A Canadian’s Plea

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I know this is just a blog, so the odds of me having any impact on the political leaders and their parties to sway their way of thinking to favor Canadians over themselves is quite slim, but I still have to try.

This is to Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party, Thomas Mulcair and his New Democratic Party and to Elizabeth May of her Green Party of Canada – UNITE AS ONE IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT DEFEATING HARPER AND REBUILDING CANADA!  What you’re doing right now is dividing us that much more and this is the LAST THING we need.

I’m also hoping somehow Stephen Harper and his Conservatives take a step back and realize what they’re doing is destroying Canada from the inside out.  I don’t know if that was the intention all along or if for some reason all the decisions made were believed to be good ones but not as well thought out as originally intended.  A part of me hopes that the Cons indeed felt they were doing Canadians a handful of favors with some of the decisions they have made and are simply too proud to admit it.  However, the part of me that sees how they go about making those decisions (behind the backs of Canadians and being so secretive about it) and how they ram down the throats of every Canadian the polar opposite of what the people of Canada are crying out for makes me think otherwise.

In 2005, going into 2006 I believed in Stephen Harper.  Clearly enough of us did to put him in the position of power he has now.  Unfortunately, we’ve all been duped as he’s gone back on the majority of the promises he has made and has since amped up what seems like a mirror image of Adolf Hitler’s policies that introduced World War II to the population.  The eerie comment of Stephen Harper’s “You won’t recognize Canada when I’m through with it” matches what Hitler had to say before WWII officially launched.

Is this what Stephen Harper and his Cons are after?  Are they out to do what Adolf Hitler and his Nazis were responsible for?  If so they are doing a remarkable job pulling it off as too many Canadians are still buying into their rhetoric, not realizing they’re welcoming the most oppressive government this nation has ever seen with open arms.  The Germans made this same mistake by not only letting Hitler win them over, but allowing him to continue to fool them with his propaganda and promises.

Adolf Hitler was immensely popular in Germany, and worldwide, until his true colors became more evident.  The genocide of millions of Jewish citizens is still being argued today as a hoax.  However, survivors of the prison camps they were held in make it impossible for those who bother to pay attention are clear evidence that the execution camps were indeed real.  Whether or not the death toll reported (6 million) is absolutely accurate we’ll never really know as information is often clouded with so much misinformation that even the most logical minds can find it difficult to sort out.  And, as the passage of time makes World War II’s events fall into the same category as Rome’s ancient history stories, it will become easier to dismantle whatever truths are left for this (and future) generations to forget that the price paid for ignorance is far too high for the human race to continue paying.

This seems to be something both America and Canada (right alongside with Israel) are pushing everybody within their nations straight for.  We’re already in the middle of a genocide program and truth be told there’s more than one going.  Between vaccinations that are gaining ground in controversy as more victims seem to lose their lives to vaccines, a contaminated food and water supply that is literally on a global scale, and the growing number of violent conflicts that surround us we are systematically being killed off with an array of methods to depopulate the earth.

This is what the powers that be want.  In order for them to achieve the New World Order they must have the compliance of the governments they know they can puppet to carry out their wishes.  In turn, the governments must reduce the people of the nations they represent to their knees.  The easiest way to do this, and this is something Adolf Hitler mastered, is to blind them with enough sugar coated lies to prevent them from seeing the frauds they are electing into positions of authority.

Germany was not always a communist nation.  Prior to Adolf Hitler and his Nazi’s, the Germans lived in a much freer nation than what they slowly became without even realizing it until it was too late.  This is what is happening to both Canada and America as we, the people of our respective nations, are lambs being led to slaughter by the very people who are supposed to be preserving our freedoms and guaranteeing our safety at the same time.  The leaders of our nations are not doing this and are, in fact, answering to higher powers to appease them instead of the people they’re supposed to represent.

That is truth, folks.  In Canada, if the Liberal, NDP and Green parties cannot learn to take their noses out of their own asses long enough to truly get what the people of this nation truly wants then our country is doomed to see Stephen Harper and his Cons win yet again.  Although it is quite likely if the Cons do indeed win they’ll have a minority government, this won’t change much.  Stephen Harper and his Cons have made such a mess out of Canadian laws, rules and regulations on both civil and political levels that even if we see an NDP majority government, the same face as our prime minister won’t be slowed down by any means.  His tactics will simply become that much more manipulative than ever before and Canadians will be paying for this with their lives.

