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I see happening in Saskatchewan the same nightmare that is about to strike it that struck both Alberta and British Columbia.  I see a premier and the government he has formed within this province doing to the people here the exact same con artist tactics that were used upon our neighbors to the west.

Premier Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party remind me of Bob Barker and his girls from the Price Is Right game show. Why I say this is quite simple.  Brad Wall treats every voter of this province as if we are potential contestants who are gullible enough to fall for the charms of a host that is every bit as plastic on the inside as he is on the outside.

Instead of girls, Brad Wall has his fellow Saskatchewan Party politicians.  Although this group has formed their own name make no mistake, this is just another version of the Conservative Party that is run by their chief puppet master, Stephen Harper.  Just like how Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are destroying Canada from one end of this border to the other, Brad Wall is doing the exact same thing to our province.  He is not as blatant as Harper, but he is no less cold and calculating as the prime minister who has clearly failed this nation as a leader.

Although Brad has not fallen on his face quite as clumsily as Harper has, this premier of ours has made way too many bonehead moves that has compromised this province on every level imaginable.  While many people of Saskatchewan have yet to see this, those with eyes that are truly wide open see beyond the masks Brad Wall and his entire political party are wearing.  We see the deception and we see the manipulations for what they really are and we can only hope that enough people within this province open their eyes wide enough to realize the government we have in place right now is not the government we need.

In the wake of an ever increasing sound of alarms about climate change and cataclysmic environmental damage that is now at a worldwide stage, the fact that Brad Wall is following the exact same footsteps as Stephen Harper in his decision to ignore all that is too disturbing for comfort.  Like Harper, Wall would rather put profit before people as he continues to plow forward his ideas to use a chunk of Saskatchewan as a nuclear waste facility and promote the clean coal concept through Sask Power.  These are just two examples of how our very own premier seems to be ignoring the people of Saskatchewan who have made it very clear that instead of continually embracing something we know is killing us we should be running as far away from it as we can.  We have alternatives and very good ones.  Cheaper ones.  More efficient ones.  For a premier that keeps suggesting he wants to thrust Saskatchewan into the future, the decisions to turn our province into a toxic wasteland riddled with tar sands, nuclear radiation, contaminated water and unbreathable air does not exactly paint the picture of a tomorrow worth looking forward to.

Despite this, there is a good bet over 60% of Saskatchewan voters will still favor Brad Wall.  The reason for this, unfortunately, is because money talks.  When it talks it speaks volumes and right now those who are rolling in this money fail to see that this boom within Saskatchewan Brad Wall and his party is taking credit for is a false one.  For starters, every person living within the province of Saskatchewan is being ripped off by our own government as they cater to their corporate sponsors first.

Alberta had been ripped off by the PC government for 44 years.  The only time it was not ripped off so blindly was when Ralph Klein was premier at that time.  Unlike any other premier before or after him, he did the one thing for that province that nobody ever considered doing.  He took it out of debt.  He then handed royalty money to every citizen of that province, regardless if they were rich or poor.

Brad Wall has the ability to do that exact same thing, but unlike Ralph Klein, he is catering to banks and corporations first and not the people.  Ralph favored the people, but also worked with the corporations in a manner where it was a win situation for everyone.  The banks and corporations hated him because he was putting people ahead of them and was still able to make enough profit for that province to bail them out of debt.  It is no coincidence that immediately after Ralph Klein left the political scene that Alberta plunged right back into debt and now is experiencing the worst one ever.  You can thank the corrupt politicians, along with the banks and corporations that share the same bed as them for that.

It is the exact same bed that Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party share.  It is not as blatant, but it is there.  I do agree that since booting the Saskatchewan NDP out that this particular province really started to see a boom.  However, that boom does not belong to Brad Wall nor his party.  That boom belongs to the people of this province.  However, Brad Wall is taking the credit and sadly, the people that do not know any better are giving him the credit too.

