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For those who’ve taken the time to notice you can see that I haven’t done a blog post for some time.  It’s not due to a lack of ideas, but rather the polar opposite.  I have too many of them and despite my best attempts to write some given post about it I find myself getting lost in my own attempt at their translations.

The biggest problem really is realizing there’s way too much going on in this world that is wrong and it gets frustrating to not only think about it, but to even make a comment about it becomes an unexpected challenge.  It’s not hard for me to express an opinion, but it is hard when I observe how many people either still sit in the darkness of denial, or don’t seem to care enough to even pick a side.  I’m still determined to wake up as many people as I can and somehow restore some passion within them to fight for what they believe in, even if it’s not on the same page as me.

We as the human race, are so wanting to be left alone in our own little worlds.  I understand this because I am that exact same way.  I don’t want to fight anyone and I most certainly don’t want to be as alert as I am to the reality that we are living in a world that’s becoming more blatantly sinister each day.  As much as I keep hoping and praying that somehow everything in this world will get better I remind myself that this if what the Holy Bible says is true, this is Satan’s world, not God’s.  The world we live in is destined for absolute chaos and in the end, death.

I also then remind myself the quote of how the meek shall inherit the earth.  When I think of that and how badly this planet is being destroyed by the deadly mix of ignorance and neglect I keep wondering if a destroyed earth is our rightful inheritance because of our overly lax attitudes, or if it’s a restored earth after all the events that are required to take place to literally destroy virtually every life possible.

I also take the non-biblical route and by doing so the kind of future I see for mankind is considerably more bleak and this is what I struggle with the most.  There are not enough people awake enough to put an end to the very real possibility of extermination of the human race, the animal kingdom and the environmental fruits this world has to offer.  Throughout the history of mankind we’ve seen societies rise and fall like tidal waves and you’d think after all that we’d be in an age today where the entire human race should know better, including the elite few who are treating our planet like a giant corporation rather than for what it really is.  The sad truth is we’re not.  In fact, we seem to be more oblivious than ever to the fact that we are constantly manipulated, constantly poisoned and constantly divided for reasons that defy logic.

Now, if it’s true the elite few engage in a form of religion that resembles Satanism then even the non-bible believers have got to sit up and take notice that we have a very serious problem on our hands.  Those who are atheist, or find themselves into the category where there is no God, must realize just how destructive the fanaticism behind a cult truly is.  We’re talking about a handful of people here that want to see only 10% of the human race survive all the disasters they have in mind.  Considering it’s believed the elite only take up 1% of the human race, who are the remaining 9%?  Are they those who willingly follow their ideals, or are they unwittingly doing their bidding because they are the most gullible members of the human race?  Either way, don’t think that 9% will be considered the lucky ones after the extermination of the 90% becomes a reality.  That 9% will be forced into an unstable life of slavery where swine will have more value than they do.  In fact, those 9% are more likely to be treated like livestock and experience the exact same lifestyle a chicken would on a factory farm.  Is that really a life?  There’ll be no freedom, nor even a humane existence if and when this particular New World Order dream the elite comes into fruition.

What’s equally frustrating for me is watching how the rest of us 99% behave.  Out of that 99% there’s probably only 9% who get it.  The remaining 90% are either still too deep in their corporate comas to figure it out or too afraid to jump out of their comfort zone to join in on the fight to save the human race while we still have a chance.  It’s frustrating because if all of us 99% banded together like one giant fist to put the brakes to what the 1% have in store for the human race we’d have a very different world indeed.

At that point money would finally be seen for it’s true value – which is nothingness.  The only reason money controls mankind like it does is because this is how the elite 1% designed it.  Imagine a world where you work to earn that new house you want by trading your services to those who need it most who are capable of helping you build that house. This is a better alternative than spending the majority of your lifetime saving up for the down payment, which is then followed by a mortgage, where all of it can be taken away the moment the corporation you work for decides to pull the rug out from under your feet.

Without the elite 1% calling the shots we’d no longer see corrupt governments bent on serving them over the people they’re supposed to represent.  Finally we’d see politicians realizing that if they fail the people they not only lose their right to govern them, but all the monetary perks that come with those positions they’ve abused while in power.  Right now that government seems to be the surviving 9% the elite 1% is looking to save over the rest of us because it is they who are doing all the greasing of the wheels for them to make it easier to wipe the rest of us out.

When I think about what’s being done to humanity as we know it, as well as the environment we live in, I get so overwhelmed with disgust and disbelief that it does become hard to put it all into words.  I do the best I can, but somewhere in the back of my mind I get so frustrated with the state of this human race that sometimes I wonder why I even bother to try fighting on behalf of them.  I am just one person, but realize even one voice is enough to spark another to speak up.  Maybe that other voice will have a stronger impact than me.  That’s actually my hope because it’s not about me at all.  It’s about humanity.  That is why I named my blog site the way I did.  By choosing Humanity World Order it serves as a direct defiance to the New World Order.  These two worlds collide violently with each other because they have polar opposite views of what direction the human race should take.  They will never be on the same page where the environment is concerned.  While one world strives on an existence that focuses on love, compassion, unity and understanding the other only wants coldness.

From a biblical point of view, I want the world the Holy Bible promises.  I want that world where it resembles the Garden of Eden, but without that stupid Tree of Knowledge.  That tree is deceitful.  While it says it promotes education in truth all it provides is the doorway to ignorance.  The history of mankind stemming from the days of Genesis onward is a prime example of how that quest for knowledge is cluttered with arrogance, cruelty and ignorance.  The more we think we know about something the more arrogant we get.  That arrogance is then exercised through acts of cruelty as we allow our ignorance cloud our better judgement.  This is why the elite 1% are where they are today.  It is because the majority of the 99% fail to realize we are all exact replicas of the doomed Adam and Eve who failed to realize just how toxic that Tree of Knowledge really is.  While the very few have figured it out, they’re also stuck in deadly patterns they are literally unable to escape from for as long as the world remains under the full control of those who are doing what they can to destroy it and everyone in it.

From a non-biblical point of view, I want the utopian style world the most ethical of our scientists promote.  It’s not as error free as God’s world, but I’ll still take it.  If it means it’s a world where the elite finally realize they are honestly no better than the rest of the human race and we all learn to live together because we know it’s in our collective best interest then I am all for it.  If it means we somehow restore our environment back to a pristine state and we’ve somehow managed to weed out all the darkness that resides within us, by all means count me in.  I want that.  I think deep down we all do, even the elite who are still too deep into their shallow way of thinking.

That’s why I fight.  My best method is through writing, even when I find myself having to take a breather due to writer’s block.  For me, if I can’t be a part of God’s world, or the science fiction style utopian world, then I am okay with this for as long as I know the future of humanity will one day realize it.  This means no 90% extermination of all life on earth, whether it be man, beast or natural resource.  It means everybody gets along no matter what their differences are and we’ve learned to accept our neighbors as extended members of our family and treat them with the same level of compassion we would to those closest to us.  That’s the kind of world I want to see for everyone.  Whenever I think of something like this, focusing on potential positives instead of negatives, it really helps take those obstacles away from my attempts to put my thoughts into words as I keep clinging onto hope, prayer and whatever ounce of strength I can find to fight for what I believe in.


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