Why So Divided?

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It’s been a while since I posted.  Sorry about that.  You know how it goes.  Life happens.  As much as I want to pour my heart out more often in these blogs, sometimes I just don’t have the time (or brain) to do it.  One thing I had noticed with my posts was that I actually lost myself along the way.  So eager to post something daily I found I lost my spark.

Now, it has come back, but now it is a matter of getting my groove back and I will be honest that posting daily is no longer something I wish to do.  When I come across an issue that gnaws away at me enough to want to pipe out about it I will.  Otherwise, I won’t even bother.  The reason for that is most of my blog posts have basically said who I am, what I am about and what makes me tick.  It’s shown where my heart is, where my faith is and where my concerns are.  Good enough.

With that out of the way, I just wanted to mention that I have been paying close attention to Canada’s 2015 election and the stage being set for USA’s 2016 election and I can’t help but feel we’re once again forced to watch a multitude of clown acts who do everything they can to win the audience, but not enough to really put forth something of true value that not only entertains us but enlightens us.

All the politicians, both those elected in power and those wanting to be elected, are completely ignoring the true meaning of what democracy is supposed to be all about.  They’ve lost sight on what it takes to run a nation with every ounce of integrity they have within them.  Unfortunately this has been the case since virtually the dawn of time.  Mankind has never gotten this right and truth be told, mankind never will.

We are too misguided, too divided and too wrapped up in ourselves to see the much bigger picture that stares us all point blank in the face.  We have eyes wide open as we are aware we’re living in a world that’s riddled with bullshit, but still too many of us are blinded by our own vanities that until we rid that one cancer out of our system we are still doomed to suffer a fate that will literally cripple every man, woman and child to their knees and keep them there.  At that point death will be a welcome friend instead of enduring what I know full well the Illuminati, their Elite 1% and the New World Order they’re so eager to establish will enforce upon us.  It won’t be pretty.  It won’t be kind.  It will be cruel and heartless.

This is what the world has become more and more like these days.  More wars and fighting than ever.  Division among people is at an all time high and if you don’t think for a second that we aren’t already in the middle of World War III think again.  Just because you don’t have a bomb bursting in your air doesn’t mean you, your family or even your neighbors aren’t being targeted by the typical crap we see stemming from wars.  This is including before the bombs take out your backyard and after witnessing the houses across the street from you get flattened by tanks that roll in like thunder.  This is assuming you’re still alive at that point to witness this.

We’re being brainwashed, poisoned and systematically killed off.  Sad truth is most of us don’t even know it.  And for those who do, many of them turn a blind eye, refusing to believe that our own government would even let this happen to us.

Guess what, folks?  The government you think is running your nation are merely puppets in a much grander scheme of things.  Even they are clueless just how stupid they really are to what’s actually going on.  What most of them are doing is just nodding their heads in agreement to the Elite 1% who literally own them in their back pocket.

Now, you can’t entirely blame the politicians here.  Many who get into this game do so with honest intentions, but somewhere along the way the bullies find their way in and corner them to take paths of corruption where they must comply with their demands or face the consequences.  Usually those consequences include blackmail, payoffs, publicized propaganda designed to manipulate the masses and in most extreme cases, murder.

Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy are prime examples of what happens to politicians who dare to actually represent their people instead of the corporate interests of those who expect them to comply without compromise.

Anyone and everyone who dares to speak up against the corruption of the Elite 1% banking cartel or their Illuminati counterparts are snuffed out.  Of the few that actually manage to stay one step ahead of them constantly have uphill battles to fight as there will always be attempts to discredit them and somehow wipe their existence off the face of this earth.

This is what our world is really like.  We have, in essence, become like the Borg some of us have become familiar with through the various Star Trek movies and series.  For those who are not familiar with the Borg, this is a race that’s half life and half computer, but are all assimilated to act and think as one giant entity.  Individuality is not allowed among them and individuality is something they see as a flaw in other races.  Although in some ways this can be seen as true as it is our individuality that often causes us to clash with each other, they are actually very much in the wrong.

Why are they wrong?  Because without individuality you wouldn’t have independent thinkers.  Independence means the ability to think outside the box.  Those who can do this are the true revolutionaries of our kind and that is what makes the human race so awesome.

