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Despite all the troubles going on in the world today, not to mention that feeling of suffocation by an elite few who want to claim this world for themselves at the expense of all mankind, I still maintain the hope that the faith I have in humanity will still prevail.  It won’t be easy and it will indeed come at tremendous cost, but in the end I firmly believe that for as long as we make the effort to believe in ourselves and in each other, faith will somehow manage to get us out of this mess we’re all in.

I make it no secret that I very much believe in God and I do believe in Jesus Christ.  I, however, don’t blindly believe in any form of religion that associates itself with God as it seems religions to me glorify man more than the intended target.  Granted, there is much praise to God and in some religions to Jesus as well, but that is the only redeeming quality these religions have.  Everything else is a sham.  In actuality, all religions do is twist people’s personalities into the polar opposite of what they think they are.  They unknowingly transform from a righteous individual who does all the good in the world for all the right reasons into a self-righteous drone that performs questionable actions that may seem charitable but in truth it’s nothing more than a brown-nosing tactic that lacks any true meaning.

I can go there because I’ve worked for a Roman Catholic Church as a hall manager and in my time that I was there never had I come across such a petty group of people as I have with them.  Despite all their volunteering and charitable acts it was quite clear the majority of these people weren’t involved because their heart was in the right place.  They were doing this as a means of competition against each other to see who devotes more time to God.  Quite frankly at that point God had nothing to do with it.  All it boiled down to was feeding one’s ego in the name of personal vanity.  Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that one of the seven deadly sins we’re warned about?

I’ve also attended various churches and in all due defense in favor of those who really do have their heart and soul in the right place, kudos to them for maintaining their status quo as a remarkable human being that knows faith manages for as long as you maintain the best qualities humanity has to offer.  They don’t allow the poisons of others influence their judgement and those are the folks, regardless of the religion they’ve aligned themselves with, are worthy of praise.  They do good not because it’s expected of them, but because it’s just who they are as a person.  Their heart and soul is in the right place as they put the needs of many before their own, even if it means nobody notices or even cares.

I want to be that kind of person.  I want to do good, even if it means it’s at my own expense and nobody notices or cares that I’ve done it.  I have actually done these actions and it feels so awesome.  Do I care if God noticed?  Not really because in all honesty I didn’t do it for him.  I did it for those who clearly needed a helping hand and I’m the type of person that would still like to believe that human kindness still exists in a world that seems to becoming colder everyday.

The faith I have in humanity is actually unwavering, despite all the atrocities going on in the world today.  The faith I have in God (and Jesus) is also unwavering.  I have read the bible, cover to cover, and I consider myself an oddball for actually merging science (and science fiction) with it where the entire publication makes sense.  Keep in mind, these are stories written by people who lived in an era very different from ours so what may seem ludicrous in our eyes makes sense to them the best way they know how to explain it.

Where I consider myself the oddball here is putting a science fiction spin into the existence of God, Jesus Christ, Satan, the angels and demons and even the Holy Spirit (Ghost) itself.  Remember in Genesis it says in the beginning there was nothing.  Then the lights come on.  To me, the lights coming on means somebody woke up and opened his eyes.  They way I look at it, that somebody was God.

Immediately after he wakes he and those closest to him go to work to build worlds.  They start with the basics, but they don’t act alone.  They work with the natural forces of a specific world to bring forth all that is needed, like a complex puzzle, in order to complete the artwork at hand.

Sometimes I look at it as a rebuilding process, or rather restarting from scratch, because it was all destroyed once.  Or rather reduced to nothingness.  Again, remember in Genesis it said in the beginning there was nothing.  Well, nothing can be the end result due to the utter destruction of something where all life on a world has been destroyed and there is literally nothing left.

This is how I also justify the argument how God can be all-knowing.  You don’t just know it all without experiencing something like this beforehand.  I honestly do believe that God has been where we are going today.  And he’s not the only one.  Jesus, Satan, the demons and the angels have been there too.  It’s a cycle.

The book of Revelations paints out realities unfolding in such a manner where those who’ve read it and bother to pay attention to what’s actually going on right now can easily see how everything is aligning exactly as foretold.  Also, remember in the book of Daniel how he seemed to lunge into a distant future (our present day) and witness the horrors of what took place at that time.  How is this possible?  We’re talking about time travel here, something of which seems highly unlikely, especially in Daniel’s day.  However, if God truly is all powerful and all knowing he clearly knew a way to accomplish this.

So this is where the science fiction side of things kick in, which I’ve already figured out becomes less fictional as mankind continues to break new ground in the name of science.  Keep in mind we’re living in an age where we can clone animals.  Do you think back in the days of flapper dresses that this sort of thing was considered remotely possible by the average human mind?  If there’s anything I’ve learned from the television programs and movies we’ve been exposed to, even the most outrageous storylines have an element of truth hiding within it.

