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The political parties that have run both America and Canada are flat out boring.  Within these nations what the majority of the people fail to realize is that even though each political party has their own names and their own agendas, the bottom line is for as long as certain banks and corporations remain in the picture it is they who are truly in control.  It doesn’t matter if in America a president has been elected or in Canada it is a prime minister.  They, along with the political party they represent, are expected to answer to these particular banks and corporations long before they even put the people of their own nation into consideration.  So in reality, our own governments are nothing more than trained puppets.  We, in turn, have become the exact same way.  Virtually every single human being has been turned into a boring drone that have become so numb through the brainwashing tactics of commercialism that they fail to acknowledge that none of them are as independent as they’d like to think.

I have always made this observation among people ever since I was in school.  I was that one kid that could just not fit in.  And, in all honesty, I didn’t even try, even though I experienced moments where I wanted to.  It is not easy to stand out because doing so means you get picked on.  Nobody wants to be bullied on any given level, which is precisely what happens to people who don’t seem fortunate enough to become part of the in crowd, or at least blend in with the rest of the population well enough to not get noticed.  Bullies are at their strongest when they have group support and they know their target is incapable of fighting back.  That’s what bullies do.  While I was in school I noticed the people that exercised the worst behavior in this regard were those whom the vast majority of the student population seemed to support or at least look up to without question.  I had even observed this among the teaching faculty and I understand why.  Conformity is a wonder drug and too addictive to move away from.  Like moths to flame, people will unwittingly draw themselves towards what they think is a beacon of hope when truth be told that light is actually torching their individualism to death.

Let me ask you a question.  What is the purpose behind a kitchen blender?  If you’ve answered to mix together a variety of different ingredients into a fluidic combination of flavors that have now become one then you’ve got it right.  So now let me ask you another question.  How well do you blend in with those around you?  Think about your relationship with your family, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers and even the objects that surround you.  Do you feel like you’re in the thick of things and enjoy it all, moment for moment?  Or, do you often feel singled out for reasons you may or may not understand?  Perhaps you are like most people where you find yourself in both situations.  Sometimes you feel like you blend in with the crowd just fine while there are also moments where that isolated sensation is more like it.

I’ve been in all these situations.  In school, as I’ve mentioned, conformity to the point where I blended in virtually unnoticed was simply not in the cards for me.  I had been to multiple schools and no matter where I went, whether I liked it or not, stuck out.  Now, it was not an extreme cast out experience, but I actually found I had more in common with those who were bullied, left out and shunned than those who considered themselves to be at the top of the school social chain.  Of those who blended in so well that I can’t even remember their faces or names, I honestly couldn’t find myself relating to them that well either, but I did understand them well enough.

I never finished high school, but did take additional educational programs in an effort to make up for that.  The belief I had was in order to avoid a lifetime experience of minimum wage jobs nobody had any respect for that I needed to better myself somehow.  Oddly enough those attempts didn’t pan out so well either.  As much as I thought I blended into the closest thing to civilian invisibility, whether it be by post-secondary education or employment situations, I always found myself feeling I never truly belonged.  I felt like this with my own family, despite the fact that I do love them all, and even with my own friends I just couldn’t bring myself to be any closer to any of them for reasons that are purely of my own doing, not theirs.

Now, I’ve been like everyone else.  I’ve been reeled into the commercials and programs and bought into most of it.  I too got shocked by media coverage that had me turn into a bleeding heart for those whom I thought were victimized.  How could I not?  What kind of human being would I be not to care?  I was glued to my television set during the 9/11 coverage and at first I bought into the media coverage surrounding it.  However, I also did something else.  I talked to friends who happened to be online on the internet and some of them lived right in Boston and New York.  It’s interesting what happens when the stories exchanged at that exact moment don’t measure up to the media coverage as well as it should.  At that particular timing, however, the shock was too strong to completely absorb that what I observed by media coverage were merely half truths.

That was the case for us all.  But, that’s precisely what the powers that be wanted.  This is how they reel the masses, regardless of who they are or where they’re from, into a manipulated form of reality that nobody with a sane mind dares to question.  Anybody, especially at such precarious timing, who dares to contradict what mainstream media and the government are both broadcasting will be instantly cast as enemies and shunned for it.  This is how puppet masters do their work.  By duping the people into a brand of culture created for the sole purpose to divide and conquer, they are able to convince entire populations to turn on each other like rabid dogs.

What solidified the fact that the 9/11 attacks on the towers and other key targets was an inside job was the moment then president George Bush Jr. made the comment “either you are with us or against us” at virtually the same timing then prime minister of Canada, Jean Chretien, expressed reservations about just how involved he was willing to commit his own nation into a war-infused American agenda.  This is what ultimately did it for me as the suspicions I had about the validity of the mainstream stories surrounding 9/11 and the terrorist plots were starting to become justified.

