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Just when you think the Canadian government and their media puppets have reached all the lows they possibly can prior to an election, they continue to surprise.  They also continue to disappoint as they have yet to learn that what they want does not represent what all of Canada wants.  As usual, they want to do things their way, which has completely contradicted how they’re supposed to do things ever since being elected and appointed into the chairs they won.

All governments, no matter what nation they belong to, are supposed to work for the people they represent.  This means every man, woman and child of a nation that belongs to the country the political leaders are leading.  People put faith in this group in hopes for positive directions to be taken that benefit all of those who call their specific country home.

Unfortunately for Canada (and other nations) this has not been the case.  It hasn’t been for so many years that it is one of the biggest reasons why voter turnout at elections has reached new lows with their attendance records.  People lose faith in their government’s ability to properly run a nation with all their best interests in mind and in their own way give up, thinking if they just shut up and stop caring that it will change things.

It won’t.

It makes things worse.  It gives the current government easier opportunities to railroad every citizen within the nation down paths that are not only riddled with corruption but serves nobody other than the elite few whom we are now realizing are the true leaders of our world.  The elected puppets we assume is our government care only for their personal interests as they align themselves with the most corrupt among us who are bent on destroying our environment and all life as we know it in the name of greed.  Both these elite few in power and the governments care nothing about the people or even about this world.  They only care about themselves and this attitude is accompanied by behavior patterns that are destructive.

In Canada, Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have been the primary puppets for these elite few.  More and more people (and not just within Canadian borders) view Stephen Harper as a dictator rather than a prime minister and they see his Conservatives as a neo-Nazi form of government.  They also see Canada being turned into another version of Adolf Hitler’s Germany prior to World War II.  As it is clearly evident we are steering closer to a World War III, it appears our current government is doing the bidding of the elite few to ensure their WWIII plans are carried out and in the process it seems Canada will find itself engulfed in flames and drenched in blood before it is over.

Is that the kind of Canada you want?  From border to border we find ourselves buried in toxins from the filth of improperly handled fossil fuels, nuclear energy and every possible form of pollution that Stephen Harper, his government and all those who follow them like lap dogs continue to endorse.  Although I do agree utilizing our energy resources is vital to grow and maintain a stable economy, I do not agree with continuing to chase resources in a manner that sacrifices the most important assets this world still has to offer.

Through the Stephen Harper Administration, Canada’s role as a highly respected nation that valued the environment has dropped considerably to now finding itself one of the most despised nations on the planet due to their sickening rate of pollution they’re pouring out just to satisfy the greed of a handful of people who care nothing about anyone other than themselves.

On so many levels, Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have let down this nation (and the world) over and over again.  What’s worse is he’s getting away with it, even as we go into what I see is the most important federal election in Canadian history.  On October 19, 2015 Canadians have the opportunity to change the fate of Canada (and the world) by getting rid of the worst government in Canada’s history and put in place (hopefully) a group of politicians who understand the importance of putting humanity before profit.

Who, among the contenders for this role is most worthy?  Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party have shown repeatedly they tend to side with Stephen Harper and his Conservatives on the most important matters that concern Canadians.  The very fact they favored passing the controversial C-51 bill instead of listening to what the Canadians screamed they did not want suggests this may not be the right government for Canada.  If already at this stage they refuse to listen to Canadians what makes anyone think this pattern will change after October 19, 2015?

One credit that cannot be denied from the Liberals, however, is their ability to control the Canadian debt.  Each time a Conservative Government ran Canada the debts have climbed.  In the case of the Harper Government, our national debt has skyrocketed to the point where countrywide bankruptcy has become a very possible reality.  In order to rescue Canada from this fate we need a government who needs to revamp our financial structure on every level possible.  Although the Liberals have managed to control the Canadian debt each time they’re in power they have never made the genuine effort to eliminate it.  So given our current situation, is the Liberal Party really the right choice for Canada?  In all honesty, I don’t think so, but I do believe they are more fundamentally Canadian by heart as individuals than Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are as a whole.

There is also Thomas Mulcair’s New Democratic Party (NDP) and given Rachel Notley’s victory in Alberta, the momentum is definitely in this party’s favor.  However, people residing in the provinces that had NDP rule are nervous because history has shown the NDPs did not represent their respective provinces (British Columbia and Saskatchewan) nearly as well as they could have.  However, is that the full fault of the NDPs?  I honestly don’t think so.  Provincial political leaders don’t have the same level of power that federal leaders do.  Also, being that Canada has been treated as a corporation since the birth of this nation (by the Commonwealth Crown) the fact that the NDPs tend to favor people over corporations have always placed them on the defensive side of an argument instead of being allowed to exercise their full potential.

