Boycotts & Bullies

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For me it is amazing what people will go to war for.  What started out as a simple protest by environmentalists between Canada and USA against a coffee franchise has resulted into something truly ridiculous.  If this is what our human race has reduced itself to then it comes as no surprise just how much trouble we are all really in.

Harper CartoonTim Horton’s made the choice to listen to the original group of boycotters who are fed up that their own governments are not even listening to them about their concerns about climate change, the grossly neglectful impact the oil industries are having upon this nation (and the world) and how all this neglect has affected the daily lives of the average Canadian.

Since Enbridge and their oil buddies started ripping British Columbia and Alberta apart in their unquenchable thirst for oil by any means necessary they have continuously caused cataclysmic disasters.  These disasters mostly involve oil spills, whether it be by their pipelines, tankers or fracking methods.  Some disasters are more obvious than others and the public is made aware of only a fraction of these disasters by mainstream media.  The rest we learn from the locals in the area who tell us what mainstream media are not allowed to admit to.  For those who bother to listen and do the research for themselves they get it.  They know for as long as we continue this pursuit of fossil fuels as our primary means for energy we are literally committing  genocide that will outnumber the Jewish prisoners that Adolf Hitler massacred between the 30s and 40s.

Unfortunately, not enough people have clued in just how much trouble we’re really in.  Too many still think that fossil fuels is the road to stay on because the alternatives just don’t cut it.  This is wrong.  This is what those big oil companies like Enbridge want their puppets to think.  Make no mistake, anybody who willingly follows a company like this and believes they’re the cat’s meow is sadly mistaken.  Sure, they brought jobs, but what is happening to those jobs now?  Also, in addition to those jobs the cancer rates have spiked and that is also linked to all those industrialized graveyards that these oil companies created.

So for those who side with Enbridge in their declaration of war against Tim Hortons for their decision to pull their ads from the screens of their restaurants, keep in mind that you are siding with a company who doesn’t give a damn about you.  This company will save their CEOs first and will cut you from their payroll without any regard as to what kind of impact it will have on you and your family.  This is already being done.

Do the stranded workers in northern Alberta not mean a thing to you?  An oil company left them high and dry where they had to find their own way home.  Where is the compassion there?  There was none. Do you think you’ll fare any better than those abandoned workers with Enbridge?  You won’t!  So really, siding with a company that is now looking to crush another company that actually has a much larger group of employees than what you belong to is not the answer.  It merely shows you are every bit as petty as the bullies who can’t stand the fact that another corporation chose the side of people who care instead of making a measly profit.

That’s what this is about to Enbridge and their oil buddies.  It is not about right and wrong and it is most definitely not about a declaring war against them simply because Tim Hortons changed their minds about running their ads.  It is about ethics and the decision Tim Hortons made when they pulled the ads was respecting the ethical stance the original protesters shared.  Now, if Tim Hortons reverses this decision because the flipside has sour grapes and is screaming foul then this actually makes Tim Hortons look like a weak company that is incapable of making their own decisions regardless of who is pressuring them.

The fact that this has even become a federal issue, and probably even an electoral one, is ridiculous.  Have we as a people fallen so far from grace that we are in a crisis over the decisions of a coffee company?  Really?  If I didn’t find this particular subject so tragic I would laugh.  Oh wait, I did laugh and that’s how my giant meme of this whole farce got put together in the first place.


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