Does this mean God is a time traveller?  If someone in Daniel’s timeline can go from one era to another in the blink of an eye by what seems like by God’s influence then yes, I believe travelling through time is something God is very familiar with. As I’ve stated, everything we’re going through today is what he’s already been through.  Because of this, he’s going through great lengths to ensure we don’t wind up experiencing that same end result of nothingness like he did.

So this is probably now the part where you ask if God is all knowing and all powerful then why allow the madness of this world go on?  Why allow Satan, someone he already knew would turn on him and become the official ruler of this world, get away with all the deception and destruction he’s carrying out?  My answer to this one is easy enough.  God expects each of us to learn from our mistakes ourselves and become a wiser people because of it.  I actually believe at one point there was probably the attempt to steer clear from this kind of path altogether, but it didn’t work so here we are now.  It’s no different than a parent wanting their child to live their life error free and with not a single ounce of pain or suffering, but unfortunately the best way to learn is by taking that very uncomfortable road and deal with it.

Notice I mentioned the part “best way to learn” in my last sentence there.  Keep in mind this is what WE CHOSE, not God.  We chose knowledge over life.  So, the price for that knowledge is making a flurry of mistakes that would likely have been otherwise avoided if we stuck to the path of life.  In the path of life, we’d learn as we go anyway and there’s a good bet the pain and suffering we experience today would have been a very unlikely factor if we had just learned to avoid the rushed path in our feeble attempt to be know it alls.

There’s nothing wrong with learning, but at a controlled pace a human being can handle.  The most common trait I find among human beings is lack of patience.  It just isn’t there, even among the most patient of us.  We always have that ounce of “hurry up” within us that sometimes we can ignore, sometimes we can’t.  Shortcuts is something mankind has always embraced in some given form, whether it be driving to grandma’s or lessons in life.  Personally speaking, if I were in God’s shoes and I saw for myself just how impatient people really then I’d let them learn from their mistakes instead of trying to get in the way.  I have actually tried to get in the way of people who were in such a hurry and it never works.  All it does is create conflict and the person determined to do the speeding is going to have it their way anyway, so let them make the mistake for themselves and hopefully they’ll learn from it.  Oddly enough, when it comes to roadway speeding, I have faith that sooner or later the police will catch up to that speeder and he/she will get hit with a speeding ticket.  If that person fails to learn from their mistake and continually gets the tickets then one can only hope they lose their license to drive.

I also look at life the same way too.  If a person fails to learn from the same mistakes they’ve repeatedly made and are so determined to keep making them, then I have faith that sooner or later that flawed sense of judgement will catch up to them.  The only part I don’t like about it is the potential of hurting other people in the process.  When that happens I can only hope those people instantly learn from the mistakes they’ve witnessed and make efforts to avoid them.

I’m also aware people are very impressionable.  This has been bred into us as babies as we learn by living (a child learns what they live) whatever life they’ve been born into.  Sin is inescapable.  Satan introduced it to us and we embraced it.  Because of this, instead of God standing in our way he’s allowing us to choose whether or not we want to be the observer of mistakes to make them ourselves or make every effort possible to avoid them.

However, if you remember your childhood, or is a parent to a child, how effective is the “don’t touch” rule for you?  In many cases (almost all) even though we’ve been told not to touch something, sooner or later we will.  We are not only an impressionable people but curious.  This is why we wound up choosing knowledge over life because our curiosity is so great that it’s all too easy to allow the flaws of impatience impede our better judgement.

Don’t get me wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with being curious, but only if that curiosity is paired with patience.  Anything less than that would be an open invitation for mistakes to waltz in and take over.  Before you know it, that innocent inquiry about something has just become a guilty pleasure too impossible to escape from.

Despite all our mistakes and temptations to keep making them, I still have enough faith in humanity that we’ll somehow manage to climb our ways out of the messes we’ve gotten ourselves into and find our way back to the path God originally intended for us.

I also recall the quote about the only way to God is through Jesus.  I look at it this way, Jesus (whether you believe in him or not) is not just some divine person that just happened to grace mankind by joining the population for a short period of time, but rather the divine example of what kind of person we should each strive to be.  Jesus Christ, in my opinion, is the ultimate example of faith management.  There was nothing this guy could do wrong because it seemed he always placed faith in everything he did and chose not to waver, even during his weakest moments.

This is where I believe we, as members of the human race, need to steer ourselves towards.  We each have our own paths to follow, but ultimately the end goal is relatively the same.


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