Conservative? Liberal? NDP? Green?

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Choose Wisely

What I find unsettling about Tom Mulcair and his version of the NDPs is they seem standoffish. This is where I don’t like Tom. Also, Tom has too much of a Harper persona about him that makes me see the 2015 version of Tom identical to the 2006 version of Harper that got him elected. This is where I’m very nervous. If it were Rachel Notley (who keeps her distance from Tom despite the fact they’re in the same political party) I wouldn’t give it a 2nd thought. I’d be NDP 100%.

Rachel Notley and Elizabeth May have so much in common based on what I’ve observed. This is a huge reason why I favor Green that much more than ever before.

In all honesty, if Elizabeth May was the leader of the NDP, both the Libs and Cons would be left so far behind in the dust that one would think they’re running blind and backwards. However, the vision of Elizabeth May and the Greens isn’t quite as standoffish as Tom’s NDP and this is why I actually favor Green over NDP.

I do agree on how important this particular election is and that we really need to exercise strategic voting. I’m no fan of Tom’s version of the NDP, but I am a fan of Rachel Notley’s.

I started to favor Justin Trudeau and his Liberals until they messed up siding with the Cons on C-51. Justin’s Liberals are nothing at all like the Liberals in the senate. His posse behaves more like the old style Tories and this is a huge contradiction to Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Liberals. He and his supporters can use the political strategy story all they want but I know better than this. It is not strategic at all to vote against the wishes of Canadians. It is flat out ignorance and this is where both the Libs and the Cons have exercised far too often for far too long. It has to stop.

If this means bringing in (relatively) fresh new blood that stems from the NDP then so be it. I’m still not 100% sold on them, but do agree with the leap of faith theology of mine that it’s better to make an effort to smash that revolving door between Libs and Cons than to let it continue.

C’mon, people! No more Libs and no more Cons! Give both the NDP and the Greens a chance to make their mark. Seriously, considering what has already been taken away from us by the Cons (and now the Lib C-51 blunder) where can we possibly go wrong at this point by letting someone else in?

Keep the Cons in and Harper will finish what he started by stripping every last ounce of Canadian heritage, rights, liberties, freedoms and environment we have left. We will not see another election after 2015 if he stays in power. He will see to that. He’s already trying to sabotage this election and it hasn’t even been set in stone yet. It’s a tentative date that can change in a heartbeat.

Put the Libs in and they’ll slightly slow down what the Cons have going, but they have already proven far too often that they don’t listen to the Canadian people either. Why in the world would we want to put our faith in someone who clearly has no faith in any of us?

The NDP do listen and that I will give them credit for. So do the Greens. This is why I don’t understand the huge debate as to why we Canadians are so divided as to what direction our nation needs to go. I don’t 100% trust the NDP either (or even the Greens) that they are the cure Canada needs, but I do believe in giving them the chance to prove it.

Both the Cons and the Libs had more than enough chances to prove they could run Canada and they’ve blown it each time. Yet, us stupid Canadians keep letting them in and out without giving the likes of the NDP or the Greens a chance to see if they can do any better.

Don’t you think we owe it to Canada by now to alter our way of thinking and send a direct message to both the Cons and the Libs that we deserve so much better?


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