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It’s been a while.  You know how it goes.  Things happen and sometimes people just need some time to restore themselves before moving forward.  This is something I had to do as I am your classic case of an extroverted lioness (I am a Leo) that sometimes forgets that relaxation of the mind, body and soul is required in order to keep up a good fight in whatever she believes in.

The 2015 Canadian Election definitely did not go the route that I had hoped for, but am very relieved that Stephen Harper is no longer prime minister of this nation and his Conservatives are finally kicked out of the driver’s seat as well.


However, I am very disappointed in the Canadian voter as a whole as all this talk of true change merely saw picking a road we’ve already gone down before that has proven doesn’t really work either.  All this election did was once again show just how reluctant people are to step out of their comfort zones and venture down a direction nobody has gone before.

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All we can hope for now is that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party can do what no other Canadian Government has done for too long a time period and that’s send this nation and everyone in it in a direction that truly is positive and truly is best for Canada.

For starters, how his government will decide whether or not the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is the right move for Canada to make.  I sincerely hope they reconsider this deal as it favors corporate CEO’s and their board of directors far more than the Canadian consumer.  The passing of TPP will see corporate rights once again trample over human rights and already the global population, nation for nation, has lost too much of this already.  This cannot continue if the human race expects to survive, thrive and bring forth future generations that don’t have to cower in fear simply because they don’t agree with corporate policies.

Canadians have lost so much due to Stephen Harper’s rule.  However, not to take everything away from Harper I will agree that in the beginning he did make some great political decisions that did indeed benefit Canada.  Unfortunately, what started off as a valiant beginning all too quickly became a path of corruption that saw everything that Harper claimed he was going to accomplish on behalf of Canada wound up seeing more harm done to this nation and everybody in it than good.

However, those in the western provinces, especially Alberta and Saskatchewan, they did not see it this way.  Harper did for them what no other prime minister before him was able to do and that was put them on the money map through fossil fuel resource exploitation.  Although many families did indeed benefit from this trend the cost involved to start it up, run it and maintain it has been far higher than those who bother to pay attention anticipated.  For environmentalists and scientists with a still-working moral compass, the tar sands, pipelines, pits and similar sites saw this as a reckless endeavor that put profit before people, economics before environment and corporate corruption before community affairs.

As the 2015 election campaign commenced it was already obvious that Alberta and Saskatchewan were either going to favor the Conservatives or NDP (New Democratic Party) long before considering the Liberals.  For them, the Cons mean money for their family regardless of environmental and human rights concerns.  It’s very hard to rip a silver spoon out of the hands of people who are determined not to go back to plastic sporks again, even if in the long run it would be for their own good – and the good of their families they’re providing for.

The NDP is a party favored by idealists, but feared by those who’ve already experienced the disasters that followed NDP leadership, both on municipal and provincial levels.  Just seeing the NDP’s falling into 3rd place after the 2015 federal election is a clear sign of that as those who’ve been disappointed by what the NDP were determined to see to it they did not win on a federal level.

I’m gravely disappointed that to this day the Green Party still does not get enough recognition for what they’re out to achieve for Canadians.  I was saddened to see Bruce Hyer lose and the MP representation drop back down to just one person, Elizabeth May, once again.  The results of the federal election seeing them where they placed has me wondering just how ready are Canadians when it comes to achieving that true change they supposedly crave for.

True change does not mean treading down the same trenches that those prior to us have taken.  True change means going down a road that nobody has travelled before.  Granted, the NDP road on a federal level was indeed a scary one to take for many and I understand why they did not win.  I also understand that the Green Party is still not recognized enough as it’s hard for newcomers (just ask NDP) to prove to the world that they’ve got just as much experience and tenacity as the oldest veterans of this political game Canada has been playing since the original creation of this nation.

So now we’ve got Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.  What does this mean for the west?  History has proven time and time again these two sides clash as they never meet eye to eye.  Whenever the Liberals are in charge the west (namely Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba) are forgotten.  One could include British Columbia into the fold too, but BC is sort of a separate entity all on their own and did very well for themselves until they made the mistake of going NDP and then replacing them with the worst premier that province has ever seen in Christy Clark.

