Why Me?

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Let me ask you a question.  Do you ever experience moments in your life where you wonder why you’re here?  Do you ever look at people and ask yourself why you just happen to be who you are, where you are and how does your presence make any difference to what’s going on in the world today?

I ask myself these questions quite often.  Sometimes I stare directly at a wall and wonder why I’m able to do that.  Is this God’s doing?  Or, is it something that isn’t even remotely biblical related?  Either way, it is still a profound feeling as it forces me to try and puzzle as many answers as I can together in an effort to better understand why my life is the way it is.

Why am I alive?  Why in this day in age?  This, combined with all the people and situations I encounter, forces me to take a good look at myself and the world that surrounds me while I’m in it.  I am a firm believer that everyone and everything has a purpose, even if we don’t understand what it is yet.  For me, sometimes it’s frustrating to see people who seem to already have a firm grasp as to what their purpose is while others (like myself) are still floundering in a pool of uncertainty.

I think I have some idea why I’m here and why today.  For those who’ve followed my blogs you know that there is no such topic too sacred for me to talk about.  I’ll take stabs at everything, even knowing it may be a controversial approach.  There is a method to my brand of madness where I try to view situations from every angle possible before plowing forward with my money’s worth.  I don’t always expect people to agree with me, but I do at least hope they try to understand my point of view just enough to take in a possibility they may not have otherwise considered.

This is what I try to do whenever I come across someone opposing my views and not being afraid to say so.  I actually love it when this happens because it forces me to reconsider my approach and look more closely through their eyes.  By doing this I can figure out if their argument is a rational enough one to work with so I can figure out a common ground where even the most opposing of views can actually agree on.

I’d like to think what I’m doing is in favor of what God wants from me.  Even without God in the picture here, I still hope that somewhere my miniscule contribution is what I’m supposed to be doing.  If there is any one talent I know I do have it’s the gift of the gab.  Talking and writing is something I’m very comfortable with and am not shy at all when it comes to plowing forward with what I believe in.  I’m also not afraid to speak up when I feel there is something wrong, even if it feels like I’m the only one that’s noticed it.

I’m an oddball and I know it.  As much as I hate to be wrong at the same time I don’t mind if I am, especially if me being wrong means my worst fears about something won’t be realized after all.  For instance, my biggest fear that humanity as we know it will become extinction as soon as the New World Order officially takes over is something I truly hope will never be realized.  I very much want to be wrong in this regard, but for as long as my gut feeling keeps telling me that mankind is in grave danger I will not back down from the one fight I believe in most.

I fight for humanity with whatever tools I have at my disposal to do so.  I may not always go about it the best way and I do admit sometimes my own fears do get the best of me and I will cower in situations that I feel is necessary at the time.  However, I will never turn my back on humanity and I will not turn my back on God, even if it goes against popular opinion.  To me, God is more than just some deity people choose to worship.  God is us.  God is nature.  God is below us, among us, within us and above us.  Our connection to God is through the Holy Spirit as some people call it and it is also the connection we have with each other as human beings.  Even if you take the name “God” out of the picture, the very fabric of who we are is defined by the spiritual connection we share and this is something even hardcore scientists who refuse to give any god an ounce of credit for anything cannot ignore.

I honestly believe this is another reason why I am here.  I also believe it is why you are here too.  We are here to fight for humanity while we still can, even if it means at tremendous personal cost.  I am well aware each time I blog, comment or even spend money I am under a microscope.  The more I go up against whom I honestly believe are the true enemies of mankind the bigger target I paint on my own back.  As much as I fear this, I’m willing to accept it because deep down I have a very bad feeling that these enemies of mankind are very close to throwing us all into the next phase of their New World Order agenda.

It’s impossible for me to ignore what’s going on.  I’ve tried.  I was actually very good at turning a blind eye to the horrors of reality, but that is now backfiring as I realize this is what our enemies want us to do.  They want to keep us distracted so they can continue carrying out whatever it is they have in mind to depopulate the planet by phasing out whom they regard as meaningless vermin.

Are you aware it is now being considered to turn conspiracy theories into acts of terrorism?  There are governments who believe conspiracy theorists are criminals and must be treated as such.  The reason for this is because they fear the truths that come from the so-called conspiracy theorists who are, in fact, conspiracy realists.  This bunch sees beyond the veils of deceit that is displayed before us through mainstream media and other forms of commercialism, and it is this bunch that promptly sounds the alarm in an effort to wake up the masses.

Only while awake do we stand a chance to defeat our enemies.  This is something that the enemies of mankind do not want.  They want us to remain in a state of slumber.  For as long as we remain distracted and unaware of what’s really going on, the easier it is for those who seek to destroy us to pin us all into corners to do their bidding without resistance.  This is what the Nazis did to the Jewish during the Hitler days and we are seeing this manifest itself now, but at a much larger scale.

At least I see it.  Is that why I’m here and why in this particular day in time?  Or, is there another reason?  Until I figure out what those are, for now I’m going with a battle that I believe is worth waging.


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