It is not deserved.  The only thing in favor of Brad Wall is the combination of his charisma and timing.  What people do not realize is that boom Saskatchewan began to enjoy belongs to the people within the province who were able to carve out their own destinies.  Many of them originally came from Saskatchewan, but took advantage of the Alberta boom and bounced back to this province so they could contribute to the hometowns they originally came from.  They did this by bringing back the experiences they absorbed in Alberta, along with the money they earned, and applied it here.  This is now the part where I point out the majority of these people who are the true contributors to revving the momentum of Saskatchewan see clean through Brad Wall and his party as nothing more than brilliant con artists.  Very few of them support the Saskatchewan Party.  None of them appreciate the idea that their thunder is being stolen by those who do not deserve it.  Instead of acknowledging that the Saskatchewan boom goes to those who call this province their home, Wall is handing recognition to either his party or to outside banking and corporate elitists that have nothing to do with Saskatchewan.  Hostile takeovers that are conveniently left out of mainstream media news so that the public remain unaware that their own province is being sold out at the same pace the rest of Canada is being sold out does not count.

The people of Saskatchewan are being ripped off by the thousands.  The people in Alberta and British Columbia are also experiencing this.  While Christy Clark of BC has no intention to fix that problem, at least Rachel Notley seems to be acknowledging it.  What she will do about it remains to be seen, but if it comes even close to what Ralph Klein attempted this is a good thing for Albertans.  As for here in Saskatchewan, Brad Wall is every bit as shallow and useless as Christy herself.  These two have so much in common.  They care nothing for the people of the province they represent.  They are more interested in appeasing big business first because they have the notion that doing so is good for their political careers.

This is what Brad Wall is all about.  As much as the people of Saskatchewan would like to think he and his party are in politics for their benefit the truth of the matter is they are not.  Perhaps they started out this way initially, but like many politicians who become corrupt they change their values that will put their personal interests before those whom they are supposed to serve.  Although there is nothing wrong for a person to look out for themselves, when that person is appointed to show quality leadership through a quality government and fails to do so because the personal interests outweighs the obligations the leaders agreed to then this becomes a real problem.

Quite frankly, Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party has continually put themselves ahead of the very people they are supposed to represent.  Although they have been known to do good from time to time it pales compared to how many times they have dropped the ball where the people of this province is concerned.  The most unfortunate part about this picture is that not enough voters see this yet as Brad and his party have become quite talented with the art of dangling toys in the faces of the people to keep them distracted from the fact that they are lied to, cheated, poisoned and robbed all at the same time.

it is my hope before the next provincial election arises that the people of Saskatchewan clue in that what they have as a government here is not what leadership is supposed to be about.  True leaders look out for who they represent.  Brad Wall does not do this.  True leaders do not compromise the lives of their people.  Brad Wall has put the lives of every man, woman and child of this province into situations they do not deserve to be in.  True leaders embrace ideas from those whom they are supposed to represent.  Brad Wall ignores the people of Saskatchewan and does his own thing, even as these very same people cry out in protest that it is something they do not want.  That is not a leader.  Brad Wall is not a leader.  He pretends to be one, but those who see through the charismatic clutter know better.

Saskatchewan is an awesome province and has been misjudged by those who fail to see all the true potentials it has to offer.  Agriculturalism is just one of the many talents the people of this province has mastered and are not nearly appreciated enough for it.  Forestry, renewable energy production, herbalism and tourism are also among the top resources Saskatchewan has to offer and yet all of it is overlooked by a government who has tunnel vision.  All they see is oil, nuclear energy, (not so) clean coal, tar sands and sloppy taxation schemes.

The people of Saskatchewan deserves better and hopefully come fall of 2015 or spring of 2016 they will cast their votes accordingly to reflect that.  Brad Wall is not what is best for Saskatchewan.  In my eyes, only Victor Lau and his Green Party is what this province needs, but that is my personal opinion.  I base that opinion based on how many Green Party candidates I have met so far and even through enough correspondence with the man to realize this is that positive direction we all need to go in order to avoid what will very likely be an even more disappointing run with Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party administration.

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