United Revolutionary Act

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This is an act I believe is desperately needed among nations that still have bad governments in place, no matter who they vote in.  True change will never rescue a nation from the abyss they’re heading into until the people literally go revolutionary on the corruption that has crippled political platforms into something far too ugly for it’s own good.

When the 2015 elections in Canada came and went I already knew the outcome was going to either be a repeated reign of the tyrannical Stephen Harper and his Conservatives or a return visit of the hypocritical Justin Trudeau and his Liberals.  As much as I had hoped the Green Party of Canada, through Elizabeth May, would emerge at least in the top three I knew the true change Canadians continually cry out for was something not enough of them were truly ready to embrace yet.

Thomas Mulcair and his New Democratic Party was not going to win.  That I knew the moment Rachel Notley and her NDPs failed to make the most out of their provincial victory in Alberta the moment they were elected.  The federal NDP’s chances hinged on how well Notley and her crew would handle their new role as the Alberta Government, especially with the fossil fuel industry and other big businesses.  Right from the beginning, not only did Notley fail to work with the corporates but she and her party also failed to work with the people too.  We now see not only has Notley alienated the business community, but the farming one as well.  Two sides that are almost always on opposite sides of a coin are now on the same one and it’s becoming increasingly anti-NDP by the day.

So Notley’s failure to impress Albertans only reminded provinces that had NDP rulership their lack of true leadership skills to effectively run anything other than their mouths.  I suspect, unless Alberta’s stupidity has risen to new heights, the NDP only has 4 years there.

Going back to the federal level, the apathy among Canadians really didn’t change the direction of this nation.  Yes, far more people voted, but instead of voting for that real change so many Canadians have been crying out for all they did was replace one bad government with another.  The fate of Canada hasn’t really changed, people, just the names and faces of those that will repeat the same type of mistakes that will continue to further cripple this nation until there’s nothing left.

In all honesty, I also know elections in any so-called democratic nation is no longer enough.  The revolving door of political stupidity will continue no matter who the voters favor and all our freedoms, liberties and resources will continue to be plundered by the banks, corporations and puppet politicians for as long as we allow it.

All those protests and posts on sites like Facebook won’t be enough.  In fact, the most corrupt and powerful among us have already taken measures to put more control on what’s posted by the people on every social media site they can get their hands on.  It’s only a matter of time before this medium is taken away from us and make no mistake it will happen.  It’s a freedom, liberty and resource.  We’ve got very powerful people in place that don’t want any of us to have any of that.  They want control and right now they still have too much of that despite some of our best attempts to oppose them.

You are being controlled, far more than you realize.  So am I.  We’re handcuffed to debts we shouldn’t be bound to.  Most of us are stuck in jobs we don’t really want to be in, but have been cornered to stick to them in order to make ends meet. Making ends meet should not require a human being to slave away and carry the heavy burden of how to survive the day.

Sadly, too many people are stuck in ruts they believe they can’t get themselves out of.  The biggest problem humanity is facing right now is believing there is no way out of the messes they’re in because this is simply how life is this day in age.  We’ve all been conditioned into thinking if we score ourselves a good education, get a good job and pay the bills that this is the ideal way of life.  We’ve also been conditioned if we can’t do these things we are failures and deserve nothing, no matter how hard we try.

We, as voters, have also been conditioned into thinking that our political makeup makes sense and that we should trust our government.  They give us the illusion of choice between political parties where if we don’t like how one group is running the show we’ll just vote in another.

Here’s the facts, people;

  1. The national debt is fubar.  It’s a lie.  We as people should not be bound to this debt.  Bad governments, following banking and corporate agendas is responsible.  We voted them in, yes, but we did not vote for the messes they created.  All that is their fault and it should be each and every politician involved that accumulated those debts that should be bound to it, not the people.
  2. The banks are unnecessary.  So is money.  Neither hold true power as they are mere controlling agents created by a cartel of con artists that use this as a means to brainwash the masses into thinking this is how the world works.
  3. Banks are corporations and so are the top political parties.  They work together, breathe together, live together.  The stories you’re told by the rotating parties that seize control of a nation like a revolving door are all by devious design as they’re each working for the exact same people and it’s not the voters.
  4. People are easy to dupe.  Banks, corporations and politicians know this.  The brainwashing tactics of media is more than enough proof of that.  If you’re looking for evidence try Black Friday and Boxing Day events.  These are two days that have no meaningful significance and yet the explosive coverage they get via commercialism has given them more value to far too many people than the truly meaningful days that are each just a day before them.  It’s sad to see Thanksgiving Day, a day we’re supposed to be thankful for what we do have, get mocked the very next day by examples of greed that brings out the worst in us.
  5. We are a lost people.  You may think you have your act together and perhaps you do, but it’s clear that the masses don’t.  If we all did then there would be no such thing as corruption among us and the world would indeed be a better place.