The 2015 election clearly showed the provinces of Ontario and Quebec sending a message to all of Canada who they support.  Although the west may disagree with them with their decision as to whom they believe is best fit to be the leading government of this nation I do believe there is one thing that everybody in this country who became too fed up with what Stephen Harper and his Cons have done since 2006 can agree on.


So this is where I see how the Liberals won and why they did this by a landslide.  Ontario and Quebec want their Canada back too and for them it means putting back in power the one political party that has led this nation more often than any other political party combined.  Whether one agrees with the Liberals policies or not, one has to agree that with the Liberals in place there was great regard to this country’s environmental issues, not to mention putting human rights and compassion as close to the top of their political agendas as they can get it.

Now, I know many will laugh at that last statement I just made.  “How can they respect human rights when they sided with the Cons to pass C-51, a bill many Canadians clearly did not want as it infringes on human rights.”


This is where the Liberals have their opportunity to show to the Canadian voters, both those who sided with them and who didn’t, exactly who they are.

This is now the part where I point out that in the Canadian senate, even though the C-51 passed, all those who voted against it were Liberals.  The only reason this bill passed was because it was overwhelmingly overpopulated with Cons.  The senate, quite frankly, is grossly imbalanced and needs to be radically restructured.

If the Liberals truly care enough for the human rights like their previous reps do then they will indeed amend the C-51 bill in favor of those very rights that have been stripped away from us and literally violated the Canadian Constitution on literally criminal levels.

This can also be said for the TPP.  If the Liberal Party cares about human rights like they claim they do, not to mention the environment, then this TPP will be amended to a degree where those rights are not forgotten and the corporates who are so eager to ram this down our throats are reminded none of them would be where they are today if it wasn’t for the masses and the consumerism that stems from them.

Don’t expect the TPP to be trashed.  It won’t happen.  Too many people in power want it and it will pass.  However, Trudeau and his Liberals now hold the power to see how this will affect Canada and how it will affect the world.  Liberals have a reputation for being Humanists by nature so now is the time to see if this new Liberal breed still has that within them or if we just voted another version of Cons into a position of power they don’t deserve either.

This isn’t easy for me to write as I’m actually a Conservative by nature.  Now, before you attack me for being a Con/Harper supporter those who’ve actually followed my blogs know I have no fondness whatsoever towards Harper and his breed of Cons.  This breed of Cons are prime examples of what happens when true evils are unleashed.  A Con is conservative and protective.  They were indeed this, but for all the wrong reasons.  In fact, Harper himself dropped the Progressive part of their name and that alone showed these Cons were nothing at all like the old Cons.  It showed in their actions, showed in their attitude and showed in how much they actually regressed Canada instead of progressing it.  Harper and this batch of Cons have so much to answer for and I can only hope with the new government they, along with enough Canadians who agree their crimes must be answered, do indeed force each of them to face the trial for the ill-actions they’ve committed against Canada and even the world stage.

I can only hope the Liberals, who are supposed to be open-minded freedom fighter types, exercise their modern-day policies better than the government Canadians finally clued in enough to kick out of power.  I also hope they do better winning over the west than their previous counterparts had.  It can be done and it should be done.  Canada needs to be united as one and this will never happen for as long as we continue with the “us vs them” attitude.

When Liberals ran Canada we were highly regarded as peacekeepers and played key roles to calming war-torn nations down.  When Harper and his Cons took over we lost that role and became aggressors and it was precisely what Harper wanted.  In so doing Canada’s reputation has plunged on so many levels in so many areas that Trudeau has his work cut out for him to restore all that has been lost.

What Justin and his Liberals need to do, especially if they wish to last more than four years in power and prove to Canada they deserve their role as our leading government, is prove to the west that they’re not forgotten.  Nor, as Alberta’s Premier Rachel Notley puts it “The embarrassing uncle nobody wants to talk about”as this is not the case at all.

