than ever.  This is their biggest fear as we pose as their biggest threat.

There is a deadly sin that the owners of these banks and corporations do not want the entire world to exercise once all veils of deceit are lifted and we all realize who our true enemy is.  That sin is wrath.  Their biggest fear is if the 99% of us open our eyes, realize who we truly are and what we are really capable of that Elite 1% would stand no chance.  At that point they’d instantly go from wealthy to flat broke as money would finally realize it’s true value, which is nothing.  There would be no escape for this Elite 1% from a 99% population who would demand justice.

Like I said, we are living in a world that feels more like a sin game.  Each and every day it feels like we spin the bottle and see which sin of choice it will land on.  For those among us who do not wish to play this game anymore they are trying to put a stop to it, but like all games or sports, it will continue until there are no players left.  In the case of the human race, unless we find a way to put the brakes to the game of sinning we will lose to the most important game of all; The Game of Life.


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