Although I do believe Thomas Mulcair and his NDPs deserve a shot to run this nation on a federal level so they can show us what they’re truly made of I am not 100% convinced this is the right choice for Canada either.  Many feel Thomas Mulcair is another Stephen Harper in the making and his NDPs are merely lower key versions of the Conservatives.  Those coming from provinces that already feel betrayed by what they deem as failed NDP leadership will likely favor Liberals come election day.  This alone poses a big enough threat to the NDP’s chances to win Canada on a federal level.

Another thing that hurts the NDP is how often they tend to side with Stephen Harper and his Conservatives when it comes to allowing Elizabeth May and her Green Party of Canada to take part in their rightful role as equals when it comes to any form of the political stage on a federal level.  One such example are the debates that are held within Canada as the election day draws near.  Right now as it stands, Elizabeth May has been allowed to take part in only one televised debate for Canada.  The green light has not been given to allow her to take part in all the others.  For as long as Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper continue to block Elizabeth May from exercising her democratic right to take part it is hard to look at their respective NDPs and Conservatives as ideal parties worthy to run this nation.

Now this is where the Liberals can find a way to redeem themselves in the eyes of Canadians.  It was Justin Trudeau who sided with Canada to let Elizabeth May into the debates in the first place.  If he can repeat this for all the other debates then this may be enough to win over enough Canadians to realized he and his Liberals aren’t so bad after all.

However, I honestly believe the reason why Stephen Harper and his Conservatives, along with Thomas Mulcair and his NDPs continue to block Elizabeth May and her Greens is because they see the one true party that is uniquely qualified to rip Canada from the reigns of tyranny that have had us bound since the very beginning.  The Green Party of Canada has a vision that is far more Canadian than any other major party in the running and this is something that scares both Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair.  It may scare Justin Trudeau too, but unlike them he won’t let it show.

Here’s the truth about what Elizabeth May is capable of; she’s brutally honest and has a knack for getting a message across whether it has been done in the most eloquent fashion or not.  This is what defines a human being with true leadership capabilities.  This is what Canada needs.  This is what the world needs.  This is what all of humanity needs.

The Conservatives, NDPs and even Liberals know it.  Those who see the Greens for who they really are know it too.

Another thing I should point out is the Green Party of Canada has members within their ranks that used to be NDP.  When Bruce Hyer crossed the floor to leave the NDP party in favor of the Greens this had to leave yet another bad taste in the mouth of Thomas Mulcair.  In Thomas Mulcair’s eyes he sees Elizabeth May and her Green Party as traitors to his NDP and he repeatedly lets this show.  Whether he realizes it or not, this is a typical behavior pattern coming from the man and this is where I believe Canadians see him as another version of Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper is pegged as a spiteful man that holds anyone and anything that opposes him in contempt.  Instead of finding ways to compromise so everybody wins he will exercise any means necessary to ensure he (and only he) is the victor.  This is not leadership.  That is tyranny.  Huge difference.  So the main question right now is will we see this same pattern from Thomas Mulcair?  I believe those who are nervous to vote NDP are in this state of mind right now.  Given how badly the Harper Government has ran Canada it comes as no surprise that the people will do anything to see to it we find an escape.

I honestly believe the best escape and the best hope for Canada is siding with Elizabeth May and her Green Party.  They carry a vision the other three parties don’t and they will have it in them to break Canada free from the clutches of the banks and corporations that falsely believe we belong to them.  However, such a move has to be done carefully to avoid inciting a war.  Stephen Harper has sold Canada out to foreign nations where any attempt to take it back could result in a conflict that would destroy every Canadian instead of rescuing them.  Elizabeth May knows this and, one of the biggest reasons why the Green Party broke away from the NDP was their view on wars.  The NDP are more favorable for warring tactics than the Greens.  The Greens solidly believe conflict can and should be resolved through diplomacy as they’ve acknowledged all violent wars do is destroy and determine a temporary victor.

The Green Party of Canada represents something very few political parties can honestly stake claim to.  They represent a positive future without compromise, but with the most humane methods that are so desperately needed this day in age. They are far from the tree-hugging hippies many falsely believe them to believe.  These are people who also have education degrees in every field imaginable.  They possess among themselves the same qualifications and expertise as the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP have.  However, the one extra trait they have in their arsenal that the others lack is ultimate unity.  They know better than anyone that working as a cohesive unit despite the differences is far more productive than going the “I’m right, you’re wrong” routine.

That is what Canada needs.  This is what the entire world needs.  We need unity, not division.  In an ideal world everybody would simply learn how to get along and equally share their resources so that nobody misses out on anything.  There is no competition to have more than the other because for as long as everybody has what they need and are happy with it the world would indeed be a better place.


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