Our embarrassment was having a really bad government run amuck with really bad decisions that saw only dollar signs and not visions they should have gone with.  And how has that panned out?  It did great in the beginning but all of it is backfiring and don’t think for a second the reason it’s backfiring is because of a now NDP Alberta and a now Federal Liberal government.  These poor folks have to clean up messes the Cons created and left behind.

The Cons, like them or not, aren’t stupid.  They knew they were losing.  Think they’re going to leave without doing some kind of damage that will make it that much more challenging for those who take over from them?  We’re talking about one of the most unethical governments ever to assume power so to think for a moment that any of them would run off with tails between their legs without leaving shit trails behind would be naive – and I’m being kind when I choose that word.

The Liberals can rescue Canada from the pool of abyss, as well as save the west at the same time.  The only true obstacle for them is uniting Canadians to be on the same page.  I’m not talking about the voters, but about the governments that are not in their Liberal camp.  First off, Justin Trudeau and his gang must restore something else Harper took away; regular meetings with the provincial premiers to discuss political concerns that concern each province and how collectively they can best serve Canada.  This is a huge step alone and very necessary.  How can any of us be on the same page if we don’t talk to each other?  Trudeau needs to sit down and talk to all the premiers and they, in turn, must talk to him.  Work with each province through their premiers and iron out solid plans to sculpt each province a path that’s truly beneficial for everyone.

For starters, BC and Alberta have taken heavy poundings against their environmental prestige due to bad oil spills, disorganized tar sands, etc.  The fires that scorched so much of their territory (as well as Saskatchewan’s) didn’t help either and it’s pretty much concluded among environmentalists and scientists that if the pursuit of fossil fuels wasn’t so recklessly rampant in those regions perhaps the severity of those fires could have been reduced.  I know not everyone will agree with that last statement, but toxins are fuel burners.  The more toxic the environment is the harder it is to do damage control.

But, going back to the focus of how Trudeau can prove to the west they’re not forgotten is legalize the cannabis trade and use it for more than just “medicinal”purposes.  This stuff has been proven to also benefit environmentally (replacing fossil fuels) and economically (check out Colorado).  Both of these can help restore the environmental prestige that was lost, but at the same time still keep the economy going by still working with the fossil fuels but in a more responsible manner.  At the same time, programs are implemented to push forward something which I know both the Liberals and the Greens are on the same page on; renewable resources.


Since Elizabeth May, the only Green MP, has her riding in BC it’s only fitting that Trudeau’s dream building be erected within that province.  This would really go a long way to inch the west to realize the Liberals aren’t so bad afterall.

In Alberta, Trudeau and Notley really need to have a sit down and find a way to calm everybody in this province down.  This won’t be easy as the top grossing families of Alberta really benefited financially through Harper and his Cons and will be more concerned about losing their silver spoons than what would be the best long-term solutions for everybody in that particular province.  There’s no reason why the energy sector can no longer function, but it is clear that the oil industry is far too unstable to rely on in it’s present state and instead of going to great lengths to somehow restore something that continues to lose ground, now would be the time to shift focus.  Riding the oil train is literally suicidal at this point and the faster people can jump off the imminent wreck the better.  Already Alberta is taking leaps and bounds towards renewable energy sources and that needs to continue, but the pace of that needs to quicken and that won’t happen until Trudeau and Notley hash it out between them (and concerned Albertans) to find sound solutions that would work.


Saskatchewan was on the trails of Alberta in the pursuit of exploiting fossil fuels for energy and it comes as no surprise that half the province favored the Cons in the federal election.  It’s also very disappointing because the Cons gave away the Canadian Wheat Board, which is a direct slap in the face to those within the agricultural trade.  I know Saskatchewan isn’t the only farming province in Canada, but talk to an average Canadian about that province and the first thing that pops in their heads is endless farm fields.  Nowadays, tar sands is part of that picture and it’s a reluctant one among those who see the damage it’s done to Alberta.  However, Saskatchewan suffered greatly under provincial NDP leadership and Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party has since been seen as saviors when they took over from them.  The Saskatchewan Party is very much like the Wildrose Party of Alberta – they’re Conservatives by nature, but with their own name and policies that set them (slightly) apart from their “daddy’s” version.