I could take this further, but I won’t for now.

Right now I’m more interested in how do we, the people, take the necessary steps forward to enforce those true changes we keep crying out for.  It’s clear through elections that will never happen.  Too many people make the same stupid mistakes using this route and the politicians know it.  In fact, they count on it.

What they don’t want from the people is the one thing we all need to do and that’s unite ourselves on our own and do more than just bitch.  We need to act.  Protests, blogs and social media posts is a start but we need to do so much more.

And no, I’m not suggesting violence either.  In truth, violence is all these control freaks who are out to oppress every man, woman and child know.  We have it in ourselves to be so much better than that and we are overdue to show this.

What we need is unity.  This is where it no longer becomes an issue of Muslim vs. Christian or White Guy vs. Black Guy.  It’s not about man vs. woman or big boss vs. mailroom clerk and it’s not about nation vs. nation.  It’s about humanity, which hangs on a thread and will continue to lose ground until we all work together.

This means physical meetings, organizing events and even fundraising to arrange better opportunities to take our fight to those who need to be reminded this is our world too and not just theirs.  While some are at this stage already, not enough of us are.  And, it’s still too divided.  We have to move beyond that division in order for this to work.

This is where I came up with the idea of the United Revolutionary Act.  This is basically a route I see as a potential means for the people to show our governments that we can come up with our own legislative acts as well.

This is so far what I see this particular act proposes;

  1. In the event the people disagree with the direction their government has taken them, they have the power to seize control from every politician forming this government.  This seizure also includes control of their duties, expenditures, income, legalities and military.  When this takes place, all political power by the government is frozen until the people have reached a decision after fully investigating all the problems and solutions at hand.
  2. Every decision made by the government, no matter how minor it seems, must be of direct approval by the people.  If the majority of the people agree with it, the permission is granted to move forward.  If the people disagree then that decision is over-ruled and it’s back to the drawing board.  In the event of a decision disagreement, the government must listen to and take into consideration at least three options provided by the people that would be deemed as acceptable alternatives.  The process of the people voting on each and every decision, disputed or not, must be approved by the majority.  There is no exception to this chapter in the act.
  3. Every political meeting, whether it be municipal, provincial or federal must be made available to the public from start to finish. Such live publicity must come in the following formats; radio, television and in-house observation.  For those who personally attend to observe that is their only role.  They may not speak up during the meeting, but can exercise their right to record the proceedings and make notes whenever necessary.  Upon completion of the meeting there will be a question and answer period and this is when in-house observers may take their opportunity to speak up and address concerns they encountered based on what they learned from the meeting.  It is the duty of every politician to answer those concerns to the satisfaction of the asker.
  4. The people have the right to challenge the validity of every bill and law that currently exists or is introduced by the government.  If the majority of the people disagree with it and either wants the bill/law to be abolished or amended they have this right to do so and the government must comply the moment the issue is raised.  When an event such as this occurs there is only a 72-hour window to come up with alternative solutions (if need be) and for the people of the nation to agree on it based on majority.
  5. No more elections and no more votes, but it is still a democracy.  Instead of waiting for timed intervals to enforce governmental change this may be done so upon the will of the people.  The people of the nation are the employers who have the right to decide among themselves which political figure deserves promotion (and a pay hike), or stay in the same place, or fired (with pay and benefits immediately cut off) based on how they view that particular politician’s job performance.
  6. In place of votes is merely speaking up with opinions within a specific time frame and publicized for all to see.  This can be done with names attached or anonymously.  In that time frame all options and answers are viewed and the ones most often voiced will be favored and viewed as the final decision on that particular issue.

Granted, this act I came up with is far from complete and the odds of it ever becoming official (especially with the current governments we have right now) is unlikely.  However, the purpose behind that (and this blog) is to raise awareness that elections and violence are not our only options to overturn a government, or at the very least, force them to reconsider the directions they’re currently taking.URA


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