Political Poison

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To be perfectly blunt, the brand of politics exercised within places like North America and the UK is disgusting.  It is nothing at all what it should be, which is to be there for the people.  Instead, the political leaders who run America, Canada, the UK and other nations that show clear signs of corrupt government are more interested in being there for themselves.  Each of them lack the true leadership skills required in order to properly run a nation like they’re supposed to.

Also, the majority of the opposing parties that fight for the leadership chair come election time are no better.  All I see with the politics that engulf Americans, Canadians and those stuck with this ridiculous system is another version of team rosters that constantly compete against each other to be at the top.  Although I have nothing against competition, I do have something against spoil sports who forsake what the meaning of team spirit is really all about.

Team spirit means everybody working together.  Win or lose, the whole point is to play with integrity as you strive to be the best you can possibly be.  Being the best doesn’t necessarily mean having the best scoring average or the least amount of goals shot against you.  It means becoming such an inspirational force that those around you can’t help themselves but want to do the exact same thing.  It is acknowledged amongst each other that the best way they can achieve individual success is by working together.  Not only do they improve their own stats, but the stats of their team and even bring better enjoyment to the audience they play to.  With this kind of team spirit we not only see better games, but if every team within the sport of choice exercised this same sense of unity, everybody winds up seeing a better league.

Politics is no different.  Every politician owes it to themselves, to each other, and to the people to exercise a sense of team spirit that is undeniable.  What the nations have right now is nothing at all similar to this and being they’re supposed to be democratic ones, this is an atrocity at best.

Our governments have stopped listening to the people.  They pretend to listen, which in turn spins out false promises, but none of these parties ever hold true to their word.  It is no wonder nations like Canada and America have developed a sense of voter apathy because the people have been reduced to the point of disenchantment when it comes to anything of political value.  Unfortunately, it is because of this voter apathy that has placed our nations in the worst situations they have ever been in and it won’t get any better for as long as we have childish political parties still fighting amongst each other for supremacy.

The problem with our governments is there is a certain arrogance in place where politicians feel they can get away with everything.  For the most part they do, but even for those who get caught, they are still rewarded with lush pensions and lofty alternatives as they’re forced to bow out from the political scene.  This, in my opinion, is wrong.  All this does is not hit home to political leader wannabes that if you expect to be rewarded for your actions you must do so with integrity.

Honor among politicians does not exist.  Any form of honor within any of these political leaders simply is not there.  If it was we’d see a unified government and not a deeply divided one.  We’d even see this in the people, but this is not the case.  We are divided because our political parties designed it that way and keep this insanity going.  It has to stop.

I’m no political leader and I will admit I too am guilty of voter apathy.  I have virtually no respect for any of the political parties (and their leaders) because it is quite clear they have none for us.  And I know I am not the only one who feels this way.  This is why nations like the one I’m in have such low voter turnouts and also why the governments of our nations have continued to spin their political agendas so far out of control that the only thing that will stop it is the full force of a much needed revolution.

In order for any government to work properly is to put each politician in their place by reminding them that if they fail the nation they get nothing.  No pension.  No rewards.  No escape from the law.  They get fired and lose everything.  This is how it should be.  This is what would separate the corrupt politicians from the ones that really do exercise the level of integrity they claim to.

Also, the squabbling of political parties that fail to realize their custody battle of a nation is no better than a pair of idiotic parents squabbling over who gets their kid and the house needs to be put to an end.  The fighting is nothing more than a lame popularity contest and it’s actually quite boring.  There are no true positives that come out of this and there never will be.  What these political parties need to do is learn to work together, but most importantly, work with the people.  If the voices of the people make it quite clear they are against something then listen to those people.  Don’t ignore them.  If their votes really counted like the politicians claim they do, then our nations would never have been reduced to the miserable state they are now.

No government should ever make an important decision about their nation without the direct input of their people.  The fact that we have political leaders within our nations that are doing whatever they see fit without proper consultation among the public is a disgrace.  This is not diplomatic leadership at all.  It is actually a dictatorship.  When it comes to commerce, human rights, science and virtually anything that is of importance affecting the impact of any given nation, no decision should ever be made without direct public input.  Our governments fail to do this and have zero regard for what the people think.  Again, this is not leadership.  This, in fact, is tyranny.

For as long as our political parties continue to wrap themselves up in political races that are more of a joke these days rather than what it’s supposed to be for, the nations involved will never see the remedies or cures that are continually promised to us.  We will continue to be poisoned for as long as the government corruption stays in place.

Also, no government, regardless of the party, will ever strip away their own power in favor of the people.  Power is an addiction.  For as long as these political leaders and their parties remain addicted to that power, one which they’ve clearly abused for far too long, nothing will get better.  It will continue to get worse.

What’s needed is the people to strip that power from them and take more control of whatever nation they call home.  There is nothing wrong with a government, but we do have something terribly wrong with our governments in place right now.  Changing political leaders in an election won’t be enough.  This only lets the problem continue with a new face.  A change in the political structure our governments have become too comfortable with is what really needs to be done.

The ideal government are different leaders working together and sharing their ideas, not just among themselves but with the entire people of the nation they are supposed to represent.  Also, this should be a voluntary service, not a paid one.  All that money poured into the pockets of politicians is waste.  For as long as political leaders continue to do their jobs none of them have to worry about any of their basic expenses.  This includes food, living expenses, fuel and clothing.  It’d be like expense accounts, but if they want luxuries, go get a job and earn the extra money for it like the rest of the people try to do.

Furthermore, like I said, no government should ever have the capability to make important decisions without the direct approval of the public.  This includes putting to vote issues that include foreign policies, trade agreements, environmental concerns, human rights and economics.  By allowing the public to have direct say in something of this magnitude and actually listening to and respecting their wishes, this defines what true leadership is all about.  This is what politics should be all about.

Politicians who get into this line of work need to realize they are supposed to be performing a public service.


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