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Give your time and money to charity.  It will do you good.  It is also tax deductible.
This is what we encounter most often with commercials who play at the heart strings of humanity.  Whether it be for first aid relief of some stricken nation that could use the help or research money to find new treatments and cures to a wide variety of ailments that threaten human life, we are expected to pitch in and help.
Make no mistake doing so does give that feeling of doing something good, whether it be by donation of time and/or money.  However, what doesn’t feel good is acknowledging the charitable organization that just took your time and/or money intends to pay themselves first long before that money goes to where it’s supposed to.  As soon as this hard dose of reality hits suddenly it makes it more difficult to believe in those charities.
I used to work for the Canadian Cancer Society. That job lasted 3 hours as it hit me what a scam it was. My job was to collect donations on the phone for cancer research. However, being that I was paid to do this, along with 30 other people in the room and that we had paid supervisors and there is also a paid board of directors and a paid CEO, just how much money gets wasted on corporate crap before it actually goes to where it’s supposed to?
I used to work for the Canadian Cancer Society. That job lasted 3 hours as it hit me what a scam it was. My job was to collect donations on the phone for cancer research. However, being that I was paid to do this, along with 30 other people in the room and that we had paid supervisors and there is also a paid board of directors and a paid CEO, just how much money gets wasted on corporate crap before it actually goes to where it’s supposed to?
This is where I learned the majority of charitable organizations are scams. I also discovered PETA only sends about 1% of donations to actually help animals while the remaining 99% fund their corporate agendas.
Besides, if the cure to cancer has already been discovered through cannabis oil and a few other means, then why continue the research for that cure?  In the summer of 2008 I lost my best friend when she lost her fight to cancer.  If I had known at that time about cannabis oil I would have convinced her to take that route instead of listening to her family, who made the mistake of listening to the mainstream doctors appointed to help her.
My best friend first got this as breast cancer back in 2002.  After her breast removal surgery she did the chemotherapy and radiation treatments, along with dutifully taking in the medications that was supposed to help her.  I should point out her cancer had also reached into the lymph nodes, so even there I knew after all this that the cancer would one day spring back to haunt her.
And it did.  She was relatively cancer free, or at least brought to believe that, from 2004 until 2006.  It was a year and a half exactly.  When it was discovered she had incurable bone cancer she was devastated.  However, she had a pair of friends that are fighters so between the three of us we rallied together to find alternatives to defeat the evil cancer once and for all.  There was no support from her entire family as they solidly believed doctors and nurses are the only answer to her problem.  They never believed in alternative medicine.  This is as right wing of a family as it gets and the closest resemblance to what a neo Nazi family would be like in the province of Alberta.  They are extremely closed minded and never could figure out the spiritualism behind my best friend and they never made the attempt to understand.
When we tried the alternative routes it did work for a while, but cancer is a vicious enemy.  Just like the wiliest politician, it always finds a new road to manipulate whatever it can to finish whatever job it originally set out to do.  That job is to destroy and it did exactly that.  It got to the point where my friend had no choice but to go back to the hospital and this is where she’d experience a rapid decline to her health that literally found the fast track to her death.  The moment those doctors, nurses and her family took over even my best friend knew she was not going to stay alive much longer.  I saw the hope drain from her eyes and all that was left was devastation.
I knew even back in 2008 when my friend died that it was an unnecessary death.  Everything my friend went through in her six year fight was unnecessary, all because a handful of the most greedy among us would rather play politics and suck up whatever dollar they can from the masses instead of bringing forth the cure they had in their hands all along.
I’m not saying all charities are scams.  There are a few good ones out there that are indeed genuine.  I am actually quite fond of the Salvation Army and their attempts to do good every chance they get.  They, unlike most church organizations, do not judge as they help whoever they can determine is in need.  They do what they can with what little they’ve got.  It is extremely rare I see anyone within top brass of the Salvation Army run around drenched in riches that make you wonder where your donation dollars are really going to.  The same cannot be said for other church organizations.
I worked as a hall manager for a Roman Catholic church outfit and thankfully that was not a job that lasted for too long.  I saw scams like you wouldn’t believe in what should be the pinnacle of what charity is all about.  What I discovered with these Roman Catholics was a high-school level of competition amongst the congregation as to who is the most godly among them.  Although they claim they donate their time and money to serve God, I could see clean through each of them. The vast majority of this group went out of their way to be recognized for all the good they do by their peers.  God had nothing to do with it.  It was all about personal vanity and it sickened me.