Walled Up

Wall is another that Trudeau needs to have a sit down with.  Many in Saskatchewan are dismayed with what they see is a lack of true leadership from Wall’s camp.  However, this is a province that’s deeply divided and has no care at all for the Liberals.  When the time comes for this province to have their own election it’s clearly going to be a battle between the Saskatchewan Party to maintain leadership or the NDP’s to win back what they’ve lost.  This is unfortunate because the people of this province are favoring known train wrecks instead of alternatives, but this is also the province that are traditionalists.  Even if it’s for their own good (much like Canada and the rest of the world) they really need to drive themselves down a path they’ve never gone before.

I know that won’t happen, so what Trudeau needs to do is connect with Wall.  Half the province wants Wall gone while the other half still regard him as their political savior so Trudeau needs to work with this.  Both Wall and Trudeau need to show Saskatchewan that our farming communities still matter, as do the people.  Pursuing energy is not a problem, but this is a great opportunity for both Wall and Trudeau to stop Saskatchewan from repeating Alberta’s mistakes and drive down a direction that could literally put this province on the map as the leaders of exercising renewable energy sources in a manner nobody has strived for at such a level before.  Saskatchewan is an agriculturally favored province.  They can still do this and be on the leading edge of the energy sector and show the world that our farmers don’t just know how to grow a good crop of grain, but a good crop of healthier oil resources (like cannabis or canola) that can fuel the world at the same (if not better) world class level as crude oil.

I will be honest, I’m not as familiar with Manitoba politics as I am with BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  However, it seems to me their premier, Greg Selinger and his NDP’s seem to be fairing out better than their fellow NDPers.  Notley needs to take a page from his book and be less brash and more compassionate.  This is where Selinger and Trudeau can so easily work together as the big news for Canada right now is the Syrian refugees and where Canadians stand on bringing them into our nationwide community.

Canadian Liberty – sketched by Justin Trudeau

My opinion on the Syrian refugees is easy.  Let them in and put them in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  This shows Selinger and Trudeau, despite being in different political parties, work well together as they respect human liberties more than mere fear.  At the same time, erect the Canadian Liberty Museum in that city (see Justin’s sketch) and use both of these as examples of how awesome the nation of Canada truly is.  Also, remind them that this is Canada and we, the people, are out to restore what’s been lost as a nation.  This is where I’m hoping Trudeau and his Liberals remind both new and present-day immigrants that this nation didn’t become strong by throwing out our own customs and traditions to appease those who don’t share them with us.  We are supposed to be a multi-cultural society and we cannot be that if those who’ve been born and raised in this country since the earliest settlement have to walk on eggshells around those who have forgotten they fled their nation for ours for a reason.


I think many Canadians have forgotten that the earliest settlements to this nation were indeed immigrants themselves.  They helped sculpt this nation from obscurity to much of what it is today.  Because so many generations have come and gone, those born and raised in this country don’t realize that if our earliest ancestors who came to Canada had been blocked to do so we wouldn’t be calling Canada home at all.

The Liberal Party are humanists.  To turn away Syrian refugees in their hour of need would be a contradiction to that.  We, as a nation, must unite as one giant community and that includes bringing in outsiders who need it too.  I can only hope the Liberals don’t make the same mistakes the Conservatives did and put the rights of the incoming immigrants above the rights of the rest of Canadians.  This, again, is where I hope Trudeau works with the Canadian people to restore our human rights, the charter and the constitution.

Through these means, plus making an effort to work with their opposing political parties that truly benefit Canada as a whole, will really go a long way to unite this nation.  Work on the debt, but not necessarily through taxes.  There are means to do this and I believe Trudeau already sees this.  Now, whether or not they’ll go there remains to be seen, but if he takes it and does indeed take great strides to at least reduce the country’s deficit without taxing people to death this is one way he can indeed win over the west, not to mention everyone else in this country that chose not to vote Liberal.

The same can be said for the decisions he makes regarding TPP, C-51, our environment and the equality of those who call Canada home.  Working together is far better than nit-picking each other and staying divided.


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