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So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog site.  As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes a person just needs to take a break.  That I chose to do and just got back from a vacation that I truly needed.  I didn’t go anywhere exotic, but a simple drive across my country of Canada, starting from the farms of Saskatchewan to the bustling city of Quebec and then back home.

As I was driving to and from these destinations, taking in all the sights this part of Canada has to offer I have to admit I feel blessed to live in a beautiful country that still has so much to offer.  However, in addition to seeing the beauty I also saw remnants of what industrialism leaves behind.  Between fully functional sites and abandoned ones I have to shake my head as to why we continue to choose such destructive and toxic means to get certain jobs done to meet the needs of the world.  This also includes the litter I see along the way that boggles my mind how a human being can be so careless.

Somebody told me that as horrible as this scenery is that once it’s all said and done the companies responsible put back everything they’ve destroyed and sometimes makes the area look even better than before they got in there.  Although it is true some companies seem ethical enough to repair what they’ve damaged there are far too many who don’t.  The proof is in those abandoned work sites that continue to rot away as eyesores of what should be equally pristine territory.

Also, another person stated that even if every effort is made to repair what’s been damaged to make it look just as beautiful as it did before everything got disrupted in the name of whatever industry it supports, this does not automatically fix everything back to the way it was.  It just appears it has when in truth everything that had been affected by that particular industry’s impact is still evident.  Perhaps it is not so obvious to the human eye, but dig deeper and the toxic remnants still remain, even if ít’s just in fragments.

Nature is the organic industry that sustains us all for every need that comes our way.  For thousands of years (and beyond) all life on earth, including mankind, has done just fine.  Natural disasters are unstoppable, no matter how hard we try to use modern technology to prevent it.  Nature always finds a way to clean house, so to speak, and sooner or later it will do the same as we continue to abuse it with industrial practices that is anything but natural.

I do understand, however, how today’s world has been shaped in a manner where we have to rely on every form of industrial practice we have at our disposal in order to keep as many people as we can employed so they can at least enjoy a reasonably tolerable lifestyle where they’ve got the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing met.  While some are able to rise above this struggle and even enjoy luxuries of improved lifestyles that seem to make things easier, the sad truth is too many are not able to do this at all.  They barely survive and sometimes there are those who simply can’t despite their best attempts.

The sad truth is this world depends on money.  Every man, woman and child have become slaves to an entity that was created by the most greedy among us who saw an opportunity to control entire populations with something that truly has no value at all.  Before the introduction of money the populations of the world were completely self sufficient as individuals, families and entire communities.  They worked together where some excelled at gardening and culinary practices while others had a talent for forestry and carpentry.  Everyone who had a talent for something that was useful exercised that for themselves and as a means of trade so that those in need of what that trade has to offer could also benefit.  In this type of existence there was no room for laziness or even selfishness for that matter.  Everybody is equal regardless of what sort of abilities they have within them.

If there was no money in this world to control people there would be no such thing as various levels of social statuses.  We’d all be equal, regardless if we’re the brains behind a particular industry or the muscle helping to operate it.  If it’s proven all can benefit from a particular project there’d be no need to hire someone with a wage to get the job done.  The job would be performed and as a reward everybody would gain and not have to worry about the cost of it.

Mankind survived just fine before the elite few brought it upon themselves to take on godly roles where they’d form governments and other programs to ensure every man, woman and child was controlled to their every whim.  While there are a select few who did indeed exercise excellent judgement when it came to ensuring the population under his/her rule was as equal and fair as humanly possible, they are overshadowed by those who saw equality as a crutch that held people back.  Those so-called leaders promoted competition within communities where humility was replaced with vanity.

This is how our society has been sculpted and why it has become the mess it is today.  Whether you believe in the bible or not, you have to admit the more we suffocate our humanity with technology the faster we are destroying the spirituality we have within us.  Once again it seems the finish line becomes more important than all the scenery we have around (and within) us.

Spirituality sparks individuality, which helps a person strive to be the best person he/she can possibly be.  Lose that and one essentially becomes a drone caught in the midst of others who are systematically being sculpted into something that no longer seems human.  Apparently it’s not enough to see more machines replace human beings as the various forms of industrialism continue to engulf the masses as jobs once performed by people are becoming obsolete.  In time, humanity itself will become extinct as more people continue to embrace stone cold technology over the warming embrace of organics.

