Your Vote = Your Voice = Your Ability to MAKE A DIFFERENCE

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2015 choices
For those who are favoring Conservatives, keep in mind this party has catapulted Canada’s debt to new highs while bringing this nation’s reputation to new lows. Is this what you want? Is this what you feel your family deserves?
If you’re like the rest of Canada who agrees Stephen Harper and his Cons are the one poison of this nation that needs to go then please don’t just assume those who are going to the polls are going to make that right choice for you. Even if you’ve never voted a day in your life as an adult and perhaps think your vote won’t make a difference – bear in mind we had the chance to save Canada from all the hardships that has been forced upon us back in 2011 but we didn’t take it. Over 60% of Canada didn’t want Stephen Harper or his Conservatives but we got it anyway. Between voter apathy and a possibly fixed election we made it easy for a tyrant to change our nation from a democratic one to what’s resembling more like a nazi style dictatorship.
Canada deserves better.
I am just one person. You are just one person. However, if at least the other 40% of other “just one persons” of this nation bothered to vote we likely would be seeing a very different (and much better) Canada than we do now. Never has this nation seen such a level of uncertainty and division as we do now. We must unite and restore what’s been lost and see to it we keep it that way.
Now it’s 2015 and we have a chance to do what we didn’t in 2011. Let’s put this nation back on track and take back what is rightfully ours. Get out and vote and choose wisely. True change doesn’t happen by just wishing for it. If that were true 2011 would have seen a very different election result and Canada would not be in the sorry state it’s in now. We can do better and not only does this nation deserve better, but so does your family and the kind of future we choose to carve for them.

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