E.V.I.L. – Elite & Villainous Illuminati League

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Flag Fight

They are the purest definition of evil there is.  Call them what you will, the Elite 1%, the Illuminati or whatever fits the bill, these are the guys who are sculpting our planet to meet standards they require in order to achieve this New World Order they are religiously out to acquire.  I say religiously because everything they do, everything they are and everything they believe in fits the mold of a Luciferian lifestyle.

Because of their wealth, they’ve positioned themselves in the Elite 1% plateau.  They did not reach this by exercising anything less than a vulturous attitude in their activities.  The typical vulture preys upon the weak, the dying and even on each other as they climb their way to the top.  They lack morality where the only code of honor they share amongst themselves is the common bond they share in organizations only the league of the Illuminati support.

In blatant plain view, they mask their agenda through any form of brainwashing tactics they can find.  Their favorite source is through the media in every version it comes in.  The easiest way to fool the masses is to lure each of them into enough distractions from the truth as they embrace commercialism like drug addicts.  This has been accomplished long before the birth of television, radio and internet.  This, in fact, stems as far back as the story of Genesis where Adam and Eve were duped into an advertising ploy Satan (Lucifer) performed upon a pair of innocents who simply didn’t know any better.

The Tree of Knowledge and that forbidden fruit it offered was dangled in front of them in such a manner where all it took was just enough coaxing to have them cave into temptation.  This is what advertising any given product does.  That is the prime focus of every commercial we hear, read and watch.

Whether you have a biblical belief in creationism or not, the common factor is each of us came from some place of origin.  Did we come from the ground as one of nature’s greatest living accomplishments, or did the entity known as God actually design us according to his own image as the bible suggests?  I personally believe it’s both, but I also believe there is so much more to the story (or rather stories) told from the variety of biblical literature we currently have at our disposal.

I also believe I am not the only one who thinks this way.  The Illuminati do too.  I do believe in the existence of Satan (formerly known as Lucifer) but not necessarily as some evil singularity form.  Satan is all about temptation and giving into it against our better judgement.  It is because of this (continual) failure to resist temptation that the rumored Illuminati group and their aligning organizations have been able to manifest themselves into the powerful positions they have today.

They, in essence, have exercised their alignment with the values that Satan is known for in the very manner that not just God and the multitude of bibles warned about, but even nature itself.  What happens each time our environment is compromised in an unfavorable manner?  There are consequences that can literally become fatal without a moment’s notice.  Most people don’t see it, or rather refuse to see it, but all the drilling, digging, fracking and toxic treatment we’ve inflicted upon our planet has compromised our environment to the point of no return.  It shows in our weather patterns, despite the media’s best attempts to blame it on natural anomalies that occur in cycle style patterns.  It also shows in the development of earthquakes in regions where they’ve never experienced them before.  In areas that do have a history of earthquakes, all the environmental damage being done to the earth from the greedy, reckless pursuits of those who don’t seem to care has actually made these earthquakes become more frequent and gradually more powerful.

Sooner or later something is going to give.  With all the resources getting ripped out from under the earth what will happen when all that’s left are empty voids?  Is this what Revelations talks about when mankind sees a crazy surge of earthquakes and violent weather patterns that will contribute towards huge wipeouts of the human race?  It also talks about the water going bitter.  Between the continuous oil tanker spills, nuclear leakage disasters like Fukushima, pipeline leaks, sloppy waste disposals and total disregard for our most precious resource it comes as no surprise that the one thing that is guaranteed to keep the human race alive is becoming that bitter pill we’ll all be forced to swallow.

However, nobody wants to see this.  Nobody wants to face reality for what it really is.  Only a tiny handful of people have acknowledged who the Illuminati really are, along with the evil agenda they carry with them.  Everybody else remains in denial that things can’t really be all that bad.  Guess what, folks?  That is exactly what the Illuminati want you to think.  Why do you think mainstream media only airs a fraction of a story when it breaks out?  Also, what they leak to the masses is mostly fabrication as it’s not meant to be truthful.  It’s meant to spark reaction.  They call it a ratings game, but let’s call it for what it really is; mind games.

What do you think the Tree of Knowledge represents?  Think about it.  Knowledge is absorbed by what our senses shows us whether it be by sight, smell or sound.  The mind takes a moment to process what it is and while it’s doing that the heart reacts at the same time.  This is the point where people decide which part of themselves they wish to listen to more.  Does the mind win or does the heart win?  I can guarantee almost never are the mind and the heart on the same page because one will act rationally while the other won’t.

People will say the heart is irrational.  This is wrong.  It is the mind.  The mind is the ultimate decision maker and reactions come from what you think your mind tells you to do.  The mind is almost always confused and it is the most easily corruptible part about us.  How do you think Satan got to Adam and Eve?  Did he play at their heart strings?  No, he manipulated their minds into thinking a certain way that caused them to make a decision that actually went against their better judgement.  That better judgement is our gut instinct, which works in perfect sync with the heart.  Failure to listen to these two and to the mind only only dooms a person to make wrong choices.

How are children normally taught?  They are educated by their parents and by schools.  Right from the beginning their minds are already manipulated to think a certain way, react a certain way and virtually become something of a conditioned drone that already begins to strip away bits of their humanity.

Don’t get me wrong.  This is not the fault of the parents.  After all, they were children too.  As the old cliche goes; Children Learn What They Live

And this is so very true.  Parents normally lead by example, but they can only do so based on the examples they followed.  Is it any wonder in the bible it states children are born into sin?  It makes perfect sense when you think about it.  A baby is born and is completely innocent as outside influences haven’t affected him/her enough to make a genuine impact.  As the baby is nurtured into childhood, the mind absorbs everything through familiarity.  Even at this stage, the innocence of the child is still profound as their gut instinct still reigns over what people mistakenly call common sense.  It has been my observation the only time a child will deceive is out of fear, which is actually the very first hard lesson in life they learn before anything else.