I should also point out that no sooner had Jean Chretien and his Liberals of Canada made what would be deemed at the time as a mistake to oppose anything American that scandals against the Liberal Party of Canada started to break out at a quickening pace too difficult to ignore.  It also became obvious the pressure on our Canadian Government at that time wound up putting our nation into a position where we got more involved on a military level than we originally wanted to.

Thanks to the manipulations of mainstream media, enough people within the Canadian border replaced a prime minister who exercised the dangerous trait of individuality with Paul Martin and a minority Liberal Government.  Just like Jean Chretien, Paul Martin is also an individualist and would have actually been great for Canada, but a minority government during a time where the people of the nation was already too heavily manipulated was not enough to pull off what was truly needed.  All it did was prolong the inevitable, which was the introduction of the most corrupt government in Canadian history.

Stephen Harper and his Conservatives happened to come forth at the right time with the right manipulations to convince the population of an entire nation to vote in favor of them come 2006.  However, it wasn’t the entire nation.  Election apathy, also brought on the brainwashing efforts of mainstream media, saw not nearly enough Canadians cast their votes.  You’d think come 2011 that this would have changed, but nope.  Once again the manipulations were enough to keep people too dormant for their own good.

This isn’t the case just in Canada.  It is everywhere that have governments in place that work with mainstream media to continue manipulating the masses through what is widely considered as pop culture.  Now, the typical idea behind pop culture is whatever happens to be popular enough at the time to redesign society as we know it.  However, my idea of pop culture is something entirely different and it’s not nearly as innocent.

Through the eyes of those who are truly in control of our world, we are nothing more than P.O.P.  Break it down and it becomes a Population Of Puppets.  Puppets can be created.  Puppets can be controlled. Puppets can be tangled up or have their strings cut off at the will of those who master them.  The more a puppet cooperates with the manipulations that take place the more it is favored.  As soon as a puppet becomes too difficult to control, those who try to master them get frustrated and promptly take them out of the picture first chance they get.

Now, if a puppet show happens to be taking place in front of a captivated audience, immediately taking that puppet out without compromising the quality of the show is not an option.  It has to be strategic so that nobody catches on that the elimination of that puppet wasn’t really the intended part of the program.  It became an inconvenient necessity to take it out of the way so that a more controllable version can replace it.

This is the part where I now add that while the people are distracted with the shows that have been staged before them, none of them pay enough attention to what’s actually going on around them.  They have con artists and pickpockets amongst them, doing the jobs they’ve been assigned to do.  The greater the distraction the easier it is for the people to be robbed of everything they value without even knowing it.

The worst part is when the show is over, the still blinded audience, unaware that they’ve just been victimized by a series of crimes against them, will applaud and even offer donations (assuming they have anything left) as means of encouragement to keep the performances coming.  They almost never figure out they’ve been duped until it’s too late and even there, unless they learn who the real criminals are, they’ll blindly believe the first person yet another con artist may take upon himself to point the finger to.

Make no mistake, this world’s population is full of puppets and each of us are being manipulated to the amusement of those who care nothing about who we are.  Of those among us who refuse to take part, we try to cut those strings that bind us to these puppet masters.  We also try to sever the ties for those who haven’t figured it out yet.  However, it’s not an easy task to do because it’s easier for most people to comply with conformity than to rebel as an individual and risk getting kicked out of the comfort zone and being noticed for it.

I find it ironic that people who claim to be unique individuals often aren’t this at all.  The ones that make me laugh the most, which had also been the case even while I was in school, are those who consider themselves to be at the top of the society social chain.  These are people who are always into the latest fashion trends, or whatever happens to be the ideal avenue to take where pop culture is concerned.

So here is that word again.  Pop!  Popularity is just another word for puppetry and that’s all it is.  Those who are more popular among the population are the trendsetters who literally dictate what to listen to, what to wear, how to act and how to be politically correct.  Anybody who fails to fall into this category, regardless if they make the attempt to do so or not, are considered outcasts.  As such, these individuals are literally forced to become enslaved into something they really don’t want for themselves, but in order to avoid further ridicule or hardship they will comply.  These people wind up becoming the puppets of these trendsetters, who in turn are being puppeteered themselves.

Puppets are never in full control of their lives.  They may think they are but in truth they’re not.  They may feel alive and think they’re unique, but the bottom line is until they wake up and break away from all the mainstream madness that continues to manipulate them this will never be the case.

There are some, despite being aware enough of their situation, are often forced to play along as they wait for opportunities to make the moves they need in order to officially break away and live a life where they are indeed free from the conformity of the pop culturalism that is literally killing us all.

Until the bubble bursts to put an end to the POP so that every human being can live out their lives as truly unique individuals they each deserve to be, the population will continue to be the manipulated puppets of those who want the show to go on.  This is why it is vital for those of us who are awake to keep cutting away at those strings in an effort to turn as many puppets as we can back into people so that none of us have to comply with the constraints of corrupted conformity ever again.


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    Perfect acronym!!!


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