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In a heated debate it came up that alternative methods of energy that break us away from the dependence on fossil fuels is just not possible.  It is their belief that the four elements we have on this planet; earth, wind, rain and fire just can’t sustain what this world needs to keep the lights on and the cars running.

Although I know most people don’t want to revert back to what they’d consider the stone age where getting around means it is on foot again instead of a vehicle.  I know indoor plumbing is preferred to outhouses, so I do understand why there’s such a debate over energy resources and how there is such a great division between environmentalists and industrialists.

I make it no secret I’m on the side of the environmentalists, but I also understand where the industrialists are coming from too.  What I don’t understand and what I don’t side with is the division itself and why it has to be so hard for opposite sides of an argument find a common ground they both can work with.

I know we can’t run away from fossil fuels overnight.  At least not by choice.  We can, however, wean ourselves away from it as newer and stronger renewable energy resources continue to make their strides.  This process would be so much easier if the ugliness of greed was taken out of the picture and need to make humanity our number one priority.

If the environment dies so do the people.  Already the Pacific Ocean is dying due to the cataclysmic Fukushima nuclear spill that continues to raise radiation levels through the roof.  People don’t realize it now, but this disaster has barely begun to show the entire human race just how devastating an impact of Mother Nature’s growing list of wounds can really be.

According to biblical terms, we’re in an age where there’ll be a great number of quakes, fires and all sorts of disasters that will strike down upon us as if it was a vengeful god seeking to exact punishment upon his disobedient race of children.  Even if you don’t believe in an ounce the bible has to say you cannot ignore the fact that we are in a far more perilous state than perhaps even the most aware of us realize.

Oddly enough, also in the bible it states that veils of deceit would be lifted and at that time we’d see who our true enemies are.  I see these veils slowly coming off, but we are far from out of the woods.  In fact we have just entered them as we are more bombarded than ever with information that becomes overwhelming to figure out which is truth and which is farce.  Right now, regardless of where the news comes from, I have to treat every piece of news I get as both.  I believe there’s truth in everything we’re told, but through a particular point of view that may present it in an altered manner that suddenly changes the origin of the story.  It’s like a rumor that gets passed between 10 people.  The original story becomes something completely different by the time it reaches the 10th person.

As it appears more communities and nations are rising to the occasion by what seems like kicking the corporate evils in the teeth.  On the same note, the people stuck in communities and nations that have political leaders who hasn’t seen the light yet they are trying to do the same.  The one common ground all these people have is their desire to restore the balance to our environment and the population before it is too late.

There are still not enough people who get it yet that our world is in dire straits and every living creature on this planet, including humans, is on the brink of extinction.  I believe most of it is denial as they cannot wrap their brains around the idea that we have people in power around us that are engineering everything they can to destroy our world and (mostly) everyone on it.  Most of these people side very much with the industrial group who have their eyes on the prize of fossil fuels, money and all the luxuries they currently enjoy that come with it.

The environmentalists see this as an insult and I have to admit I fit into that category too.  Once upon a time I didn’t.  I figured the tree huggers were over reacting and that our government can’t possibly be that corrupted and that we are ruled by an elite group of people who care nothing about the human race.  Although I never scoffed at the conspiracy theorists, I just couldn’t bring myself to put enough stock into any of it to really give those theories better thought.

I’ve come such a long way since then and I’m sure I’m not alone.  However, there’s still a long way to go and not just for me.  We all need to do so much more than what we’re doing now.  And no, I’m not meaning as environmentalists.  We’re doing what we can with what we’ve got.

Some of the industrialists are great at working with the environmentalists to reach a common ground, but the dirtiest players among them won’t go there.  They are way too wrapped up in their own greed and scheme of things to give a damn about what the rest of the world thinks.  In fact, they want the rest of the world dead, bottom line.  So, this deadly group will go to great lengths to see to it every water is sucked dry until there’s nothing left and every seed has become barren.

We have to see to it this doesn’t happen.  Both environmentalists and industrialists who truly care must really learn to work together and prove to the elite few that this our world too, and not just theirs.  We want our world strong, healthy and alive.

Of environmentalists and industrialists who are working together there has been great strides taken already to keep this world functional but without needing to rely on the toxic fossil fuels.  I’ve laid out a tiny handful of pics here, each of them that serve as links to the sites that talk more about these pictures.  If you have the time and interest to go through them all I think by the time you’re done, even if you’re a skeptic of solar power you cannot ignore the fact that those who know we can do better than what we’ve got now is on the right track.

Solar Roofs
Solar Roofing for residential, commercial and industrial sites.
Kyocera Solar Power Plant
Japan’s post-Fukushima solution.
Seville, Spain: the World’s largest solar power tower plant.
Solar Powered Cars
Solar powered cars have first made their appearance back in 1970.  Great strides have since been taken to improve this new method of automated transportation.

This is just a tiny sample of what is available.  There is so much more and as far as pics and examples go I’ve only scratched the surface.  There are transportation companies that now use solar commercial vehicles instead of stinky diesel trucks.  I’ve even learned how to convert a simple shed into a year round greenhouse by using pop cans.  There’s a sprout of companies that can convert your home to not just solar roofing but solar hot water.  When it comes to this line of energy the sky is literally the limit.

The sun has something not one of the fossil fuel industries we use have.  That is an unlimited source of power.  Sooner or later we will run out of fossil fuels to work with.  In fact, there are a growing number of videos and other publications that show that we have surpassed the peak of our fossil fuel availability and we are now speeding towards critical levels of how much of these resources we have left.

Don’t let the mainstream media, our politicians nor the big oil corporations fool you.  They all say otherwise and go to great lengths to demonstrate their side of the story, but the truth of the matter is not only are we beginning to see the bottom of the fossil fuel pit, we are also exhausting the only resources on this planet that is truly valuable.  What are those resources?  Our air, our water, our food and even our humanity.

Right now there’s a war raging between two very different sides as to where we should be taking this world as far as battling the effects of climate change due to pollution.  Those who pay close enough attention to the environment to realize that mankind must make profound and immediate changes to how we fuel our lifestyles.  The rest still fool themselves into thinking that the planet’s health still is in peak condition and that mankind would not survive without the continued reliance on fossil fuels.

This is so wrong.  Mankind survived perfectly fine for thousands of years without exploiting fossil fuels and if we have to we can go there again.  It may feel like living in the dark ages, but how will we fare out when those fossil fuels run out (either by over exploitation or acts of war between nations fooled by big business into thinking it’s for freedom) and everything around us becomes too toxic to even taste?  We have opportunities right now that are being exercised by those who have the willing to see to it we don’t revert back to the dark ages and we don’t have to worry about running out of any of the resources, including the fossil fuel ones.    We need to embrace those opportunities and with people who believe in a future that has far more rewards than we possibly realize.


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