What I did find remarkable was the genuine hearted among this church group were the quietest.  They donated their time for whatever they believed in, but never donated their money.  It was they that pointed out that the government pays a healthy portion of keeping certain church organizations running and gives them enough tax breaks where donations really aren’t necessary.  All the donations do is add perks to the minister who gets to live in a very lovely home for free.  So what struck me was even the most honest among the church folk admits that charitable donations, even to a church, is a scam.
My job as a hall manager there was to utilize their community hall to bring in revenue through organized functions and events to help pay for everything the church needed.  My popularity there among the congregation was 50/50 as half believed the hall should be only for themselves and not used as a scheme to draw in even more money while the other half wanted to suck as much money as they could from the public.  Realizing I was working with what seemed more like a bunch of vultures rather than peaceful doves of hope I found a fast exit from what I still consider the cesspool of flawed faith.
Again, not all churches are created equal.  Just like not all charities share the same corporate agenda.  However, there are way too many rotten apples in the crowd that serves as a stain to what humanity is supposed to be about.
Another charitable organization that deserves scrutiny is the Red Cross Society.  Although there is no doubt the humanitarian aid they provide is worthy of praise, it should be pointed out what makes the Red Cross Society work are the dedicated volunteers who jump in to help wherever they can.  Kudos to them as this is the only aspect of this charitable organization that is truly honorable.  The rest of it, however, is not.
The Red Cross Society is a corporation.  Hiding behind charitable acts of kindness, this is actually quite a ruthless band of con artists that rely on the frailties of human compassion to make their mark.  They rival the cancer societies as a top notch example of the most corrupted forms of charitable organizations.  Just like PETA, only 1% of the money donated to their cause actually goes to where it’s supposed to.  The rest of it is used to pay off the hired staff, the board of directors and the CEO in charge.  One can say that the money also goes to pay for the buildings and utilities but that is not true.  The government pays for that with our tax dollars.  So really, our donations to charities such as these, just like the church, is not needed.
However, the kindhearted among us don’t see it this way.  They want to help.  For those who do see it choose to help anyway because they believe even if just 1% goes to where it’s supposed to go it is better than nothing.  This is where I disagree.  It is not about money.  It never was and it never should have been used as a means to deceive the people into believing that their dollar makes a difference.  It doesn’t.
Back in the early biblical days these donations were considered tithing.  No matter how you call it what is expected from each of us to keep this means of income flowing.  However, in the days of Jesus Christ he saw how corrupt this system had become and tried to put a stop to it.  Because of this the greediest and most powerful of his time swooped in and had him ridiculed and then crucified for it.  This is something the greediest and most powerful continue to do to this day.  Although they can no longer blatantly throw us on the cross as public displays of where our defiance leads us they still find ways to punish those who not only see the error of their ways but dare to speak up about them.
These corporations hide behind charitable organizations they’ve designed and set up a system where the public is lead to believe if they choose not to donate to a good cause they they are horrible people who lack humanity.  They prey on the good nature of such people like vultures and in turn these people fail to realize what they are actually doing is helping the evils among us advance that much further ahead in their quest to take this entire world for themselves.  They are not honorable and they do not care about the human race as much as their charitable organizations claim to.  It’s a lie.  All of it.
There is no doubt good within these charitable organizations and they do indeed deserve recognition for it, but they are like the rest of mankind.  The wool has been pulled over our eyes so thick that only a tiny few see the true horrors behind the pretty pictures painted for us about where our donation (and tax) dollars are really going to.  Wake up, folks, because the sooner you do the sooner you stop feeding the rich and start paying closer attention to the poor whom we all know need it more than they do.
Donate your time, not your money.  Even if it is just one hour a week it will serve a far greater purpose than if you dropped a hundred dollar bill into one of those top charitable boxes you see at places like McDonald’s, Wal-Mart and hanging off the necks of kids for Unicef when they go Halloweening.  Your time is more valuable than what you carry in your change purse as this is where your true humanity comes from.  Donating money is a cop out and it keeps a good scam going.  If you must donate something tangible instead of your time then donate blankets or canned food.  The wealthy elite have no use for those, especially if those blankets have been used before.  And the wealthy elite prefer eating out of ridiculously expensive restaurants than open up a can of Chef Boyardee.
If you want to help the poor and unfortunate be like Robin Hood.  See to it the rich don’t bleed so much as another penny from you through their scammy charitable organizations.  Give only what the poor and unfortunate is more likely to receive.  Then and only then are your best intentions truly seeing the good resulting from it.  Tithing means giving what you can afford to give and it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be monetary.  Goods and services work too and with the level of corruption that has engulfed us, this is really the only reasonable road we should be taking.

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