State Of Israel vs Nation Of Israel

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Somebody made a comment that Israel doesn’t even have the power to rule itself.  What I say to that “somebody” and folks who think the same way, you really need to wake up and pay closer attention.


Israel rules way more than people realize. WWII was a stage to create Israel as a country, thus duping virtually every human being into believing they are victims when in truth they are not. It’s not the people of Israel to blame – but their government. America, Canada and the UK are just a tiny example of how our people and politicians have been fooled by the Israeli government to such a degree that we don’t realize we’re literally doing business with the devil. And no, I’m not talking about a biblical thing here even though I could go there as this mirrors that “counterfeit religion” thing to the letter.

This is the Illuminati’s love child. A creation from what their key planning and involvement of WWII. They have every human being on this planet enslaved to their every whim and the sad truth is too many of us don’t even know it – or refuse to acknowledge it.

Ever since it’s creation as a nation soon after WWII, Israel has been center stage at just about everything that has military, political and religious ties to it. They paint all their surrounding neighbors as the bad guys and yet what is never revealed by mainstream media and our governments that the bad guys all along has been the Israeli government and the surrounding neighbors of Israel know this. They aren’t fooled by the “Feel Sorry For Us” garbage because they know better.

ISIS is an Israeli/American creation, supported by those who haven’t figured out yet this is yet just another love child to dupe the masses yet again. And, like suckers, too many people fall for it.

Also, Israel is the hotbed of activity for the Rothschilds, their Elite 1% and the Illuminati. Like a cancer, they spread their trickery on a worldwide scale in hopes enough people will fall for it to blindly give them their support. And sadly, the majority of the population does despite the fact more people are waking up to the blatant fact that the real terrorists are our own governments – each of them that work with the Israeli government either out of fear or blind loyalty as they fail to realize just how vicious a monster the Israeli government truly is.

Think I’m reaching?  If you honestly believe that then the wool pulled over your eyes is thicker than you realize.  First off, don’t ever buy mainstream media news as pure fact.  It almost never is.  The only time the news is accurate is sports scores.  Everything else is flawed and the main reason for that is the news told to you is designed by those who want you to fall for the propaganda that’s dished out to you.

Propaganda has been a way of life since the very beginning.  If you go biblical, false news and stories began when Lucifer/Satan deceived Adam and Eve down a path they weren’t supposed to go down.  Ever since then mankind has been doomed to repeat the same mistakes of falling for bullshit over and over again.  You’d think by now we’d know better but in all honesty we never will.  Our shortcut path for knowledge has really turned out to be a winding road of deception where all we do is go in circles.

May 14, 1948 was the official creation of the State of Israel.  There is so much controversy surrounding it’s very existence that to this day it has never calmed down.  Many will blame the Arabic neighbors for the constant unrest and violence that goes there, but this is what mainstream media paints to the masses and we fall for it without taking the time to understand every corner of the story.  Those within Palestine are painted as the bad guys, and most often by the Israeli Government, but in truth these are the true victims and have always been.  If Israel was so defenseless then why commit acts of cruelty upon a neighbor who is powerless against them?  It’s not because the Palestinians are cruel people.  They, like the rest of the Middle East and nations who see with clearer eyes, refuse to fall for the deception behind the State of Israel.

The State of Israel is very different from the biblical Nation of Israel. However, the creators of this state (the Illuminati) have learned well from the one god they do worship, which is Satan.  They’ve learned the art of deception.  One such example is the very flag used to banner the imagery of Israel.  They claim it’s the star of David when in truth it’s not.  That star was worshipped by David’s son, Solomon, after he turned his back on the god from the bible to favor religions King David opposed.


The original color of that star is red.  The name Rothschild and that red star are one.  However, to make it easy to dupe the masses into not figuring out the truth, paint the star blue and put it on a flag.  Wave it as the official banner for a nation everyone is brought to believe is God’s chosen people when in truth they are not this at all.  All of it is a simple, yet brilliant deception.  To this day the world is still very much divided over this one puzzle in human history.

What the people of this earth doesn’t realize is the State of Israel has been in full control of this world long before it’s official creation in 1948.  This was planned and executed with such precision that people who should have been smart enough to know better fell for it hook, line and sinker.


And too many of us are still falling for it.  This is what the Illuminati wants and they carry out their will behind the flag of deception the State of Israel so proudly waves for all to see.  In the bible it states the veils of deceit will be lifted among nations and their leaders.  This is already starting to happen, but not nearly enough.  Too much corruption is still very much at play here and until that changes we will remain puppets in a scheme bent on destroying mankind until there’s nothing left.



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