Fear comes from parents disciplining their child to behave more like them.  As much as parents no doubt love their children, they are so eager to mold them into smaller versions of themselves that they don’t realize their biggest failure as a parent is teaching their child fear first, common sense later.  Even with the best intentions to teach a child to eventually become the best possible adult, the arrogance and vanity that comes with this territory often puts that child in a position where rebellion is imminent.

Children are far smarter than adults give them credit for.  The primary reason for this is they’ll follow their heart and gut instinct first and let the mind worry about it later.  It is only with the conditioning society enforces upon them that gradually corrupts the child to abandon the best parts about them in favor of something that could turn them into something unrecognizable, even to themselves.

The children of the Illuminati are even of this calibre, but unlike the typical family, the programming they’re exposed to is far more sinister as they come from parents that don’t give their children the option to choose what kind of destiny they want for themselves.  They’re born into a legacy where they are obligated to fulfill the Luciferian destiny they’re expected to follow.

Although it’s not uncommon for parents to want their children to follow in their footsteps, it is only among the Elite 1% that the children are literally bred for the sole purpose of global domination over the entire population.  They are taught the world is their playground while we, the people, are the toys they can play with as they wish.

This is what the majority of the 99% do not see.  They can’t fathom the fact that yes, there are monsters among us that care nothing for the human race.  They only care for themselves and will literally eat their young if they don’t comply with the Luciferian way with the full commitment they’re expected to follow.  To ensure the 99% don’t catch on they keep us distracted with programs designed to keep us too entertained to care.

They also know how much people like to live, laugh and enjoy what they can.  We are fed this and although there is nothing wrong with living the best life we can, there is a problem with how we’re going about it.  Enjoy what we can, yes, but keep our attention span focused enough to realize that we need to stay vigilant if we expect the human race to continue with our humanity kept intact.  This means waking up and realizing, even if we don’t have a religious bone in our body, that we are being controlled by those who very much believe in Satan and see God as the ultimate evil.  We, in turn, are seen by them as the sheep to be herded and culled according to their will.

We can still take our fight to the Illuminati and enjoy our lives at the same time.  In fact, take the Illuminati and the Elite 1% out of the picture, along with all the organizations that align themselves with them and the opportunity to enjoy our lives that much more will be greatly enhanced.  No longer would we be slaves to an economy that is every bit as corrupt as the banks which control it.  No longer would we be dealing with corrupt governments who dictate to each of us how we are supposed to go about our daily lives as they continue to draw up laws that favor corporations over people.  We’d also no longer be forced to endure the latest round of atrocities that get hurled in our direction by those who seem to think it’s fun to inflict misery upon those who don’t deserve it.

We, the 99%, have the power to destroy the league of evil players that threaten our very existence.  However, until all of us 99% realize this and do something about it we will continue to be at the mercy of those who don’t know what that word means.  They are not merciful and they are not forgiving.  They are evil, vile, contemptuous and satanists.

We can laugh and mock all we want about satanism and other brands of religion but the bottom line we are facing mass extinction of the human race by not giving credit to where it’s due.  I’m no fan of the Illuminati, but it is clear they have a very focused agenda laid out and very well defined ideas how to go about carrying out the tasks they have in mind to destroy us all.  Until we, the human race, teach ourselves to become that organized, we have no chance.  We will continue to be manipulated by all the tools the elite are using at their disposal to keep us distracted, numb and unaware.

I refuse to take part, even though I am forced to go along with the system in order to survive.  Unfortunately, this is what the elite want and this is what we have to fight.  We can’t win overnight, but like any good team that works together we focus on our strengths while support each other to get through our weaknesses.  Steps are needed to be taken to learn how to live as independently as possible and stop relying so much on sources that seem to hand themselves to us on platters.  Those sources are like the dangling forbidden fruit that did Adam and Eve in.  It makes people less self sufficient and easier to be controlled.  The essence which makes humanity so great is lost and all that’s left is emptiness.

Sounds like the fracking methods we use on this planet for the same purpose, doesn’t it?  We have reckless corporations (mostly owned by the elite) who employ people with jobs to literally destroy the earth and all the resources on it.  What these (usually) well paid employees don’t realize is the promising future they are supposedly paving for their families while doing their jobs is being snuffed out by the increasing dangers they are imposing upon them.

Once again we see an example of parents actually doing more harm to their own children than good.  Sure, it’s nice to give your kid all the luxuries that comes with the money you collect from your job, but what is that doing to your kid?  All it teaches them is selfishness as they’ll come to expect everything without truly earning it or even appreciating it.  Are these the type of adults we want them to become?  Already I see in younger adults a brand of vanity and arrogance that literally surpasses the similar patterns seen in their own parents.  If this is what this younger generations of adults has become what is in store for mankind upon the next generation?

The Illuminati already know.  Everything we are experiencing today is by their design.  Perhaps God created us and perhaps he didn’t.  However, there is one thing for certain and that’s those among the Illuminati seek to destroy us.  We, as members of this human race, cannot allow this to happen.  We have the power to stop it, but we have to come together as one massive unit that puts humanity before petty differences.  Once we have accomplished this then there is literally nothing we cannot do.


One thought on “E.V.I.L. – Elite & Villainous Illuminati League

    America On Coffee said:
    July 18, 2015 at 1:06 am

    The JUDICIAL judges can now take your home and children. Currenty, their random theft is at the initial testing stage just as the Nazis began imprisoning the mentally ill during WWII. Judicial is now filled with illuminati-freemason judges who are testing their abusive powers on the deprived and oppressed. http://www.americaoncoffee10.WordPress.com


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