Although I do agree industrialism is required in order to move people forward as we continue to set goals for a more promising future I have to admit I most certainly do not agree with how the masses continue to allow the elite few continue to manipulate each of us down roads the most spiritual among us know full well we should not be travelling.

That was the most prominent thought in my mind as we drove from Saskatchewan to Quebec and back again.  I love to travel and do so by road.  The only parts of Canada I have not been to yet are the territories located north to our provinces.  I would like to (and preferably without an environmental footprint), but am fearing that what makes Canada (and the rest of this world) so breathtaking is being lost because there are not enough eyes opened yet that realize just how much trouble we are really in due to the elite few who seek to destroy everything in their path for their own personal gain.

They use the illusion of jobs and prosperity upon those whom they know are easy enough to dupe.  This is pretty much every member of the human race as we know we are stuck living in a world that depends entirely upon on money.  Without it we don’t have a home to live in nor food to eat.  There are already too many people who don’t even have this luxury and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the most compassionate among us to provide the help that is do desperately needed.

So this is where I get angry with those who openly support companies, corporations and industries that the elite few are in total control of and are using against the people to keep them enslaved in situations they shouldn’t be in.  Now, I’m not saying every company and corporation that is in existence is bad.  Most of them, like us, are trapped in a system that unless they comply they are eliminated.  I know many of them are trying to utilize the system in such a manner where they can somehow keep things as fair as they possibly can and those are the companies and corporations I can empathize with because I feel the human race who also feels this way is just like them.

Those who openly support these elite-owned corporations are mainly our governments who have forgotten that they are supposed to be serving the human race.  Strong people make strong communities.  Strong communities make strong nations.  Strong nations make a strong world.  There is no real strength in what we have today as those who’ve managed to weasel themselves into the positions of power they are in now have lost touch for what humanity is supposed to be about.  It shows in the way they govern and it shows in the industries, corporations and policies they embrace, promote and support.

I honestly believe what they don’t realize is what they’re embracing, and causing their own population to cling to is pure poison.  It’s killing us all and while some of us see it too many don’t.  Until every human being realizes this we are doomed to share the same fate of those abandoned worksites I saw while on the road.

In previous blog posts and Facebook comments I have made it no secret I am no fan of the fossil fuel industry.  I still stand by that despite the fact I am aware there are companies in that particular industry that have proven to be far more ethical than most of their counterparts.  However, it is not the industry itself that I am deeply disappointed in as I am aware it is needed for as long as the population utilizes it.  The elite few know this and will continue to exploit what they can for as long as they know they can still profit from it.  They use this industry to puppet people, both the good and the bad, into believing we still need them when in truth we are reaching an age where we don’t.

However, in order for us to thrust fully into that age where we can completely walk away from industries that leave behind abandoned worksites like the ones I see in my travels we need to make it clear that our environment matters as our lives literally depend on it.  This means no more abandoned worksites where they’re left to rot and continue to leave a negative impact on something that used to be pure and beautiful.  This also means letting companies and corporations of various industries know that they need to take better responsibility for every action they do.  For example, if they want their oil pipelines, make them completely leak proof.  There are methods to do this, but these guys won’t utilize them and that’s tragic because if they did there wouldn’t be such strong opposition against them.  Ignorance and greed.  This is where corporations of calibre continue to go wrong and not only does it cost the environment it touches, but the human lives as well.  No amount of monetary profit is worth this kind of price.

It’s not just about the oil industry though.  In fact it isn’t even about them.  It’s about corporate greed and human negligence.  Whether you believe in it or not, even the bible warns of this when it talks about the seven deadly sins that would plague mankind.  I keep harping that this is where we are indeed all going wrong and why we really need to slow down and pay closer attention to what we’re doing.

One thing I notice is when travelling by road how the speed really plays a factor in how much I enjoy the trip.  When I get into modes where I’m in a rush to get somewhere I actually don’t enjoy myself.  I have one focus and it’s unfortunate because the finish line becomes more important than the journey itself.  Along the way so much is missed and overlooked.  However, when I slow down and choose to take paths that aren’t so popular or well driven I enjoy myself that much more.  This is where I really take the time to appreciate what we do have and keep praying that not only can we save it from those who couldn’t care less about it, but restore what has been destroyed by those very same types of people.  And this applies to more than just to environmental sites.  This applies to humanity as well.


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