However, we have those among us who don’t see it this way.  They see independence as a disease.  Individuality is a curse in their eyes and must be rooted out.  So, for those who dare to be different and not become assimilated into a Borg-like society, they are the ones who dare to keep their humanity exactly as God intended.

Whether you believe in the bible or not is your business.  I’ve always stated this.  It’s not up to me to thump God into your heart or tell you that Jesus Christ is indeed your savior.  I, however, very much believe in God and I do believe in Jesus Christ – but not necessarily as my savior.  I’m not naive enough to think that all the wrong I do will be okay simply because I ask it or beg for forgiveness.  No, true salvation comes from waking up and realizing the world you’re in is false.  It comes when you finally figure out who you really are, what you stand for and that your vanity is not as important as you think.

As great as it is to be proud of ourselves for who we are and what we accomplish, we must never forget to humble ourselves to the reality that we are full of flaws.  All that we’ve earned and all that we have can be instantly snatched away at the blink of an eye – and this is precisely what is happening to people all over the world.  Don’t think for a second it won’t happen to you because it can.  Already, slowly, we’re being stripped away of all that is rightfully ours.  This includes our human rights as our governments continue to come up with new laws that favor corporations over people.  This is now how law enforcement is supposed to work.  Laws are supposed to support people, not suppress them.  What our governments are doing is precisely that – but keep in mind it’s not us they’re answering to.  It’s the banks and corporations who are truly in charge of this world of ours.  It doesn’t matter what country you live in and it most certainly not matter which political party you vote for because until we all put an end to our division all those elections won’t mean a damn thing and all the fighting we do amongst ourselves will be in vain.

How are your bills?  How many groceries are you able to afford today compared to a year ago?  5 years ago?  How about your parents when you were just a kid?  How much has the food changed?  Have you noticed?  How well are you able to save your money, or are you stuck having to survive from paycheck to paycheck?  How creative have you become in making that dollar stretch as far as you can possibly make it?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve noticed that eating isn’t so cheap anymore.  Living is no longer cheap.  And it’s not getting any easier, folks.  Unless, of course, you’re in the 1% margin then you’ve got it the opposite.  And as for those who still live comfortably and haven’t quite felt the pinch of poverty get you in the ass yet, be patient.  It will get you.  It may nip away at you one piece at a time like it has to the average human being, or devastate you with a KO punch you should have seen coming but didn’t.

I know this is happening to the oil workers, especially in Alberta.  They’re blaming the NDP – but they’re not at fault here.  The oil industry has always been unstable as it rides up and down the boom/bust like a roller coaster.  In fact, the NDP are merely scapegoats for something that was already there before they took over the province.  Will they do better than the failed NDP representations of their provincial counterparts, or not?  Only time will tell – but once again putting all your cards into one political party, no matter how noble they seem to be, is a failure.  It doesn’t work.  Not anymore.  In fact it never truly did.

What we think is democracy is really deception through election.  That’s exactly what it is and for politicians this is the stage they dance on in the name of whatever party they represent in hopes you’ll buy into their acts more than their competitors.  While there are a select few (I tend to favor the Greens) who seem to be more interested in representing people than winning a popularity contest, they are getting eaten alive by the vultures who know how to play the game (and the voters) all too well.

It’s not hard to deceive people, especially desperate ones, to fall for just the right smooth talk to win them over.  This is how Stephen Harper managed to become prime minister of Canada.  This is how every American President since the assassination of John F Kennedy has managed to weasel their way into the White House.  That politician you voted for, regardless if he entered politics with honest intentions or not, is not someone you can trust.  You can’t trust something corrupted and this is what people continually fail to understand.  I don’t think it’s because people are stupid.  It think it’s because people are too prideful to think they the wool pulled over their eyes so easily and so often.

That’s the truth behind our politics and why Canada, America and too many other nations will remain crippled by the corruption that truly runs them all.  There’s not one prime minister, chancellor, president or king that has the kind of power that the banking cartel does.  That banking cartel is the true boss and even they say so as they consider every political leader in this world as hand puppets to toy with.  The rest of us, the world populous, are merely cattle to be herded in their eyes and this will never change.

Until we all come together as one giant union this is the fate we’ll doomed to.  We need to stop being so divided and just learn to unionize our efforts for one common goal – and that’s rescuing humanity from the assimilation plans of those who are hell bound to bring forth a New World Order that is truly more like an Enslaved World Prison Camp.


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