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Someone commented that revolutions are always violent and those who incite revolutions are in favor of violence.  That is not true.  Violence is technically an act of cowardice and one thing revolutionists are not are cowards.  They’re brave enough to stand up for what they believe in and brave enough to speak up about it.  They don’t back down and they know persuasion is a better way to win an argument than brute force.

Revolutions mean sparking change in what needs to be and going about it violently is not the preferred choice. That route is made by those who will do whatever it takes to prevent revolutionists from achieving their goals.

Take the American Revolution for instance. It was not the founding fathers of America that sparked the fighting. All they wanted was a clean break from tyranny and simply be left alone. The British (incited by the Rothschilds) came after them and brought the violence upon them. The founding fathers had no choice but to fight back, but in the end, despite all that fighting, it boiled down to revolutionists not bowing down to even the most violent attempts made against them to prevent them from achieving what they believed to be righteous goals.

Revolutionists normally don’t want violence and don’t believe in it, but that doesn’t mean they won’t belly up and give up what they know in their heart is right. They will exercise diplomacy first and do whatever they can to appeal to the hearts and minds of those willing to listen. They know violence is not the answer because all that does is create additional animosity and it does them no good.

Normally after a revolution is successful there is a rebuilding process as people take the time to heal their wounds and mourn their losses.  It is also an opportunity to move forward without the oppression of tyrants in their way.  This is often the most peaceful time as the urge to fight is simply not there.  Survival, recovery and moving forward so one can thrive becomes top priority.  Along with that comes with embracing humanity for what it really is and proving it through acts of compassion, kindness and generosity.

So to those who think revolutions are always violent ones, keep in mind that some of the most revolutionary advancements mankind has made came from the brilliance of negotiations between people who realized unity would be of greater value to both sides of their argument than division.  Sadly, these types of revolutions are hardly recognized because apparently the media doesn’t see it exciting enough to broadcast to the public with the same flair action movies do.

Unfortunately, revolutions are required in order to serve as reminders to those who forget that we are the creation of something greater than any of us.  As godly as we’d like to think we are at times, especially the elite few who seem to have all the money and power this world has to offer, the bottom line is we’re not nearly as invulnerable as we’d like to be.  We have the potential to be so much greater than we are today, but that will never be realized until we take a very needed revolutionary step towards humanity and as far away from the coldness of tyranny as we can get.


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