That is not metaphorical.  That is literal.  Since Stephen Harper and his Cons have taken over Canada they’ve trampled upon the proud history we have as leaders of peacekeeping to trolls.  Instead of negotiating peace settlements that have indeed proven to be effective to diffuse and prevent conflict we are now behaving more like terrorists who’d rather force policy upon those who don’t see eye to eye with us.  The bombing of Syria is a prime example of that, plus our involvement with fighting ISIS – whom by the way is an American/Israeli entity.  They are not what mainstream says they are.  Far from it.  On that regard I really wish people would do their homework and figure it out.  I’m no genius and even I figured it out.  It’s not hard, folks.  Don’t buy into the bullshit our governments want us to believe.  It’s going to cost us our lives.  We’re already losing our freedoms and they’re using ISIS as an excuse to do it.

Oh yeah, ISIS is indeed a terrorist group – but manufactured by American and Israeli governments.  And if you think for a moment that our own Canadian government isn’t in on it you’re sadly mistaken.  Why do Stephen Harper has the Canadian military bombing Syria?  Why do you think we’ve got such a strong stance against Iran?  Iran isn’t the threat.  Iran is doing what the majority of other nations refuse to do and that’s not cave in to the guys who are determined to have every nation and their political leaders dangling from their control strings.

That’s why Iran and Syria are targets.  They’re not terrorists.  Terrorists are those who force their policies upon others by any means necessary.  This ranges from sweet smiles and smooth talk to a bomb blowing in your backyard.

So that brings us back to Canada.  Truth be told, we’ve got our own terrorist organization going strong and that is the Harper Government.  Stephen Harper and his Cons have turned Canada’s peacekeeping reputation into one that mirrors Nazi Germany and we are being called a warmongering nation on an increasingly worldwide scale.  Even in America, who are not innocent themselves, now view Canada as a nation in the most screwed up state it has ever been in.

So now I ask Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair and Elizabeth May why are they not putting the interest of Canadians first by working together instead of against each other?  By further dividing us what you’re doing is proving you’re every bit as anti-Canadian as the guy you’re trying to unseat.  You need to work together.  You need to unite Canadians.  You need to put Canada as the inspirational nation we all know it can be to restore our reputation as peacekeepers.  This will go a long way to not only repair our country, but worldwide as well.

Oddly enough I can sort of see where Stephen Harper is coming from with the decisions he’s made that has turned Canada into an unrecognizable nation.  Perhaps he feels if he complies with the higher authorities that he’ll save us from the same fate Iran and Syria are experiencing.  If this is the reason why the road he has taken is the case what he doesn’t realize is that he’s not protecting the people of this nation at all.  He’s throwing us directly in the path of those genocide programs I previously mentioned.  We’re sitting ducks for everything that can and will go wrong with his failed policies.  We’ve lost too much as it is and if you think after the 2015 election this pattern is going to stop you’re sadly mistaken.

If my miracle NDP should beat Harper they have too big of a mess to clean up overnight.  Also, the higher authorities will see to it to sabotage their every effort to pull Canada out of the toilet Harper and his Cons plunged us into.  It’s no accident that the provincial versions of the NDP have mixed reviews.  No matter how good their intentions may seem, whether they’re honest or not, they’ve got the most corrupt and powerful foes to overcome as they continue to hurdle one obstacle after another in their path.

In Alberta, Rachel Notley and her NDPs are being blasted for already failing a province that took the chance to believe in them.  What’s really going on in that provincial party nobody will truly ever know, but I’m quite convinced Rachel has far more on her plate than the average human being can comprehend.

Throughout Canada, however, even if Thomas Mulcair and his NDPs win it’s not enough to save Canada.  They need the Liberals, the Greens and even the more honorable of the Cons to work together as a Coalition Government in order to get what needs to be done accomplished.  Until that day comes, we’ll continue to slide downhill until we’ve gone completely off the cliff and into oblivion.


2 thoughts on “A Canadian’s Plea

    maryposie said:
    August 20, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    You can make all the sense in the world but it won’t change anything. Sorry.


      Krystein responded:
      August 20, 2015 at 7:34 pm

      Don’t apologize. You are correct. As much as we all know change is desperately needed it won’t happen until everyone’s backs are totally up against the wall. At that point it’ll be either the “now or never” phase or “game over” phase. I’m hoping for the now or never phase because at least there we still have a chance.


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