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Voting Green

It has been a while since I’ve posted, but now with the Canadian election just days away and the fate of this nation never being as perilous as it is now I just had to come out of my MIA status and speak up, even if it’s for just one more time.

Question.  Who has your vote?  Who do you trust enough to put the fate of your views of how this nation should be run when you cast your ballot?

Do you believe Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are still Canada’s best option for the next four years?  If you’ve answered yes to this then you have fallen for yet another brilliant CON job by a handful of politicians who have a proven track record they care nothing about you, your human rights, your family nor anything that resembles anything of a hopeful future where anybody in your circle benefits.

Do you believe the NDP and their head honcho, Tom Mulcair, have what it takes to run Canada as our next federal government?  Well, if their provincial track records is any indication of what kind of fate our nation could be facing I have to be honest I don’t have high hopes of anything truly positive coming out of this.  I have very little reason to trust this party enough to pull Canada out of it’s spiraling pit of despair without people in this nation experiencing dire consequences that could make the Cons look relatively heroic four years down the road from 2015.

How about Justin Trudeau and his Liberals?  It has already been demonstrated that the only thing he has in common with Pierre Elliott Trudeau is the last name they share through a bloodline.  Pierre fought for Canadian human rights while Justin trashed them.  The Liberal Party has lost their true identity as to who they really are and what they represent.  It is how Stephen Harper and his Cons were able to swoop in and win over a nation and why this once impossible to beat political party will constantly find themselves floundering in 3rd place for as long as they continue spinning in circles of cluelessness.

For me, I believe in NONE OF THEM!

That is why my vote is going to the Green Party of Canada.  Now, I’m accused of choosing an option that will split the vote but what Canadians who feel this way don’t realize is the votes have been split already.  It’s a 3 way split between parties that spend more time trying to outdo each other in order to gain votes than they do to truly paying attention to what Canadians need.  They respond according to what they think Canada wants, but virtually never respond to what is needed.

This is a huge reason why too many Canadians don’t vote, but it’s a huge mistake on the part of Canadians.  Those who don’t vote think they’re making a statement of defiance when in truth they’re making a statement of compliance.  They bitch about the government but when the time comes to do something about that specific government they do nothing.  It is that style of apathy that serves as a cancer that sneaks it’s way through the system until so much damage is done it’s not until it becomes a life-threatening experience that one bothers to do anything about it.  By that time, usually, it’s too late.

Despite the cancer of a corrupt government that continues to cripple this nation, it is not too late for Canadians to take it upon themselves to treat themselves to a cure that will actually work.  In my eyes, the Green Party of Canada serves as a means to that cure.  Do they deserve to run this nation?  I think they have to prove themselves regionally and provincially first before they can strive for that plateau, but in the meantime why not give them a chance?

What mainstream media does not inform Canadians (regardless if you vote or not) is the Green Party of Canada is unlike the other 3 political parties fighting for your vote.  Those within the Green Party of Canada are just like you.  They have jobs, lives and hardships like the rest of us do.  They have a better grasp of what reality is like for the average Canadian.  The Cons, NDP and Liberals think they do but they’re stick in the rhetoric of old school politics that just don’t work anymore.  Also, those three parties are so eager to please corporations out of a mix of greed and fear that they’ve actually lost touch to what it’s like to be an average human being in a nation that wants things kept simple.  Right now they’ve got things so complicated that it’s no wonder our nation is so divided.

For me, I’m fed up.  I hate the division as I strongly believe in unity.  Since the Cons, Liberals nor NDP seem remotely interested in that while the Greens are, I go vote Green.  I know they won’t win, but it’s my way of extending the middle finger to the 3 parties who are too into themselves to figure out what Canada really needs.

I can only hope enough Canadians do the same.  Green may not win, but if we send as loud of a statement as possible and get as many Greens as we can into power it sends a message to the other 3 that we Canadians are fed up and deserve better than what they have to offer.


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